The Freedom of Religion

What’s the Freedom of Religion Got to Do with the Paranormal?

The following statements on the freedom of religion are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I was in church, (9 years old), standing next to my mother during the final hymn when the pastor was calling for people to come forward to be baptised (Southern Baptist church). One second I was looking at my mother, listening to her singing, the next I was “lifted” out of my seat and “moved” to the aisle and up to the front of the church. A force of light entered me; that is, I became light – that’s the only way I can describe it. I remember feeling puzzled and a bit scared, but something of accepting the inevitable, and feeling happy, too.

No one was more surprised that my family – I hadn’t been a “good” child, or particularly wild about going to church. Afterwards I did try to live up to a standard of goodness, feeling that Jesus wanted me to. I have had other ‘mind-expanding” experiences in church, but nothing that seems to come directly from outside like it did that day.
– end of the freedom of religion extract –


After Jesus and Moses visited me a Spirit came upon the placement of my heart in my body and dwelled within me which comforted me, guided me, and instructed me as how to discern my life. It rests within me and one can call this The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit completely guides my life. Thank you!
– end of the freedom of religion extract –


When I was 13 years old, I went to Mass with my family. My father converted to the Catholic religion during World War II, so we were raised Catholic and went to church every Sunday. It was at a church where the bishop of the diocese resided and he is the one that said Mass that Sunday.

After the Mass, the bishop led a procession down from the altar towards the back of the church. As the altar boy was carrying the crucifex down the aisle (high up on a pole) with the bishop following swinging incense, I was thinking I liked the smell of the incense and the crucifix passed us and I looked up at the crucifix. Immediately as I gazed at it, IT grabbed my eyes. Best way I can say it, IT grabbed my eyes and at the same time, it was like a bright light coming out of the crucifex, traveling down the path to my eyes and into my body through my eyes. It had complete and total control over me. It was a mystifying and wondrous experience. It more or less “merged” with me and kept a hold of me until the front of the crucifix got past me and then IT let me go.

For lack of a better comparison, it was kind of like when you hold a rubberband and stretch it in your fingers and then let go of it. I more or less “snapped” back into my body/normal reality. I have talked to clergy and friends about this experience over the years, but no one has a clue what I am talking about. On the way home from Mass that day, I tried to explain it to my father but really couldn’t very well because I did not have the vocabulary to describe it. So, at the time, I thought it meant I was supposed to be a nun. When I was 13, it was 1961. I went on for several years thinking that I was supposed to become a nun but then in 1964, the Beatles showed up and that idea went out the window faster than you could say “She Loves You.”
– end of the freedom of religion extract


… gave me a picture of Mary holding baby Jesus. There was an young, perhaps angelic girl in the background. On the day … hung the picture on the wall for me, an invisible being swept into the room and filled the room with it’s wonderful essense that felt like the warmth, peace and beauty of angels. My friend and I were awed and grateful for the visitation. It upheld and reinforced what we believed in terms of God and life. The event lasted for several minutes and we dwelled in the wondrous spirit of the essense for as long as it lasted.
– end of the freedom of religion extract –


My sister passed away. She drowned in our parents pool. She was 50. She was also gifted. She told many stories of being able to hear others thoughts and they were confirmed. She knew things were going to happen. she was also very spiritual. Catholic. Very devoted to the Virgin Mary.

i flew down that day and the whole family sat around the pool together grieving and talking. Where she drowned. I was unable to make it to the hospital to see her for the last time..everyone else had been able to but not me. While sitting in two different locations out near the pool when there was no conversation going on I heard the word “HI” spoken into my ear twice. The second time I was sitting next to my sisters husband who she had been with her since she was 14 years old. I looked at him and he knew right away he said to me before i told him what I heard he said “I heard it too.” he heard his name. We always discussed in our family openly about our dreams and if we ever died we try as hard as we could to contact the other. I wasnt thinking about that at the time. I heard what i beleive was my sister saying “HI” to me probably because she knew I wasnt able to say goodbye like the others. I have heard voices calling out words and my name and it not only has happened to me while alone. my husband has heard these things with me as far as current life time experience.

