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I’m a subscriber to Lee Channing’s newsletter and enjoy her insights. With Lee’s permission, here is an extract from her May 2012 newsletter. To have Lee’s full newsletter Speaking Spiritually delivered to your inbox each month go to Spirits Evolving.

Begin Excerpt from Speaking Spiritually by Lee Channing

Spiritually Speaking

May 2012

The energy this month is open to finding peaceful times and accepting change (which is inevitable). Your spiritual focus needs to be on serenity, inspiration, and unconditional love. Unconditional love comes back to you almost instantly, so share it regularly. If you meditate, work on depth of relaxation; if you don’t meditate, try a walking meditation or at least a few deep breaths to center you at various times throughout the day. Peace and quiet will breed peace of mind.

If you can see yourself in others this month, you can better learn how to reflect back to yourself the goodness and kindness you wish to receive. Share openly and see what returns. Others need support just as you do. Share that unconditional love each day.

Spiritually Speaking

The energy color for May is a lighter shade of pink. I like it when the color remains somewhat consistent since it provides an opportunity for us to continue our work in the same realm. April’s dark pink provided a bit heavier approach to issues than this month’s light pink, so energy will move more easily and change will be more apparent. It is very important to pay attention to the energy surrounding you, and use it’s compassion and joy to your best advantage. Pink is associated with the crown chakra and the aura surrounding your body. Its light energy responds well to extra minutes in the sunlight, less food overall, and a focus on compassion in your life. A good deep breathing exercise is to inhale (through your nose) a beautiful shade of light pink and exhale (through your mouth) a nice healthy shade of green. Try it and see how much it can rejuvenate you.

The energy hint for May is to dream your dreams (when you’re awake and asleep). Set new goals for your life and you may be quite surprised how easily attainable they are. There is energy available encouraging us all to find peace of mind, accept ourselves, and show a great deal of compassion for others. On a bad day or simply when you’re not feeling well, confusion may sneak in. If you feel confused for any reason, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and ground yourself to the Earth. Literally touch the Earth with your feet whenever possible – take a walk or sit outside.

Relationships: Let people in. Literally let people enter your life, your personal environment, and share much of yourself with others. The energy this month is open and airy and you can find new friends and new ways to create healthy relationships.

Finances: You will continue to see your financial world through a very clear eye. Use this time to refinance, re-invest, and work your way toward financial freedom. It can be done.


End Excerpt from Speaking Spiritually by Lee Channing

Spiritual Evolution

Continuing The Spiritual Conversation

How timely is this? Im just starting a new online course and lo and behold one of the first steps is to write down my goals. Of course, this is best practice anyhow – but how many of us do it?

I’m guilty – until now. When I finish this, Im going to spend a half hour writing down the short term goals that will lead to achieving my long term, online goal.

A timely reminder, like this from Lee may be of assistance to you too. What is is that you’ve had on your To Do list, or in the back of your mind for so long – and it has remained there – seemingly forever? Is it to do with the paranormal, study, research, family – whatever?

I challenge to commit it to paper and take baby steps everyday to achieving it.

What do you think?

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