Bilocation or Doppelganger?

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From Nigel: This stream has been relocated (is this a pun??) from Ol’ Spooky the Spirit Seeing Double 


I suppose I ought to be totally confused! I have what appears to be an alter ego or perhaps an avatar over which I have no control.

Apparently mine appears in a very corporeal form to the lady who loves me very dearly and under other circumstances would be my lover. At the time she was 400 miles away in a small village in Hampshire. I was certainly solid enough that I could be kissed passionately!

No part of my consciousness was joined to this… which was frustrating as I would dearly loved to have been a part of this activity!

Yesterday, my wife saw me where I couldn’t possibly have been, carrying the same bright green bag (complete with a shirt hanging out over the top of the bag). It could only have been made and the only problem was, I wasn’t there (not consciously anyway)! I can explain away my almost-lover’s experience as possibly a wish fulfilment hallucination, although I have to say she comes across as the rational, normally speaking, that I have to stretch a point to imagine her hallucinating in this way. However, she is very deeply in love with me and this merited things over the edge (so to speak).

It is tempting to suppose there was trying to make up some sort of story to cover up being seen were I shouldn’t be, to my wife, but I promise you that I had nothing to gain from being where I was spotted, nor any ‘no good’ I could have been up to!

The rather strange things going on, in the last few months I have developed a healing ability and I seem to have the beginnings of a telepathic ability. Any explanation will be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Rosemary Breen


    Is the moon full where you are? Or have you been partaking of some moonshine perhaps?

    Just kidding……

    People can and do appear in two places at the same time and science is just catching up with this reality.

    How and why does this happen? I don’t know.

    Given the circumstances you’re describing it does seem possible that heightened emotional intensity and frisson may play a part.

    It seems your consciousness has not been in two places at once. Or has it?

    Welcome to the site Nigel.



  2. Nigel

    It’s nearly a quarter moon and I have not touched on the out all of any description for three years…

    I also avoid anything else that is psychoactive.

    In neither of the two cases that I mentioned was my consciousness along for the ride. At the time that I was spotted crossing the road outside of my house, by my wife, I was halfway up the very same road and on my way to the main street. I had no reason to dally outside the house, nor anything that could possibly be gained by so doing. In this case there are no strong emotional entanglements.

    The lady who lives in Hampshire, is another matter entirely and it is entirely possible that the experiences she had were those who claim directly out of a very deep love that she has for me. I have told her that she would be able to tell whether my consciousness is present during any further visits, as I am most likely to want to do rather more than have a snog.

    It’s an interesting thought to try to work out whether you could be successfully divorced during such an encounter, as the law usually relies on there being just one of you!

    Despite being a biologist, I’ve never found it fascinating to explore further what science has to say on these matters. There is such a great big rift as to make any joining and understanding as close to untenable as makes no difference. To me, all things seem possible. I have no religion as such and I realise that I’m probably being incredibly unfashionable by having the most profound faith in God, prayer, worship and contemplation of things that I do several times a day.

    It’s fair to say that I’m an intensely spiritual person.

    Thank you for your welcome to this site. I’ll be most interested to see if anybody has any comments on my unconscious avatar!

    Are there any theories as to why people have these? I realise it’s going to be mainly guesswork, but I’m rather new to thinking about this aspect of the paranormal.

    • Rosemary Breen


      As there doesn’t seem to be any malevolence associated with your being in two places at once, it would seem you are able to bilocate.

      Of course the ancient texts and history books are filled with such examples, although they are most often associated with religious figures such as Saint Alphonsus Maria de’Liguori, Saint Anthony of Padua, Sister Mary of Jesus etc. There are also instances of lay people bilocating too (Sir Frederick Carne Rasch, Mrs. Wilmot).

      There doesn’t seem to be any scientific explanation for this ability, although what you said in your first post, I have ‘developed a healing ability and I seem to have the beginnings of a telepathic ability’ may account for your experiences.

      As to why this is happening for you now, only you can know what’s happening in your life that is causing you to ‘open up’.

      Let’s see what others have to say. I wonder if anyone else in the community here experiences bilocation?




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