Ghost Sightings

Ghost Sightings: Do Real Ghosts Really Exist?

The following paranormal phenomena statements on ghost sightings are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.

Sinking into the Future-Desert
Creative Commons License photo credit: Stuck in Customs1250. GHOST SIGHTINGS

Working as a Science Technician in 1977 in a college, I occasionally saw something white through glass doors up the corridor. This happened during the holidays when there was nobody else there.(Not allowed nowadays!) I turned around many times in the lab as something in white stood behind me (not unusual in a lab!) and eventually it spooked me so much that I told my H.O.D who agreed I need never go in that corridor or lab on my own again.

We investigated and found out that … College, UK was built on the site of an old Leper Colony, so assume it was to do with that. I left shortly after and heard that later that year a new influx of students were spooked as well, without knowing anything of my experiences. I’ve no doubt it’s still happening…… ask the present technicians. I’m 54 now and I’ve never forgotten it.

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I was 37 I was sitting at my computer when I had a feeling some one was watching me. I turned around to see a girl in the door way staring at me. I can still remember what she looked like today she was pale with the most beautiful blue eyes you had ever seen. She floated about a foot off the floor and she wore a white flowing dress. When she saw I was looking at her she took off down my hall I went to look for her but could not find her. This was the first of many after that.

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I was sitting on a couch and my friend was on the computer and we both saw a ghost sitting next to me on webcam but could only see her clothes but not her face.

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Here goes….I for some reason awoke in the middle of the night and noticed my husband (who by the way is still a sceptic) wake up, open his eyes, lift his head, look beyond me and clearly got a fright. The next morning I asked him what happened. He said that he saw the face of a blonde woman above me and then it just faded.

A week after that I was again asleep and thought my daughter (age 8) had come into our room which was not uncommon. Prior to opening my eyes I said not again! Well when I opened my eyes I got a huge fright to discover that it wasn’t her at all but a girl with a veil draped on her head (not covering her face) The face was not clear but I knew that it was expressionless I couldn’t say if she was blonde or otherwise. I gasped as I sat up against my husband. by the time he awoke she seemed to vanish before my eyes.

A few days after this I again awoke in the middle of the night to see my husband squinting and trying to focus behind me. I said “she’s here isn’t she?” He patted me and told me to go back to sleep. The next morning he said that this time he saw a blonde girl, probably late teens, floating in the corner of the room. And followed it up with that it was probably just his imagination.

The next day I spoke to my elderly neighbour’s daughter and asked her if anything had happened in our home prior to us demolishing and rebuilding where we have been living for nearly 8 years. She said not at all – only that the previous owner of the old house was a man in his 90’s who died in there of natural causes and wasn’t found for a couple of days. She asked why I was asking and so told her of what we experienced. She said “Funny you should say that because Mum (Our neighbour who is 87) awoke and saw a blonde woman standing at the end of her bed and thought it was me (the daughter)

Apparently she signalled her with her hand to go back to sleep” I then went and spoke to my neighbour who by the way, is very alert, and was told that what she saw was so real that she got up and checked the house. The only thing that happened in the area that was different was that a building owned by a business on the corner of our street was being cleaned out. Bob Cats etc. – part of the building was demolished.

What makes this even scarier is that all the neighbours are objecting to the new business starting up as this is s residential area. So yesterday my husband was speaking to a neighbour down the street about the objection. The neighbour then told my husband that apparently in the clean up they found human remains – bones of a person that have been there for years. My husband didn’t make the connection and didn’t ask any more questions. When I get the opportunity to speak to this neighbour of how she found out and if it was a female I will let you know. My thoughts are that when her bones were uncovered her spirit was disturbed.

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…: I was 20 years old, sleeping in my bed. I shared my room with two others who slept through this experience. I woke up with someone standing over me. Immediately I sat up and I said “…”, my tall friend to whom I’d last spoken before bed.

As I sat up staring into a dark shadow, I slowly became more lucid, realizing this was not … As this shadow dissolved, I became aware of one apparition standing in the corner, then my attention was brought to a young girl in a dress, perhaps 5 y/o, running through my bedroom door. As I followed her with my eyes, she ran toward the first ghost I saw in the corner, who had since been joined by a third ghost.

All three stood with their backs toward me, with the little girl between the two adult females. I looked at the digital clock next to my head – it was 4:00. I had settled back into my bed, still up on one elbow, staring and shaking and sweating. I remember wondering what I was watching and why I had been woken up, but afraid to attract attention and see their faces, which for some reason I was afraid to see. I pinched myself so many times I lost track. They were talking to each other.

I could clearly hear them whispering, but was unable to make out any distinct words. They seemed distressed, and I got the sense they were a bit worried that I was watching. I kept my eye on the clock until it was 4:45. They were still here. I switched on a lamp next to my bed and poof – not hide nor hair of the trio. I turned the light off, and never saw them again. I am certain this was not a lucid dream. In total there were four entities. The one who woke me up was a Shadow person, but the other three were normal ghosts (is there such a thing?). This was also the first of two times I saw a shadow person. In neither case was I afraid of it. In fact the second time, I sensed it was deeply concerned for me.

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6 Responses to “Ghost Sightings”

  1. Mia 2013-04-25

    when I was 11 I woke up to see a woman sitting on my bed, she looked elderly and nothing like anyone that lived in my house, I just got up and ran out of the room, none of my family believe me.

    • Rosemary Breen 2013-04-25


      Im not sure how old you are now but I would say you know what you saw and didnt see.

      Are you anything like me – I avoid trying to convince anyone about the paranormal. And, what I find is that because I am believable in other aspects of my life, they often come around to asking me questions rather than attacking or disbelieving me. Strange how these things work, but this is how a lot of parapsychologists work too. They have qualifications in other areas – like psychics and chemistry and psychology…and then somehow, as if by magic their personal credibility is transferred to the paranormal.

      So, I wouldnt worry too much about your family not believing that you saw a ghost. Maybe their time has not come and maybe you could be thinking more along the lines of what the experience means to you.

      The good thing about the paranormal is that you can dip in and out and for many people it doesnt become a significant part of their lives until they are older.

      Does this make sense Mia? Hope so.



  2. gail newburn 2012-03-19

    I have seen ghost ever since I was a little girl.

    I am now married to a man who is an engineer.

    One morning at breakfast he told me about seeing a woman in the mirror..I told him to describe her to me…then I said wait..

    I described this woman’s age, hair and dress down to the exact details.

    His eyes bugged and he said yes.

    My husband is a very practical man. It was only then he believed me.

    I would like help to know how to develop this. My grandmother also had the sight..Please get back to me.

    • Rosemary Breen 2012-03-23

      Hello Gail

      It is wonderful and strange when so called practical people enter the paranormal world! Just like your husband.

      Re your desire to develop your psychic gifts there are a couple of things you might like to try.

      First, and this depends on where you are located, there are the Spiritualist Churches. There are also some people who have developed courses. One of the forum member here, Anne mentioned a site called PsychicButSane. I havent done this course or indeed spoken to the woman behind it but if you pursue it, please let us know hoe it goes.

      Another avenue is to contact soem of the international organisations like the College of Psychic Studies.

      See how you go in pursuing these avenues and … beware. There are charlatans out there. Trust your intuition.

      Lovely to hear from you.



    • Rosemary Breen 2011-05-31

      Thanks Violet. I hope you’ve completed the paranormal survey. Most people have a paranormal experience to relate.




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