Spiritually Evolving: Lee Channing June 2012

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The above painting was done by Camilo Alejandro Villanueva. Go to his website to discover more of his wonderful work.

Begin Excerpt from Speaking Spiritually by Lee Channing

June 2012

June is the perfect time for play, childlike play. Allow pure joy into your life at every opportunity. If you can find laughter and joy, the somewhat heavy orange energy will be less intrusive and more supportive.

It’s a wonderful time to find your talents (hidden or obvious) and hone them; learn how to stop worrying so much, and avoid chaos in general. If those around you are out of balance, do not allow yourself to absorb their energy. Take full responsibility for your actions and even your moods and the month will be very enjoyable. Let your imagination lead the way each day.

The energy color for June is orange, a bright, joyful orange.

Many of you already know that orange is associated with the second chakra and it’s spiritual focus is on trust, joy, beginnings, and endings. In the emotional realm, orange can be a “heavy” and sometimes difficult color with which to work.

Orange always means a time when relationships are highlighted, trust is an issue, and fear and procrastination can sneak in quite easily. In order to make the best of this month: be calm; work to release any addictions you have (yes, you probably have some – alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, reading, relationship, etc.); and, find joy in each day.

Your sense of taste resides in that chakra, so make mealtime meaningful whenever you can (and add extra herbs to your food).

The energy hint for June is be totally involved in your life – every hour, every moment. Don’t spend too much time daydreaming this month. Focus on the energy of the day and make the best of it. If you pay attention, much can be accomplished in both your personal and professional lives.

A good time to create new habits for yourself (and break old unhealthy habits). Be present in the moment – that is where all the power lies.

Relationships: This can be a very frustrating time in most relationships. If trust is an issue, it will haunt you. So, be very careful with whom you share your secrets and allow unhealthy relationships to come to a necessary end.

Finances: You will see your financial picture very clearly this month. If you have been spending too much money on your “habits” (drinking, smoking, gambling, etc.), make an honest attempt to reign that spending in and save a little money for that rainy day.


End Excerpt from Speaking Spiritually by Lee Channing

Continuing the Conversation

Well Lee. Funny you should mention this.

No, I haven’t suddenly introduced orange into my wardrobe but, just prior to reading your newsletter, I was listening to this short motivational video from Danielle LaPorte. The video is on the right hand side.

I’m in my do-it phase. Watch out world I’m coming through!

So, how about you? Anyone else creating more supportive habits and being in the moment like me? Or am I out of step again? 🙂



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