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The following paranormal phenomena statements are extracts on haunted places from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


The house I grew up in was haunted, and had many strange experiences there. Whistles, voices, banging, footsteps, rooms being re-arranged. Acted up particularly when people would spend the night, complaining of “Dogs” running around the house, and banging from the room above the Living Room guests would stay in. The dogs wern’t allowed in the house, and the room above the Living room was a empty attic.

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Physical, emotional, mental simulataneous attacks from negative entities in a haunted place. The effect was so tremendous it became impossible to breath or function, as if frozen by the energy, and it’s something I will never forget.

My sister experienced this occurrence at the same time with the same effects (we were sitting next to one another in a public place) and others were around us watching but didn’t feel a thing. I have always had abilities which I believe are in part hereditary, though they grow stronger as I age. I am 27 now and the only thing I am unable to do is read palms and bend spoons:).

I often see, feel, and receive messages from spirits and have been physically accosted by them pretty much my entire life. I also physically see energy and particles. I have also experienced quite a bit of poltergeist (possibly psychokinetic) activity as well, not limited to being alone. These things happen in the presence of others about half the time but always center around me. I also have the ability to know when an ill person will pass.

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Woke up in the middle of the night to a floating little girl in my face. Later found out her name was Elise and was 8 when she died, when she kicked out an old book with her face and name for my fiance and myself to see. Other things had happened in the house such as knockings and things falling and floating but never was there and uneasy or harmful feeling associated with any of these hauntings.

There has also been numerous premonitions I’ve had that have been dead on, in the form of dreams. And also I’m pretty sure I have a cat following me. He has been since I was a child and Im not the only one to see him.

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Over a three and a half month time period, a mysterious, human sized creature/being of spiritual yet physical nature seemed to follow, or even “haunt” me, for lack of a better word.

In my first encounter, it knocked lightly on my door as if to draw me outside into the dark or observe my reactions. I felt compelled to step outside and look for who may have knocked on my rural home door, and when I did, a huge being standing just out of view in the dark ran off. I chased.

It stopped running and warned my not to proceed by giving a strange raspy noice. In my second encounter, I caught it by surprise as it was standing in the dark watching my parents. I caught a brief glimpse before it dashed into the dark and vanished. Brownish and of vague shape.

In my third encounter, it attempted to get me to open the back door for unknown reasons. The Holy Spirit strongly instructed me not to open the door. As it turned out, my mother had separately experienced the same thing on the same night (October 31st).

In my fourth encounter, it used strong physical force to try and bust open the locked front door, which would have been unlocked any normal night (I had by “chance” locked it early that night.) The vicious, terrible force behind the door was jerking the knob violently and kicking the door like a mad man.

Then it stopped as suddenly as it had begun, and the screen door it had held open closed.

Note: The porch light was on and everything, which seemed contrary to this dark-loving being. In my fourth encounter, a simple mistake on my part revealed that this creature was lying in wait for me to leave the cabin alone in the dark, outside of screaming distance from anyone.

Upon realizing its cover was blown, it ran to my escape route and growled fiercely, with the same type of raspy sound it made during my first encounter. I hurried back into the cabin where I waited, armed, for daylight.

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I was sitting on the bench in the apothecary room at the…..Hospital in …. during a tour inside a few years back (back wall-facing the street). …. (my husband) was standing along side me to the left of the bench video taping when all of a sudden …. stepped forward.

About 3 seconds later the bench literally picked me up on it and dropped me. I immediately stood up and told the tour guide that the bench had picked me up and dropped me and his remark was “Well Lady this place is haunted!” and proceeded to continue the tour.

I thought nothing of it cause after all I was in a haunted place and this was normal to me. From that moment on I had always wanted to investigate further that room to figure out if my experience was explainable or not.

I guess I did get that chance a few years later when we started our paranormal team called …. Investigations and actually investigated inside! I did have a chance later to ask …. why he had so suddenly stepped forward right before my experience and he stated “I felt a cold breeze hit my legs which caused me to step forward.

“Well…if that isn’t interesting, what is? I just wanted to share that experience with you so you will know why our team monitored that bench!

I later found out while setting up video equipment, etc…that the actual bench I was sitting on was moved to the other wall and the bench we were going to monitor was not the exact same bench that I was sitting on a few years back. But, who knows-Is the bench haunted or the area where the bench was? We didn’t know so that is why we proceeded to video monitor it.

Unfortunately the bench never did move during the investigation however it was exciting being in that room where I had that experience.

– end of spooky house extract –

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