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The following is a life after life extract from the surveys completed for my Higher Degree dissertation at Monash University in Australia.

My father died early in the morning, last year, in hospital. He had been ill for some time, but the end was actually quite sudden hence I could not be there in time. As I was driving through the night to his home, I felt as though he may be in the car with me and started to cry. I kept telling him that everything was okay now, he was at peace – he had many problems in life and I felt he was trapped before he died, but now he was free. I also was so sorry that I had not managed to see him before he died, on that day – (I had seen him 3 days previously).

I asked him for a sign that would let me know he was not angry. I decided the most appropriate sign would be a fire-engine with blue lights flashing, in his home county – the fire service that he had served with and had been an important part of his life.

All day I was in and around that area and saw nothing. I heard sirens and would look out the window, but they were ambulances or police. I arranged with the hospital mortuary to view his body that afternoon. As I drove into the city and around the one way system, just before turning into the hospital, there was a fire engine with the blue lights flashing.

I felt like he was telling me – here’s your sign, don’t worry, it’s okay and I’m okay – trying to console me before I saw his body.

First Response

Have you ever bargained with God or similar, especially in times of distress? I have. It doesn’t always work but it seems worth the try at the time. There are circumstances when we need comfort and even though it might not always be rational the response, as for the writer above, can be very comforting.

Please Continue this Conversation on Life After Life

Do you do deals with God? Do they work in your favour or do you sometimes find that the infinite knowledge of the higher being means that silence is the better response?

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  1. Sean

    Ouch, confirmation bias. This one wouldn’t last long in the hands of the sceptics.

  2. Gerry

    I see it all the time, grieving family members desperately seeking confirmation that their loved one has survived death of the body, so much so that they tend to grasp at straws, an everyday event, as a sign that all is well.

    It is a proven scientific fact that everyone survives death of the body. It is merely a vessel that contains the spirit and, when it expires, the spirit comes forth, almost an exact replica copy of the physical body, but because it now vibrates at a much higher frequency it is not visible to everyone.

    Life continues as before, except the environment has changed.

    It’s like living here on earth but in a different dimension where all the woes of earthly life have vanished, everything IS ok.

    They are now much better off than those they left behind on this mortal plane; our lives being so much the poorer for their passing. Yet, who would be so selfish to want to bring them back to endure all the pain and suffering for our sake. I dare to say no one.

    Remember the good times, smile when you think of them, laugh at all the funny events that happened from time to time, for your endless grieving shall only cause them pain, for they are aware of all things.

    • Rosemary Breen


      Beautifully put!

      I dont know whether the deceased are aware of us, here in this mortal coil indefinitely. I guess they are capable of monitoring across many dimensions; I just question whether they really want to, need to or should.

      I certainly agree that there is nothing to be gained from holding someone here; there is a much nicer existence (as I recall).



  3. David Gamon

    Usually it is easy enough to tell good from evil — but not always; these wicked people in Africa the Lord’s Resistance Army obviously believe they are doing God’s Will.

    I enjoyed reading Sheldrake’s Dogs book a few years ago — but since it was a fact of daily observation that our dog knew when my partner began her journey home I found nothing surprising in it. (Most days — some days he was, I infer, thinking about something else.)


  4. Rick Hale

    There is no good and evil only right and wrong mindedness.

    • Rosemary Breen

      MMM. Now what do you mean by this, I wonder Rick? Good and bad, right and wrong mindedness – are they all subjective values?

      Shakespeare springs to mind.

      In reference to Denmark, Hamlet says: Why then ’tis none to you; for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. To me it is a prison.



    • Sean

      Not even right and wrong mindedness so much as behaviours that are essentially selfish or altruistic — this seems to be the balance between individual survival and selfishness vs the likelihood of group survival by working together — both evolutionary strategies.

      Greed and lack of empathy etc (psychopathy) has been the hallmark of just about all our wars and squabbles, mainly wars over turf and resources coupled with megalomania… then there are some very selfish people at the individual level we meet every day.


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