Life After Death

Life After Death

The following paranormal phenomena statements are life after death extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed. For more accounts please go to Afterlife.


Approximately 1 month after my brother passed away he came to me in for lack of a better explanation, a dream, even though I would not call it that. He told me he was “ok” and everything was “good”. That was over 21 years ago but everything was so vivid and clear that it feels to me like it just happened. I can remember everything, colors, textures, everything about the place we were sitting in. There are many other things that have happened over the years also. Some have been good and helpful and some are hard for me to believe really happened. To tell the truth I never gave the paranormal much thought until later in life when things started to happen to me and then my son as he got older.
– end of life after death extract –


There have been 2 experiences that have shaped my Spiritual beliefs, but I’ll only discuss one of them.

The first was soon after my dad committed suicide. I was very distraught and had a dream in which he appeared to me. What made the dream so different was the fact that as I walked down a flight of stairs (in the dream) I literally felt a cool breeze. I landed in a huge, empty parking lot and saw someone on the other side of the lot walking towards me. I couldn’t make out who it was until he got close and then realized it was my dad.

We walked hand in hand and he took me to a table where we sat down with other people (I believe several were his brothers). They started talking to me but all I could hear was a quick, chirping sound coming from them. I asked them several times to slow down so I could understand what they were saying but I couldn’t break through the chirping noises to decipher what was being said. I recall waking up from this dream and knowing my Dad existed in another dimension and that I would hear from him again.
– end of life after death extract –


when i was around 15 i woke up from sleep about 1am in the morning. my room was adjacent to my parents room. what i saw kinda scared me but i was froze and just stirred at what i saw.. it was a white shadowy figure of a women with great detail of facial features talking to my mother on her bed.

the figure looked at me and turned back and continued to talk to my mom…. i thought i was dreaming but when i woke up in the morning i asked my mom about it she said she had a dream about her mom… i looked in the picture album and there it was the person i saw was my grandma who passed when my mother was a teenager so i have never seen her before i was scared and never told anyone….
– end of life after death extract –


i was alone in a boarding house when i was still in college. it was …. i was in the comfort room when suddenly i saw traces of fresh bloodstains at the wall. i knew it wasn’t there before i came in. besides i was alone in the house. that night, i heard a baby crying.

the next day i just knew that a baby was aborted there. when my friends arrived, i told them the story about a baby that had been aborted in that comfort room (but i myself was not sure, i just knew that i have to tell them) some years ago. the owner of the boarding house invited a minister to bless the boarding house, upon hearing my story, and it turned out that the reason was: what i said was true.
– end of life after death extract –


The night after my father’s funeral, I was on the verge of sleeping and I heard his voice distinctly telling me that he was OK (his death was rather painful) and that he felt better. He wanted to make sure that I wasn’t too distraught and wanted me to be at peace for the sake of the health of my baby (I was pregnant at the time). He said he loved me and would always be near. I “snapped” awake and then was so excited I had a hard time sleeping that night but was very happy that he was OK.
– end of life after death extract –


I was observing my Grandmother and my oldest aunt preparing a cake in the dining room. I was in the living room observing them through the windows. The two rooms were separated by a patio. Somebody knocked at the door at the main entrance of the house in the living room. I meant to call my grandmother but instead I went to the door that now was wide open.

I saw a man in the entrance, and after a moment I felt he was my grandfather who died before I was born. I only saw one picture of my grandfather when he was young. When he appeared to me he was an old man with white hair. We were together for a while. I fell asleep and he carried me in his arms. I fought to stay awake and even though I did not fall asleep I closed my eyes feeling his body against mine. I did not wanted him to release me because I knew I was not going to see him again. He put me on the sofa and as soon as he released me I moved looking for him, but he was not there anymore. I ran to ask my grandmother and my aunt about him. They looked at each other, my grandmother said “Your grandfather cannot come here,” then I said to myself “If I tell them, they are not going to understand” At that moment I knew he came from the spiritual world (if I can call it that way.)
– end of life after death extract –

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