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I’m a subscriber to Lee Channing’s newsletter and enjoy her insights. With Lee’s permission, here is an extract from her April 2012 newsletter. To have Lee’s full newsletter Speaking Spiritually delivered to your inbox each month go to Spirits Evolving.

Begin Excerpt from Speaking Spiritually by Lee Channing

Spiritually Speaking

April 2012

April is such a beautiful month here in Central Virginia. It appears that every tree has beautiful blossoms filling every inch of every limb, thousands of bulbs have popped up and many, many flowering plants are in full bloom. The colors are breathtaking everywhere you look. I will say, however, the changeable weather can be a bit frustrating with the very cool nights and sometimes very hot days. But, it’s always beautiful and always exciting.

Enjoy all the change and you allow yourself to change right along with the weather. Let yourself bloom from within – find that new spring energy deep inside.

The energy color for April is a very dark shade of pink (nearly red). I find this color very rare in my monthly reads. Pink is such a light color with which to work, but this very dark pink reminds me more of working with a nice grounded shade of red. Dark pink (rose, raspberry, etc.) is a wonderful color to use to create a new, healthier energy flow. So much can be accomplished this month – in every area of your life.

Pink is associated with the crown chakra, the top of your head with the energy flowing from your crown all the way down to your toes. “See” yourself with that pink energy glowing around every inch of your body – that will help you create a very healthy physical body at this time. If you tend to get headaches, you may get a few more or a lot less this month. Just pay close attention and take whatever remedy, relaxation or medication you need early on. A lingering headache will have the potential to hang around way too long if you ignore it.

The energy hint for April is to find new ways to combine the energies of your body, mind, and spirit. Ask yourself how to feel light and spiritual while enjoying feeling very grounded to Mother Earth. It’s not an easy task, but with a little practice, you’ll enjoy the process greatly. Create meditations, visualizations along your path and you’ll understand what I mean. Use the wonderful strong energy of your physical body and combine it with the beautiful light energy of your spirit – what a combination. Let your thoughts take a break whenever possible. Your mind will tend to wander back and forth from “heavy” to “light” but that’s absolutely to be expected. Just relax into the movement.

Relationships: A good month to spend extra time alone and not try to figure out the intricacies of personal relationships. Enjoy our own company and avoid arguments at all costs.

Finances: A good month to see financial matters very clearly. You can use your grounded energy to work through old financial problems and find many clear solutions if you don’t allow emotions to get in the way. Stay calm and relaxed in all circumstances.


End Excerpt from Speaking Spiritually by Lee Channing

Continuing The Conversation

Lee, living in the south of the southern hemisphere we are experiencing autumn here. And, doesn’t nature know how to put on a show? The deciduous English trees in our neighbourhood (as opposed to the Australian natives) are positively glowing as they shed their summer  coats. that deep red you write about is here on my streets for all to see and enjoy.
Im wondering what show is nature putting on for you right now?
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  1. Gina Leone

    Thank you for sharing all you are. I wish you Love, Peace and a Happy Easter Spring Holiday!

    • Rosemary Breen


      You are so right.

      Happy Easter; Happy Holiday; Happy Passover….



  2. Jennie

    Hi Rosemary
    Happy Easter.
    Here in England we have had very strange weather all through thses early months. A range of very warm days and very little rain. We now have a hose pipe ban and can only use a watering can to refresh our poor plants, some of which have sadly expired.
    At present we have a little rain Apiril showers but not nearly as much as we would normally experience.
    But I enjoy being no matter what the weather.
    I find colour such an uplifter and have been drawn to pink over the weeks so it was interesting to read Lee’s article.
    I have been doing a lot more work to so much of what i have read rang true for me.
    I have felt extremely calm and very together and have started running a group helping others with their spiritual gifts. All happened so quickly as if I knew the time was right. So many changes in fact.
    So will be surounding myself in rasberry pink, and going with the flow
    Thankyou Lee and rosemary
    love jennie xx

    • Rosemary Breen

      Hi Jennie

      Thank you for the descriptive update.

      Currently Im on holidays in Perth – not Scotland, but WA – and the colour here is blue. Ive not been to Seattle but the blue of the sky and the blue of the water here in Perth is something to behold.

      We lived here for 6 years; it is a wonderful place but quoting the fact that it is the second most remote capital city on the world sums up its isolation well.

      Lovely to visit and relive some memories but not to stay again.

      Perth is 34 degrees max today; Melbourne is forecast to reach 17 celsius – half of the temp here. I shall miss the sun and the warmth but maybe the pinks will await my arrival home.




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