Clairalience or Paranormal Odors

The following paranormal phenomena statements are clairalience extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


My husband died in a … accident back in October of …. A year after he died I was working in a restaurant. We had just opened the restaurant so there were no customers but myself and the cook. As I was getting ready to get the refreshment cooler ready I felt a strong wind as if someone had walked quickly infront of me and the odor that I smelled caught my attention immediately. I got the smell of a hair gel/greese that my husband used to wear on a daily basis. I know it wasn’t the cook since he never would comb his hair! And he was in the back kitchen. The smell was a very distinctive smell. I always wondered if it was his spirit. For a long time I wanted to believe it was.
– end of clairalience extract –


Chatting to a friend on msn messenger I started seeing a name written in my minds eye. I started relaying this name and other messages I was getting to this person I was chatting to online. Images were flashing in my head, I could smell specific perfume… She could validate almost all information I was giving. I have done several readings this way. To this day I’m not sure where the information comes from but I am grateful for being able to help get messages to people here from those who have passed over.
– end of clairalience extract –


My mother was dying and several minutes before she was pronounced dead I saw a Christ type figure sitting on a throne in the room we were in at the hospital. I was aware that this was an Hologram that I was seeing but the feeling of agape Love emnating from Christ was very real. We all experienced other things like seeing a portal, seeing blood on our hands or having sticky hands. Smelling this powerful lemon smell. And having a light glow around our heads bodies. The feeling was quite euphoric and took a long time to come down.
– end of clairalience extract –


After my step father had passed we moved to a place that we used to go for the weekends. There would be the smell of his cologne, footsteps in the attic, and once saw his shadow…he had a very distinct profile.
– end of clairalience extract –


When my uncle was sick in an English hospital with cancer, I woke one night a few days before he died to a very distinct smell of cigar smoke. I immediately thought of him as he was the only person I know who smoked cigars regularly. We don’t smoke at all in our house. The next day I asked my mother how he was and he had taken a turn for the worse..he died 2 days later.
– end of clairalience extract –


A close friend died in childbirth leaving a husband and 7 children. When … told me “… my …. died, I don’t know what I’m to do” I felt so sad. I worried desperately for their wellbeing.

Approx. 2 months later … was in a car accident and died in surgery.

This was ubelieveable. Upon awakening one morning I smelled a strong odor of flowers and … voice was above me and said “dont worry everything will be ok” I’ve never worried after that point and the family remained intacted all the children were raisesd by their older brother. This happened in …
– end of clairalience extract –


I was at another town’s cemetery also transcribing it. I walked over a grave and realized that I had walked on the person. I apologized and quickly got off. Coming back to it I noticed a strong floral perfumey smell. I looked around and there was no one or any flowers anywhere near. No flowers or bushes we in bloom at this cold time of year. I continued walking and the smell stopped as sharply as it had begun. I was curious and walked back past this same plot, again the smell hit me. Like an older woman was there with me. I looked at the grave marker, it was the one I had apologized to and it belonged to an elderly woman.
– end of clairalience extract –


Sense of smell: Temperature drop with a swirling breeze. Age 24. Sitting on the sofa in my living room of the apartment my husband (at the time) and I were renting out. I was talking to people on a bbs (bulliten board system) at the time this happened.

I had a very strong swirling breeze that was very cold actually come by my face and body. There was a very distinct smell to it. I literally jumped off the sofa with keyboard that had been laying in my lap hit the floor, as it had me all squirmy, screaming in tears. It was of my father. He had problems with his feet and they would reek a very foul smell. When this took place, my husband at the time was in the room with me, not even two feet away and did not experience this. No windows open, nor was windy outside for any drafts to come in and I did check imediately.
– end of clairalience extract –


I was visiting my best friend and her family in …. She wanted me to meet this guy that she had a crush on. We went over to his house. He was middle class, clean cut and friendly. When I shook his hand I …had visions…I guess. I saw blood, and terror, and for a second I smelled an overwhelming odor of sweat. I just knew he was bad. I convinced my friend that we should leave immediatley…and that she should not have anything to do with him. I left a few days later.

A week after the incident the guy had killed his brothers wife, who was 7 months pregnant.
– end of clairalience extract –


I was in the same house I am in now, in 1982, but did not live here at the time, my mother did. I was not sleeping well, but did sleep for awhile. I awoke early, and did not know I had drifted off to sleep again (I think).

I saw many small men walking around, heard what I thought was a radio across the street, smelled bacon cooking, and saw many mirrors at a very low level for usual eye-level height. I remember thinking that a man I saw was short, that he looked like a small man that I was acquainted with–a man of approx. 3’10”.

In this “dream” one man said “we’re all short here” (and they were) I felt at home even though I had no idea where I was, except here, in one of the bedrooms. When I really awoke, I told my mother who informed me that *jockeys* had owned this house 75 yrs before–and that where the reservior is now (across the street) was a racetrack. I realized that the “radio” was the loud speaker across the way. I had *never* heard this history before!
– end of clairalience extract –


My grandmother died of cancer just shy of my 18th birthday. She lived with us in our home for the last three months of her life (my mother took …) in my old bedroom. I was closer to my grandmother than mother my whole life and still feel that way. Also, I was her only grandchild.

The week before she died she went into a coma and died in that state. At that time I felt like she wouldn’t remember how much I loved her because of the state she was in while passing. I had 3 dreams of her: the first 2 I saw her and couldn’t hug her or talk to her. The last was her hugging me and me crying telling her how much I loved her and she said I know sweetie, I know.

I woke-up crying and smelling like her favorite scent White Shoulders. I’ve never had another dream about her again.
– end of clairalience extract –


Husband told me about an experience when he was teenager. Looked into a mirror and saw something dark and black behind him. He has lost first born son and his brother (first born son) died in last four years. His family is full of tragic things and issues. Recently there are times when we have smelled something extrememly sweet in the house and heard someone walking. When husband has been sleeping, he has awoke to see something dark and black at bottom of bed. Never told each other about this until recently. Feel funny trying to explain further. Afraid someone will think we’re nuts.

– end of clairalience extract –

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