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Electronic Voice Phenomena

This is not something new – supposedly EVPS goes back to the time of Edisson – but what is new is the popularity and interest in it. Science has no answers but that doesn’t stop enthusiasts from gathering evidence.

EVP uses technology to try and contact the dead. This is no different to seances etc except that recording equipment is directly employed.

What are EVPS?

It is the recording (usually audio) of voices from unknown sources. Generally, the sounds are not heard at the time of the recording. It is only after the tape is stopped and rewound that those present realize what they have captured.

The recordings can be quite faint and enhancement is required for the ear to be able to hear them. Generally, the sounds are voices and what is captured is a single word or a phrase. The actual language is unimportant as there are many purported EVP recordings in many different languages. The tone of the recordings are usually mechanical rather than human in quality, but some recordings are very life like.

Those who approach EVP in a professional manner tend to have the confidence to ask a question, leave the tape running and then go on to ask a subsequent series of questions. On replaying the tape there may actually be recorded responses to the posed questions in the gaps!

So, What is EVP?

There is no precise answer to this. There are theories but, as with so many aspects of the paranormal, no definitive answers.

EVP could be:

  • the voices of the dead
  • sounds from another dimension
  • the voices of other worldly creatures, rather than deceased persons, or
  • a hoax


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