But when I was growing up i heard things and had extreme vivid dreams. After my sister passed i also had a dream of her and in that dream she gave me symbols and directions to look for something in her closet. I had images of writting colors and names things like that and i saw her. I woke from that dream very upset and crying. i wrote it all down what i remembered which was a lot and went to her home and did what she told me with her daughter and found a lost coin colection that was missing and it was a family joke for years on my mother because she never knew who had it. My sister did know and long story but she would have gotton a laugh out of it and solved that mystery. So her daughter wittnessed this and we video taped it. i had no idea what i was going to find.

Notes … Blue Closet back writting symbols like that were given to me. We found a bag in a box with a blue design on it and bills (notes) money and my mothers name written all over envelopes …. My mother use to travel and would bring home currency to her mother. There it was we had found it. theres was more in the dream about my brother in-law and that his moods would change. The image of the phone was on a table outside i picked it up. She stood next to me. I saw her from inside her own home on the outside and followed her down the street. It was just a life changing dream. the most powerful I have ever had and Iv had many.
– end of the freedom of religion extract –


Ecumenical prayer meeting, large group in circle in church basement on folding chairs. Room became so light that I looked to ceiling to see if there’d been a light-surge. Jesus hands appeared in center of circle, came and carressed my head, cheeks & shoulders. I thought the people on each side of me would have blood on their clothes. Didn’t know it was a vision. No words for it at the time. Later a friend explained that what happened was called a vision.
– end of the freedom of religion extract –


On my fourteenth birthday I was baptized into Mormonism per my step grandmother’s wishes. My step grandfather performed the baptism and confirmation along with my twin sister and a friend of ours. That night I was lying in bed, my sister was asleep in the lower bunk, and the room was completely dark. All of a sudden I saw street signs floating around the infinIte darkness and a pen point of light really far away. As the light got closer a figure emerged, I believe this was the Christian Messiah Jesus Christ. He told me that he understood my misery of baptism, because I have never really believed in the Christian faith (my baptism was a way to keep the peace in a very Mormon household). He released me from my binds of Mormonism to find my own path. To this day the easiest way to get Missionaries to leave me alone is to tell them that if they bring me my baptismal certificate I will allow them to home teach my family…I have never met the same set of missionaries twice.
– end of extract –


I was at church, shortly after confirmation. Everyone had left. I stayed and prayed and offered my life into the service of God. Suddenly the light shone in from the window around me. Then I began to see images of things that would happen later because of the ways in which I would be led into service of God. They were a bit scary, but I felt calm and confident that things would be OK. These events did eventually happen. The face of the person in the picture was the same as in the premonition, even though I didn’t know him at the time. The actual events were less harrowing than in the image – I would like to think because I went in with acceptance.
– end of extract –


In 1971 I had an intense spiritual contact with my deceased father in a snowy forest. I also saw into the spiritual world. A few days later I had an overwhelming experience of contact with God and Christ, a conversion in other words. It is and should be beyond words.
– end of extract –


I was facilitating a meditation circle, in a church chapel. While the others we in meditation, I looked up and the spirit seemingly looking like Jesus the Christ came off of the cross in the room and came to me. He extended his hand to mind, and spoke words to me, telepathically. It was a “big wow” experience.
– end of extract –


I was in an abusive relationship. One that was a scandal at that time. I received the Holy Ghost in church and experienced out of body, seeing myself asleep. I heard the radio when none was on and survived a beating that should have killed me. I could predict when I was being stalked and was able to see things before they happened. I believe it was an angel one night that woke me to send me to see my stalker approaching. I’d been pushed off a step and my arms and legs flew back behind me. Something raised me up at an inch before my chin hit the bottom step. While being choked, I went to a cloudy space with light behind it, when … let go of my throat is when I felt the pain. I have seen Santa when I was a child. When my boyfriend O.D. I woke up crying not knowing why, this was around 3 a.m. Then the coroner called me the next morning to tell me, that is when my living nightmare started. I have had a lifetime of experiences and wonder if I should just go on my own to leave this world alone.
– end of extract –


I was praying and I said, “Lord I can’t do this alone.” Well I didn’t expect an answer……..I felt the hair go up on the back of my neck. I turned around and the air in the room in one spot looked almost like a rainbow waterfall. It’s very hard to describe. I knew that someone was there. I don’t know if it was a deceased family member or what but someone was there. It lasted about 45 seconds and was gone. That happened in …. I was born in …. It has had a profound affect on my outlook. I still don’t go to church but I do know that prayers are heard.
– end of extract –


I have just know, like I was born with it, that I was a Priest. I always have felt the God-presence of my boss (Christ), 24/7.

