Spirits Evolving by Lee Channing (Mar 2012)

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I’ve been a subscriber to Lee Channing’s newsletter for a while now and have enjoyed her insights. Long story short, I approached Lee and asked permission to print part of her newsletter for my readers.

Begin Excerpt from Speaking Spiritually by Lee Channing

Growing Spiritually

This month will be filled with learning opportunities (aren’t they all?) – opportunities that will very clearly present themselves to each of us. If you can pay attention, you can take a giant leap forward down your spiritual path.

Even though the energy of the month is somewhat heavy, it’s also fluid and flexible. Take full advantage of a month so open to growth. Pay closer attention to your body, your mind, and your emotional well-being and your spiritual growth will become evident.

Your physical body will need to be a part of every decision you make. “Feel” out every major life decision and take extra care to make certain your body stays healthy. You will, everyone will, get physical pangs to tell you you’re making a good decision (or a bad one).

Seriously, eat well, exercise enough, find quiet times to renew your energy and your body. It is very important. Your physical body needs enough rest/sleep as well. If you aren’t sleeping well, do something about it. Try warm tea at bedtime, herbs to support a good night’s sleep, etc. If you push your physical body too much, you’ll pay a hefty price.

The energy color for March is red, a nice gentle shade of red thankfully. Red is associated with the base of the spine and is a very “heavy” energy flow. It portends a time of unexpected change, possible temper tantrums, and the need for grounding one’s energy.

Red is also associated with financial issues, overall physical health, raw creativity, personal stimulation, and, above all, the ability to set your boundaries. For those of you who know red quite well, you may be surprised to find it easier than usual to create boundaries and keep your energy moving.

Let’s discuss boundaries: Many people have no idea if their personal energy boundaries are set at an appropriate place. In fact, many people don’t even realize they have boundaries.

If you feel people are always stepping into your personal space, maybe you’re one of those people.

Everyone, no matter how aware you are of your own boundaries, should work very hard to find a safe personal space. Try visualizing a light around your entire body – a light of protection and awareness, and you’ll enjoy much growth at this time.

The energy hint for March is to work toward harnessing your own energy flow. This can be a very difficult task as many of you know. Our minds and our energy flow seem to run on auto-pilot way too often. If you can learn to monitor your immediate reactions to life’s changing circumstance, you can do much to create a life more filled with joy and peace-of-mind. You must recognize and embrace your own energy flow before you can use it to your highest advantage. Practice.

Relationships: Make certain not to allow your temper to reign this month. You must stay calm and relaxed even in volatile moments. All relationships will have a little extra stress so keep yourself calm in order to react appropriately.

Finances: Very, very important month for finances in general. Much of the world is being very deeply affected by the current economic situation. Make every effort to see where you fit into the big picture. Balance your personal budget, spend wisely, and pay close attention to all financial dealings this month.



End Excerpt from Speaking Spiritually by Lee Channing

Continuing the Conversation

Well Lee.

Red is my favorite color. Wonder what that says about me? Maybe it is to do with my need to be connected to the physical – no matter I love red and am often happy in the moment when I see it.

Im reading a book called – wait for it – Make Every Man Want You – not because I want this or because I need another man in my life 🙂 The title is a marketing ploy and I bought the book for my daughter – yes, I know I could just be saying that – but the book is about what Marie Forleo calls the ‘isness of business’. Essentially it is about being in the moment – not nearly as sexy or promising as the title suggests – but more practical perhaps.

So, Lees reminder “If you can pay attention” fits well with the what is – the isness – rather than what was and what might be.

Now, where do I start to put this title into practice? 🙂

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  1. jennie

    Hi Rosemary
    I always look forward to Lees message.
    I love Red too.
    I will be sure to keep calm and centred this month.
    Thank you x

    • Marianne

      Hi Rosemary,

      I have a Kohn for you.

      If you put a name to being in the Now, then you are no longer there…, and we will never be there.


      Because we have already named it: The Now. So how can we possibly ever be in the place we’ve already put a name to?

      (I was just thinking about what you said and this is what I came up with. Makes sense to me, but probably no one else 🙂 ).

      Marianne 😉

      • Rosemary Breen

        Hi Marianne

        Im not familiar with the word kohn but I get the meaning of your intention.

        I think you are on the right track and the principle applies to everything – to name it is to separate from it.

        Im sure this has been explored in philosophy or elsewhere but cant think where. Anyone?



        • Marianne

          Kohn is unanswerable questions: I.E.,
          “What is the Sound of One Hand Clapping”

          Marianne 🙂

          • Rosemary Breen

            I know of a koan but not a kohn 🙂

            Cheers Marianne


  2. Marianne

    Hi Rosemary,

    Where do you put being in the Now into practice?

