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Here is an extract from Lee Channing’s June 2012 newsletter. To have Lee’s full newsletter Speaking Spiritually delivered to your inbox go to Spirits Evolving now.

Spiritually Speaking

Begin Excerpt from Speaking Spiritually by Lee Channing

A Letter from Lee

July – the year is slipping by so quickly.  This month’s energy will offer you many opportunities to follow your dreams, attain your goals, and communicate your truth to others.  All you have to do is to release any fears that are hanging on and not allow yourself to become bored under any circumstances.  The energy is very open to relaxation, which is a good thing, but that relaxed energy can induce boredom in some people.  Try some active relaxation (walking, playing sports, swimming) if your energy feels sluggish.

You will have many opportunities to share with others this month – the energy flow is supportive for sharing and being very open with those you touch.  While helping others, remember to keep your healthy boundaries in place.  We all need boundaries – not to shut others out, but to protect ourselves from the energy of others.  Good healthy boundaries are imperative to healthy spiritual growth.  Remember that you’re not being selfish by creating strong boundaries, you’re being wise with your own energy flow.  By taking responsibility for yourself, you’ll help others even more.

The energy color for July is blue.  As many of you know, from a physical perspective, blue is associated with your ears,  throat and upper chest.  Your respiratory system needs to be carefully tended, so if you get a cough, take care of it immediately.  If you have thyroid issues, they may surface this month as well since they’re stimulated by this energy flow (that can be really nourishing for your thyroid or over-stimulate it so pay attention).   Since your ears are highlighted, common sense says that your sense of hearing is highlighted as well.  Use that awareness to support your growth and well-being by paying close attention to what you’re hearing at all times.  White noise may be very irritating, but playing nice music or nature sounds can be amazingly calming.  Just listen to your environment and enhance what you like to hear.

Blue is the Color of July

From an emotional standpoint, blue is all about communication as well as honesty, refined creativity (finishing projects), relaxation, and reliability.  On a bad day in July you’ll need to work with being forgetful, feeling sad (even grief stricken) for no apparent reason, and an overall sense of loneliness.  Sleep issues also reside in that blue energy center, so watch your sleep patterns carefully.  You may need a bit more sleep or even a little less.   The best way to work through these out-of-balance blue issues is to relax and take some deep breaths.  Accept the fact the you are in tune with the energy and you can make yourself feel much better quite quickly (which is true.)

The energy hint for July is to seek the truth, the total and complete truth, at every opportunity.  You must, as usual, speak your truth, be completely honest in all your personal and professional interactions.  The difference in the energy of this month is that it lends itself very well to being more able to “see” the real truth (from others).  You must trust yourself and be open to the truth (not always comfortable) for the energy to be supportive however.  If you don’t want a truthful answer, don’t ask the question because if someone is lying, you’ll know pretty quickly and you’ll have to deal with it.

Relationships: Lots of energy available to address deeply personal issues.  So, talk out every conceivable issue this month.  Speak in person if possible, but if not, at least face the issues that are outstanding with those closest to you (write a letter, send an email or text).

Finances: Very clear energy will allow everyone to better understand their financial situation this month.  Be realistic but if there is anyway possible, get away from “work” for a day or two at least.  This will help you connect with the clear energy surrounding you and allow you to see more healthy solutions.

End Excerpt from Speaking Spiritually by Lee Channing

Continuing the Conversation

Oh gosh Lee, it seems like you are describing me and my life. I have a cough, which is stress related – Ive moved into a new Masterclass course and the energy is full on – sometimes supportive and sometimes intimidating. and overbearing.

Re truth, I lead a quiet revolution to hold the convenors of the course true to to their word and they certainly weren’t comfortable with hearing home truths from  the more vocal members of the group!

On a lighter note of truth, this morning at the checkout my server handed me a chocolate rose! I asked her why; she looked long and hard at me and said she could have said anything in response but chose to tell the truth. The shop is over supplied and they are giving them away. I told her I appreciated her honesty – and that was before I read your newsletter Lee.

And what about others? How is your month panning out. Not too blue, I hope 🙂



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  1. Jen

    Wow… this is just too true for me right now. I have a nagging cough that is the leftover of a cold and just won’t go away. I can’t work out why I had the cold in the first place – I haven’t had one in years – it just sprang itself on me one day and now won’t let go!

    The white noise issue – I have occasional tinnitus (sp?), but haven’t had symptoms in a while. Over the past few days, I have been hearing steam trains while I try to sleep. Again – it’s driving me insane.

    The financial bit is somewhat concerning to me, as I have just found out that I’m losing my tenant this month.

    Just wow… thanks.

    • Rosemary Breen

      So Jen, like me, the question is what to do about all these little niggly problems???


      • Marianne

        Hi All,

        Yep Rosemary, you beat me on the cleaning. Maybe today, hmm…, or not 😉 Procrastination – now I’m really good at that!

        I’ve found for the past few days music is become bothersome, (almost like white-noise) which is odd because I live for music. But it just seems as if they are playing the same thing over and over and over and…, oh you get my point (smile)

        I slept a total of 4 hours last night, so I’m glad to know this is normal – finally I had to count primary numbers to doze off, I stopped at 137 because I wasn’t sure and too tired (2am) to do the math 😀

        So Rosemary, your kitchen is going to be in a movie – that’s exciting!!! The only way they’d use mine is if they wanted a pre-1900s one – you know…, a sink & a stove (grin).

        Yeah, so what *are* we going to do about these “niggly” problems (what’s niggly mean?). Any helpful hints anyone?

        As an aunt of mine was favored to say: Ignore them and they’ll go away. (fwiw, I’ve tried that, doesn’t work 🙂 )

        Dreams have been one after the other as if I’m afraid I won’t get a chance to dream them all. Another, hmm… (Anyone else dreaming lots of different dreams night after night?)