When it came to advanced theological questions, even before I could read, I could always understand them in the context of this total intimate relationship. I have always known I have been “saved”. My spiritual/religious concepts even now, seem to cover “blind spots” that other could not/would not “see”.

All my life, since I could remember, all I have ever asked God for my live is to make a difference. This extraordinary clarity of insight has been a blessing, but it is sometimes lonely.
– end of religion extract –


My mother was dying and several minutes before she was pronounced dead I saw a Christ type figure sitting on a throne in the room we were in at the hospital. I was aware that this was an Hologram that I was seeing but the feeling of agape Love emnating from Christ was very real. We all experienced other things like seeing a portal, seeing blood on our hands or having sticky hands. Smelling this powerful lemon smell. And having a light glow around our heads bodies. The feeling was quite euphoric and took a long time to come down.
– end of extract –


My husband was away on business for three days. This is before we had children. I was alone in the house for three days. I kept seeing and feeling something like one of those grotesque asian masks “bumping” into me (my aura). I was very frightened, went to the closest church-Catholic for help. Priest said, yes there are ghosts but that I was scared because I didn’t feel perfect love. No help.

I didn’t sleep for 3 days being so frightened and kept seeing this thing around me day and night. On the third morning I was out in the back yard, hand watering the plants, very tired and unfocused. “Something” told me to pray for the thing – only I “got” in my head it was the woman next door that had died a week prior. She had M.S., was very sick a long time and was confused often. She had been a nice woman in her younger days when I knew her. We were not close. She had …. The mask thing I saw had kept moving it’s mouth and licking it’s lips just as she had done in life. Then I knew it was really her.

I prayed for her to pass over safely and find peace. At that time in my yard I felt her go on and I also felt at peace. I never saw the mask thing again.
– end of religion extract –


In l986 I awakened one morning at 3 a.m. to see Jesus walking towards my bed. The following nights he appeared and said I will be channelling for he and other Guides in the Spirit World to help teach the World about Life after Death.

After that many Spectacular items of information came to me from the past and the future and Predictions that came true. I could solve crimes and see into the past and know who sabotaged planes worldwide and why. Like asking about a Plane Crash and see someone place a suitcase on a plane and when the news published such a picture in regard to the crash it was the exact same suitcase as I had seen. I can get premonitions of and predict deaths as far as two years into the future which always come to pass and I know now that if someone avoids an accident or gets medical treatment they can postpone death. I am now having a problem with receiving this information because three of my relatives and a man I knew who died in l985 have decided to possess my body (sit inside) and do terrible things to my brain to try to destroy my ability to gather this information and so far I cannot find a priest or anyone who will believe what is happening to me or help me remove the four Mean, Jealous Spirits from my body.
– end of religion extract –


I was something like 2 years old, and my sister was 1, we were playing in our bedroom with our dolls. My mother was downstairs washing clothes. She says I starded crying for her, telling her that “The Lady” had taken our dolls, that were in the upper most part of the shelfs in wich we kept them. My mother says she told me “Stop messin’ arround”, and took down the dolls so we could continue playing. Second time, she says, I started complaining that the lady took our toys again. This time my mother realiced that ther was no way I could have reach the shelf. She took us out of the house and a few day later it was “blessed” by a catholic priest.
– end of religion extract –


it was the morning of my 16 birthday and i had a dream of my great grandmother who died 4 months previous.

I was going through a stage of denouncing religion (I grew up as Roman Catholic). I didn’t believe in anything i was telling the world around me that i didnt belive in God. Yet, up to this stage i was quite psychic and predictive in my dreams and i knew it too. I wanted proof!!!

It was at this time that i learnt the pope during ww2 was not help the people and i began to question religious authority as i saw that they were not practising Jesus’s words. I was mad and upset that everyone was getting brainwashed by these religious idiots. My Great gran-mum was a huge believer in Mother Mary. I grew up “feeling” the love she had for Mother Mary. I dreamt GGMum telling me to pray to Mother Mary becasue she is true and she wished me a happy 16th birthday.