    I try to be in the Now all the time. It keeps old, used up thoughts away. It’s very comforting.

    For instance: If I walk from the kitchen to the living room, I’ll look at everything as I pass by it. Taking notice of how the plants are growing, if the picture is hanging straight. I notice all the papers on the table. How many glasses are there too. What’s on the rug (we have a cat, who has toys everywhere, smile).

    By doing that, you are in the Now.

    When someone is talking to you, pay attention to only what they are saying – don’t think of your next remark. That is being in the Now.

    Sometimes I stare at a plant and blur out my vision. I will sit there for who knows how long, just watching. It’s very in the Now and also a sort of meditation.

    The best way to do it is wait until the plants is drooping a bit, then water it. After sit there and watch it out-of-focus. As you stare off – thinking of nothing – you will actually see the plant straighten up and the leaves point toward the sky again.

    I’ve done this for 1/2hour at a time and laugh every time I do it. I get to see a plant grow, oh so slowly, because I am in the Now and not doing anything else but watching.

    Early in the morning I’ll just stare out the window and slowly watch it go from twilight to sunrise. (That early in the morning it’s easy for me to focus and only watch one thing) It puts you once again, in the Now.

    I try not to rush anywhere. If I’m in a grocery store, I go up and down each aisle and see what’s there. I’m not thinking about the next aisle. I’m in the Now.

    Doing things like this makes the day go much smoother and slower (not boring slow, just slows down time a bit and makes you calmer).

    I’ve said many times to people in the checkout line that they can go first (if they have one or two things) because I’m not in a hurry.

    Tell someone that and see the look on their face! Makes me laugh every time 🙂 It seems that people don’t really understand what not being in a hurry is all about.

    Try some of these and your own things when you first get up and see what happens. Watch the sky change oh so slightly until the sun is up.

    Watch the plant take in the water and straighten out again.

    If you start early morning it’s easier because your mind is still “new”.

    Just a few ways to be in the Now. There are probably millions more.

    (If your not in the now, then where are you? In the future? Remember the Now creates your future.

    Or are you in the past? The past is not where our minds should be. The past should be filed in the “past” file cabinet – lest it get mixed up in the Now or the Future.)

    I also like the color red in small doses. Like pot-holders. Place-mats. Tea kettle. Once I saw a field of red poppy’s and I couldn’t stop looking at it. Beautiful. Maybe Red makes us stop and be in the Now, if only for a moment. Hmm…

    I read this the other day and thought it appropriate: “Do you know what’s really, really, really easy? What ever you say is really, really easy. (Same goes for the hard stuff)”

    Well, I’ve gone on for a bit too long, please feel free to edit. I’ll most likely be back as I think the topic is great!

    Cheers Cob,

    • Rosemary Breen


      Im not one for the past. Having said that I enjoy reminiscing as much as the next person but I dont hark back to the ‘good ol’ days’.

      I tend to live in the future and the now.

      What you are describing is so much akin to what we are practising in our philosophy class. Its called The Exercise! and we are asked to practise it a couple of times a day. This I do struggle to do – because – not surprise I seem to be in a hurry most of the time. But I do stop for the class, unwind and enjoy the moments there. And… I will think of you and The Exercise at least today and live the now, at least once. Promise.


      PS Red just makes me feel happy

      • Marianne

        Rosemary, you’re funny!!!

        Okay, if you can do it once a day it will over the years become a habit (kidding 21 days = habit. Right??) You seem like a fast paced person. So every now and then take a look up and watch a bird soar. Just for a second and then you can get on to those five-million unfinished projects you have on your desk 🙂

        I too love talking about the day I got married and places we’ve been and things we’ve done. I don’t begrudge my past. It made me what I am today. (Good? Bad? Hmm…, smile)

        But I *so* like talking about places we are going to go and things we’re going to do! Whitewater rafting is top of the list right now – woohoo!

        For the most part though, I prefer to stay in the Now, at least then I know where I am 🙂

        Marianne 😉

        • Rosemary Breen

          Im usually the one who comments first on the blue sky, the sound of the bird etc. SO, Im ahead of the game in that regard. But there is more to being in the now.

          The way we learn it in Philosophy is not to name it. As soon as we do, we have moved from the now.

          Food for thought?



          • Marianne

            Most certainly Food for thought!

            I guess that’s why watching a plant reach back up is my favorite. There are no words, just smiles.

            I’m going to see if I name things today while being in the Now. Usually I’m just concentrated on what I do. I think the words come after – but I’m not sure.

            Marianne 😉

          • Rosemary Breen

            Im in Philosophy tomorrow and will work extra hard on the Exercise 🙂


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