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Orb or Something Different?

Orb: Is this image an energy orb or a disturbance caused by same other thing or person, deceased or alive? Lee Channing of Spiritually Evolving has sent an image which has an unexplained energy source pictured. What do you suggest this is?

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Bilocation or Doppelganger?

Bilocation and Doppelganger: are they two faces of the same coin? Both are apparitional doubles or counterpart of a living persons but traditionally doppelgangers presage death or misfortune. Bilocation, on the other hand is used to describe the same phenomena devoid of malevolent intent.

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Not heard of EVP Before?

EVPs or electronic voice phenomena is not a new experience but it is one that seems to be coming to the fore the more we engage with technology. Have you tried recording other worldly sounds yet? Just leave a recorder running and walk away or ask a question and wait. Rewind the tape and see if you have unexplained voices.

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PEAR – Part 1

PEAR or Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research was a powerhouse of paranormal research in the 80s and 90s. It closed in 1997 but not before the statistics proved mind/object interaction.

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