I woke up with faith and a deep feeling of some sort of huge spirital experience. I began to tell everyone the good news. “mother mary is true”. Why was this significant? my dreams were already predictive and i needed proof. this was proof to me as the dream had a feeling of “the other side business” as opposed to physcological dreams. i can tell the difference.

The show “medium” is very similar to my experiences in my dreams. When i was about 20, I also predicted in my dream that a little girls skull would be in a certain creek. About 1 year after this dream. My dream images was splatted all over the evening news.
– end of the freedom of religion extract –


I was present with family, when my paternal uncle died. As we were all saying the Lord’s Prayer, I saw a light lift up from the chest area of my uncle. The ball of light shot towards me and completely engulfed me. It felt like warm shivers all over my body and I had a loud buzzing in my ears. I could see what was going on around me, through the light, but was unable to move although I was still saying the prayer. I was not afraid at all.

Then the light shot out of the top of my head and was gone and everything returned to normal. It changed my life completely. I felt as if a huge burden had been lifted from me – physically, emotionally and spiritually. The world had changed in my eyes for ever after that. I was later told by a medium that my uncle had indeed taken a burden from me.
– end of the freedom of religion extract –


When lying on my bed, thinking of the world and its many problems, a laughing horselike Satanic head appeared. This lasted for several minutes. I prayed out loud, that the Lord Jesus Christ would remove this head from my presence. This then happened. There was no noise, only this large horselike head which was laughing and was moving around the room, and all the time looking directly at me. I did not feel afraid as I believed that this was of Satan, and at that time I was looking into the meaning of Satan’s activities revieled in the Bible. Because I am a Born again Christian I knew he could not hurt me. This was strong, powerful, and something one could never forget even though it was over 25 years ago. Before this survey I have only ever shared this experience, (and others) with my husband.
– end of religion extract –


this happened in …, my sister and i was home alone in the afternoon. i was in the bathroom and my sister was in the kitchen washing dishes. i heard a loud knock 3x, at the door, i heard my sister walk to the door, several times. when i came out the bathroom, she said someone is playing jokes on us. i looked for my friends.i sit down against the door then it knocked from the inside door. i looked around and i could only see my sister still washing dishes. i got up and looked in the closet by the door. suddenly the drawers opened and cabinet doors opened too with pots and pans came into the floor. we got scared and went outside to wait for my dad. my sister and i waited on the front porch,it was cool,i went to get our shoes i told her i was going inside to get the shoes, as i approached the back door it looked like a whirlwind,so i didn’t go. my older sister and dad came home. i tried to tell them, then it started knocking again throughout the house, our dad left us alone and we started reading the Bible and it stopped, however there is more hauntings to this day.
– end of religion extract –


Aparition of Master Jesus the Christ, his mother and father, and the demonstration of the holy mysteries, including a demonstration of what the the concept of “Merging of Souls” is.
– end of the freedom of religion extract –


My 5th child… was born 2 months early the doc thought that although his lungs seemed developed he still wanted to send him to …s medical hospital just in case, also he said he would breath better at a lower altitude.(we lived in … at the time).

So he was sent to …. He stayed a week. My parents live 1/2 hour from the hospital so we stayed there. After the week he was sent back to … hospital and stayed one day. We finally got to take him home. His first day home I was trying to nurse him but he would not wake. I flicked the bottom of his feet like the nurse told me but he still would not wake. He had not ate four 4 hours so I tried again, then he started to mewl like a new born kitten only fainter. Then he turned blue. We rushed him to emergency. Of course by then he wasn’t blue and the #@$ doc said he was fine and asked was he my first child. (telling me all parents panic with the first). Well no he was my 5th child so I knew something was wrong.. They sent us home anyway.

