Out of Body Experience

Out of Body Experience or Out of Mind?

The following out of body experience statements are paranormal phenomena extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


Died when I was 15 years old,went to a place in the center of the earth that was very dark and like a jail in a large cavern. The cavern was filled with spirits that talked to me. These spirits were color coded according to that which caused them to be there. I was the most scared I had ever been.I found out this place was referenced in the New Testement as a prison for spirits. I was sent there to witness this place. The spirits there were all neon like colors in total darkness. Their bodies were like a snake, a scorpion, spiders, but they all had human heads and spoke to me. I prayed and asked God to get me out of there and he did instantly and I came back to life when I reentered my body.
– end of out of body experience extract –


I laid in bed in the middle of the aftrnoon. I felt my soul release from my body and rise above the eatrh. I could not only see my body laying on the bed, but I also ascended to a higher plane above the clouds.

It was so satisfying to see and feel the tops of the trees along with the clouds floating by and through me. I remember seeing a large pool of water surrounded by vegetation. After a long moment I returned back to my room, before descending back into my body. As I dropped back into my body I was covered with goose bumps all over until I came to my earhtly senses.
The thought behind this was that I was embarking upon a new beginning in my life, which later became true.
– end of out of body experience extract –


I was performing with a chorus in an International contest. Shortly after the first of 4 songs began I was viewing the contest from the perspective of above and behind the choral risers on which we were standing. I felt as though I was connected to a limitless spring of energy from below, each of the other chorus members and our director through boday and mind – as if we were a single being, and to every person observing the 12 minute performance. Leaving the stage I was energized and although I could remember even the most minute of details, it seemed I had only dreamt it. To make the long story short, we won and by one of the largest margins to date.
– end of out of body experience extract –


It was my first Astral Projection experience. I was able to, while in bed at night with my wife, experience my soul or Superconciousness leave my body for a least a few minutes and fly out the roof of the house and down the street. It was evening, but I was awake, and definItely not sleeping. I was able to see all of the houses on the street in the dark; I flew over all of them and I streaked upwards into the sky as to what would have been over 100 feet up; afterward, I snapped back down into my body again. This was quite a spontaneous action: I have had such a couple of times since but not such as that one experience was. I was in my late 20’s of age at that time.
– end of out of body experience extract –


i was sleeping (face down in my pillow) when all of a sudden i felt myself lifting up out of my body and saw the pillow and my alarm clock. i started getting scared and somehow snapped out of it. you could say it was a vivid dream but i remember the time on my alarm clock as being the same when i got up. whatever it was i dont think ill ever forget it.
– end of out of body experience extract –


I had been swimming in a public pool when there was a freak chlorine release of the gas as the valve had failed. I had continued swimming lengths and took in chlorine gas. I was bedridden for three weeks due to depressed immune responce. I was lifted out of my bed and surrounded with white light. My immune system improved within a week…a miracle..the doctor said. A month later, I was scanning peoples bodies like an x-ray and realized I could had the ability to be a medcial intuitive. I have continued to use these skills..discreetly but when given permission.
– end of out of body experience extract –


Mostly between the age of 6 and 18, and then occassionally up to the age of around 25 or so, i would have out of body experiences while sleeping. It happens in a very deep sleep, I usually don’t go far away when it happens (I get too scared to get to far away), I am flying but again, I am too scared to go to high. I usually stay above houses only. The feeling is so wonderful, I can’t describe it. Pure bliss! When I awake I am very tired though, very drained even though it was a very deep sleep. I can’t do it anymore, but I can remember the sensation very well.
– end of out of body experience extract –


In 1996, I began to practice “How to Have an OBE” by reading the online journal story by Robert Peterson. At that time, I had been practicing TM meditation for a number of years. I combined Mr Peterson’s OBE practices with TM, and began having experiences within 2 weeks. The experiences began with a loud pop in my left ear.

A few days later, I saw a transparent figure hovering over my bed, with orbs of light and a “web-like” protrusion going from the solarplexus area to myself lying in bed. The OBE happened several more days to several weeks later (hard to recall). I was meditating, with my 3 year old daughter sleeping next to me. I felt and heard a whooshing sound and pulled up out of my body. Remembering Robert Peterson’s instructions, I immediately looked at my hands. Both hands were transparent with a multitude of different points of light (in the rainbow spectrum) around the transparency. I shouted, “yes, I’m out.”

My voice sounded in the base range and I heard it. I then tried to pull myself completely out, but came back into my body. When I opened my eyes, I looked to the corner of my room, toward the ceiling – I saw a dark grey filmy shadow slowly fade out of view. I had other experiences of flying and meeting people (of the spiritual realm).

I had two past life experiences (or, what I thought may have been past life, or looking through the eyes of another). Most of these experiences stopped in 1998. I told my husband I felt the rug had been pulled out from under me. Two weeks before most of my experiences stopped, I dreamed of seeing my husband saying goodbye to me. One week after that I saw him on a white pillar-like slab, and he was dead. I woke up to make certain he was still breathing. One week after this experience, my husband was diagnosed with … cancer (…). He died from this in the year 2000. I have had sporadic paranormal events since then, but not the OBE’s.
– end of out of body experience extract –


I was lying in bed, at night time, and suddenly felt as if I was standing in front of the mirror on the other side of my bedroom. Looking in the mirror, I could see myself lying in bed. This lasted for maybe a few seconds.
– end of out of body experience extract –


I was awake, I was showering when suddenly I was in an other worldly place. It was luminous, beautiful beyond description and peopled. It was the equivelant of a near death experience without being near death.
– end of out of body experience extract –


I’ve had too many experiences to describe them all. Most amazing was a long night of visions OOB, flying into a city of golden light where I entered a ‘conference room’. At the table sat a group of figures in monk’s robes, hooded, no faces I could see but I could feel their thoughts. They gave me quite a lecture about what I was supposed to do with my life, and wasn’t. Then they showed me the Unmanifest and Manifest, and how everything was made and why. They also showed me the future–this was about ten years ago–many of the events have occurred, although I thought they were so strange at the time, I didn’t believe. Who could have believed the things that have occurred these last five years?

Many things I saw have not yet come to pass–and I hope do not. At that time, no one had heard much about terrorism, so I was puzzled as to who was doing this.
– end of out of body experience extract –

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