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Have you ever experienced any paranormal phenomena? Loads of people have and they’re keen to share their experiences both via my anonymous Paranormal Phenomena survey and here on my website. My aim is to educate, inform, support and even challenge the way people think and feel about paranormal activity.

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WARNING: With the release of the film Ouija I am concerned that people, particularly young people, will be tempted to dabble. A word of advice: DON’T. Psychic energy is real and playing with it can have devastating consequences.


This website, Psychic Revolution is a natural extension of the academic research which I carried out at Monash University in Australia. My dissertation was entitled: “The Nature, Incidence, Impact, and Integration of Spontaneous Parapsychological Experiences” and the results of the internet survey are cited elsewhere on the Internet, including Wikipedia.

Over 4,000 surveys, from the residents of 59 countries were submitted in the original survey. Due to popular demand, my survey is once again ‘live’ on the Internet. The aim of this research is to create the largest database of paranormal experiences ever collected anywhere in the world. If you haven’t already completed a survey, then do so! Here’s the link to the Paranormal Phenomena survey.

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What People Are Saying at Psychic Revolution

I think each person who passes decides for self if they are wanting to hang around and help the people they love and are still on earth OR if they choose to go forward. I do feel that out of love people who have passed would have a difficult time going forward knowing that their loved ones are grieving enough that the loved one left here cannot move forward.



Before my mother died after being semi comatose for a week, she suddenly opened her eyes and looked surprised to see me. I told her everything was alright and her parents were waiting for her. She put her hand on my head and I calmly waited for her to leave her body. I was not aware of any lights except for the happy face she had, caused by what ever it was she saw behind me.

Death and Dying

My Sophie, 13 years, is having a disturbing recurring dream which she believes is prophetic. It’s deeply traumatic for her because it involves the death of her little sister. She says the clarity in the dream makes it feel very real and it plays out exactly the same each time. She has had a dream in the last twelve months involving a friend and a pregnancy which was correct. She has also been speaking about shadows and thinking I’ve walked down the hallway, when I haven’t. She has not slept very well for a couple of years on and off and is very sensitive. I’ve always put her sleeping trouble down to anxiety. I really need some help to find some strategies to work through this with her. As a parent I find myself asking how I distinguish between potentially premonition or bad dreams? How can I help her sleep easy.


I believe that out of the body experiences are quite common as I have spoken to many people about this and been favourably received and they have said that they have thought that, yes, they HAVE had this experience. I have been able to do this since as far back as I can remember in that, I am able to walk around the house at night and check to see what’s going on and am then able to go back to my bedroom and see myself lying in bed. I just return to my body ‘in my mind’ and that is what happens. Several years ago, I was asked if other people could see me when I did this and I had to say that I did not know BUT I then thought I wonder if I can make this happen? I therefore decided to try to go to my son’s home and try to see what happened. I had gone to bed as normal and visualised my son’s living room and walked through from the front hall into the back dining room. I was able to see that my son and his mate were sitting watching TV- it was about 11pm. As I walked behind the sofa I saw them both turn round and stare at me – I was so amazed by this that I did not try to communicate with them I just carried on walking in my mind and went back to my body at home.

Paranormal Activity

My mother died over four years ago. She was in ER and I had stepped out for a brief time. As I went back towards the room she was in she was glowing and looked so beautiful. I stopped mid-step as she was asleep, and out of pain and glowing. She was over 86, but at that moment I could see the radiant beauty of her younger days. I did not re-enter the room – not wanting to would disturb her. Within 24 hours she was gone; so that’s the last time I “saw” her.

Golden Glow of Death

My dog passed away summer 2012. After a few weeks I began to sense her presence with me, her affection, love, and the essence of her character. These events came out of the blue to me, were very strong, definitely her, and were full of love, which even seemed to have grown “bigger” since her passing (at the time I was unsure about life after death for anyone, dogs included, although I’d had out of body experiences before, I’d never had one in which I met anyone deceased.)

Pet Death

I have certain types of dreams that always come true. I had one this morning 11/4/12 that an 8.11 earthquake would hit the west coast. These dreams always come true within a 30 day period or within 24 hours. I’ve never reported them before except once when the air force thunderbirds crashed. I reported that one to the air traffic tower at El Toro marine base. They did not have a flight of seven planes coming in. But one hour later the thunderbirds crashed 7 of them in colorado. This dream is too big not to pay attention too.


I was born (1956) into an extremely strict Lutheran household that changed over to an Evangelical Covenant Church when my father became ordained and accepted an Associate Pastoral position. Every Sunday, as I grew up, I heard the messages of “God’s love” for me while Monday thru Saturday I heard the message of “I’m only beating you because I love you”! My siblings, much older than I, left me alone in this dilemma when I was but 6 years old and to say the least, I was confused as to how “Love” was characterized as physical trauma on a regular basis. At 16 I was lucky enough to fall under the good graces of my Art Teacher, who was a professed Pagan, practicing the Left Hand Path of the Ásatrú Folk. Being of Nordic Descent myself, this made perfect sense to me. I began researching, in earnest, my family history only to find out that many of my ancestors were of one belief or the other; Pagan, of which little was mentioned on the Family Tree my mother so proudly worked on for years, or Christian, of which seeming volumes of trivial minutia filled the tiny leafs next to their names. I researched and studied my entire life into both aspects of my family’s Continuum.


I believe that, in general, it is good to be open and welcoming to most energy around us. However, there are some energetic influences that we do not want to allow within our fields.

Psychic Shield

A few months ago, I was meditating regularly with the hope of having an OBE. After doing this for a couple of weeks, something strange began to happen: dead people started telling me their life stories (at least that’s what it feels like.) Words and images pop into my head, unbidden, sometimes with alarming clarity and they don’t let go until I write them down. After I’d filled half a notebook, I thought I should share them on a blog.
Lives of the dead


I had run down to the basement laundry facility of an old apartment building where we, (myself, my husband and 2 children) lived on the second floor. It was dead quiet, since it was around 1:30 AM in the wee small hours, and most who lived there were retired for the night. While pulling my clothes from the dryer and putting them in the basket, I suddenly knew I was not alone, and at that same instant I also felt this pulling, magnetic like sensation at and around the lower back of my head but mostly my neck, and this feeling instantly tells you someone is there, and like, they are looking at you. So when I turned around to my left, I wasn’t actually surprised…shocked, yes, but not surprised, to see a man standing there…this back of the neck feeling just tells you there’s a presence. I had never had this experience before, which is so strange since on having it, there was like a “knowing”…it “told me” someone was there. He was dressed in clothing from an earlier period, like late 1800’s or early 1900’s..it was a black suit, but the long coat tail kind of jacket, white shirt and tie, and one of those Abe Lincoln hats, but the less tall kind..but these clothes looked very rumpled and soiled, like he had slept in them a lot. He was rather tall, real thin, and his face..very gaunt…and his eyes were dark and sunken.


I was wondering if anyone can help me. My daughter is 9 and has screaming voices in her head. She has to sleep with the light on and cries daily. When she was younger she saw people but hasn’t mentioned anything in awhile. We also have a lot of things that happen in our house from things being moved to the radio turning itself on, to toys playing by themselves. We don’t have idea how we can help her. So if anyone has ideas please let me know. Thank you.

Psychic Kids