I stayed up all night sitting on the couch holding …. I nodded off here and there then would jerk awake and look at him check his breathing try to get him to nurse he would not. In the morning he started looking blue again. Once again we rushed him to the emergency. The doc came in and started yelling for all kinds of things I don’t remember what but nurses and another doc showed up. They started hooking my baby up to stuff and i was screaming. They took him away and sent him to a hospital in …( he had the RSV virus they said). He stayed there for 2 months. We were staying in a house provided by the hospital so we could be close. (It was only a block away) They called the first night said get here quick. We needed to tell him goodbye. We ran to the hospital, and watched as his heart stopped. People were working on him and got it going again. We stayed the rest of the night and finally went back to the place they gave us and fell asleep.

We went to be with him all the next day. They called again that night and we rushed again, and again his heart stopped, again they got it started, they said if he does live he will possibly have brain damage, and or be blind and or deaf. He lived and is now … years old very healthy and very smart, although he is very small. (He will never be a football player. LOL.) Anyway when he was 3 years old, me and his father (we are divorced now) were sitting on the couch watching a movie, … walked up to us and said ” What time is it” His Dad looked at his watch and said … looks at us and says ” Ahh that’s the same time Jesus told me to come back home to you” Then he ran of to play.

We were in shock for a minute then discussed it and checked the records we kept and found the second time his heart stopped had been at 7:35. We asked him about it later but he would only smile and shrug.
– end of religion extract –


I dont know if this would be of any help but a psychic named Derek Ogilvie visited my house to do like a reading thing where he tells us stuff about ourselves and any loved ones who have passed on. The only odd thing was that he told me I was being followed by the spirit of a young infant girl who protected me. In my whole life i have never broken a bone in my body, have never been in any fights and have never had any major illnesses. Also i was in bed the other night watching a show about the life of jesus christ, when suddenly i closed my eyes and saw a picture of jesus hugging my younger brother who died as a young boy, immediately i felt so happy i cried.
– end of the freedom of religion extract –


I have tried to tell the world about my Paranormal experiences on such websites as Unexplained Mysteries, Skeptics Forum and some Religious Websites and no one much believes anything I write about my Paranormal Experiences.

Its like we are still in the Dark ages where these things are concerned and while everyone believes that Jesus and the scribes or writers of the Bible are absolutely correct in what they write the general Public refuses to believe that the writers of the Bible and jesus were Psychic Channels who were relaying to the world whatever their communicators in the after life told them. and I am here to continue as a Channel and no one much believes me because the Bible, while yet unproven, washes away any further experiences that Communicators with the After Life experience. I am not anti religion at all and pray each and every day and communicate with spirits who say they are God and jesus but no one much believes what I am saying.
– end of the freedom of religion extract –


On the evening of the day that my mother died my brother, sister and our spouses had a meal at my brother’s house. It was a heavy occasion, as you might imagine. I prepared a meal for us all and made a plate for my (absent) mother, at the head of the table. After dining, we all stood and held hands at the table. As my sister and her husband were students of Tibetan Buddhism, they asked if we might chant together, which we did. At more or less the height of the chant, quite powerful as we were all in harmony, the door of the dishwasher in the adjacent open kitchen flew open quite violently. We all reacted, not really knowing whether to laugh or cry.
– end of the freedom of religion extract –


I went to a Buddhist retreat for the first time. There was no talking, no looking at others, and you meditated 12 hours a day. I had been a nurse in the ER for several years. Everytime I would meditate, I would see my patients who had died, been hurt, or raped, and I would know how they felt, and feel the emotions that I had not felt at the time. It was terrible. I cried and cried and cried. I could not stop crying. I threw up. I had diarrhea. It seemed like ever pore of my body was letting off emotion. This went on for 5 days. I couldn’t wait to leave. The dead people thanked me. The retreat leader was a monk from Thailand who started the session off by invoking who ever was they pray to to release the participants from whatever held them back spiritually. He seemed to realize I was miserable but kept smiling at me and encouraging me. It had a profound effect upon me and I realized that when I was on autopilot during all those years, I had really been experiencing emotions. Sometimes, I got to see that the aid I gave these people profoundly influenced their later health and life recovery. Still, it was like being in hell because I couldn’t shut it off. I was estatic to leave–the retreat was in some backwoods monastery in Missouri. I drove 10 hours to get there and if I had known what it was going to be like, would not had gone. But, it changed my life, and I became a Buddhist and work in hospice.
– end of the freedom of religion extract –

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