        Well unlike you Rosemary, the weather has been pretty nice today, so I guess I’ll just be thankful for that. Maybe I’ll go walk barefoot in the backyard…, sounds fun *and* it’s good for your health.

        Hey Jen, maybe you could try that – go out on some grass and walk barefoot. Apparently it’s where the sickness leaves your body and the Earth picks up on it, healing you with each step you take.

        Ah, back to work…
        Marianne :roses to all: 🙂

        • Rosemary Breen

          Hey Marianne

          There are loads of smiles IN YOUR POST. Thank you. Need my smiles.

          And, roses (freesias and carnations) are my favorite flowers. So, thank you for sending them my way. Let me know what star sign you are and Ill send you a copy of my horoscope book in return.

          And, you know what, I dont go barefoot nearly enough. I have heard that about the energy transfer happening between the earth and us – and Ill remember in the spring and do a walk around my garden to cleanse 🙂

          Niggly means things that irritate, bother, keep nagging at you – not in a loud way, but persistently,

          Hope Jen picks up on your comments.

          Let me know you star sign.



          • Marianne

            Hi Rosemary,

            I hope Jen sees my message too! I’m glad you’re going to go barefoot in the Spring. You should put it on your calendar so you don’t forget~~

            They say if you walk in the dirt that you plant veggies or flowers in, then if food, it will know what to heal, and if flowers the scent will heal you…, Isn’t that great 😀

            I’m an Aquarius – Feb 16th

            (I love roses too, however who can’t like a daisy? 😉 )

            Slept great last night – today everything seems brighter and more magical – woohoo!


          • Rosemary Breen

            I havent written Aquarius yet.

            I need to remember to give you a copy when I have…. aahh another thing to remember Marianne.

            Im off to bed now.

            Need to rest up after all the late nights watching Wimbledon and get ready for the Olympics.

            And Im not even a sports tragic!!



          • Jen

            Hello Marianne and Rosemary,

            Wow – so many points to comment on! That’s what happens when you are as brilliant at procrastination as I am (& you too apparently Rosemary) 🙂

            Firstly, I have to agree about walking barefoot. I would happily spend all day every day barefoot – even in winter. You’d be surprised by how amazing snow feels when it crunches under your toes. Being barefoot helps me connect to the earth. It keeps me grounded and bonded with the Earth Mother 🙂 I haven’t ever heard about walking in the garden beds though, but I like the idea. We’re preparing our bed for next season’s vegies at the moment, so I will have to try it out. 🙂

            My man & I had a manic cleaning spree on the weekend – I couldn’t even begin to tell you why, but now I know 🙂

            Marianne, I too have been having constantly flowing dreams. Even in the 5 minutes between the alarm and the snooze button ( 🙂 ), I manage to have a very involved dream. This morning while waiting for my snooze alarm I dreamed about picking jonquils and roses and making a pretty posy. Sometimes I wake up thinking that maybe I turned my alarm off accidentally, because I can’t believe I could have such an involved dream in under 5 minutes!

            Last night I slept for 5 straight hours! That’s the first time in weeks that I have done so. Still feel like I could do with about twenty more hours sleep though. haha

            For what it’s worth, my favourite flowers are miniature roses (so delicate) and the opposite extreme in King Proteas. Oh, and I absolutely detest daisies, sorry. It seems like every time I buy a new house, there are daisies in the garden and it’s the one thing that I will ALWAYS tear out. I don’t know what it is about them, but they make me quite angry. Actually, I think maybe it’s the smell.

            The niggly problems… hmm… I tend to acknowledge them and work through them gently. No point trying to force anything – it doesn’t work. Flow with it I think

            My Dad is an Aquarius – the water bearer. As a water sign myself (scorpio), I have always felt like he is my strength. Any time I doubt myself, I think of my dad and can hear his encouragement and I know I can get through. Whenever I come across someone else who is Aquarius, it automatically makes me smile 🙂 Much love to you. 🙂

            Thanks for the chat ladies…


          • Rosemary Breen

            Indeed, Jen it is lovely to chat. ANd I hope that is what others think too. Life is so multi-levelled and to only discuss things at the highest level is to miss the other dimensions.

            My Mum is still alive (and not well at all) and she is an Aquarian and she and I have had so many wonderful times together. We work well together; whether it was helping with the girls when they were young or doing handiman tasks around the home. I miss those days but am so glad we shared them. I have a similar relationship with m=one of my daughters (when she isnt pushing the teenage angst thing too much LOL).

            Enjoy the garden Jen. Im with you on daisies – not my favorite.

            “Everyone to their fancy, said Nancy, as she kissed the cow :)”



          • Jen

            OH… PS… what is your star sign Rosemary?

          • Rosemary Breen

            I’m a Pisces Jen – March 18th.

          • Jen

            My mum is a Pisces, which I think explains why she and my Dad were married for 30 years (they aren’t any more). Probably also explains why your blog has always felt quite comforting to me. 🙂

            I didn’t know you had another site. I can’t actually explore it from here, so will do so at home.

          • Rosemary Breen

            My other site is to raise revenue to support my ‘habit’ this blog 🙂

            My general horoscope book is free to download for next couple of hours. You dont need a kindle – can read online.




  2. Marianne

    Hi There!

    Yikes! This month *does* seem to be flying by – even if the date doesn’t say so.

    I have been completely bored with my job the past few weeks. I’m glad there’s a reason because I like my job.

    And…oh-oh-oh…, would I love to take a few “days off” to write and play with photoshop, go out back and lay in the sun and maybe (big on the ‘maybe’) straighten up the house. 😉

    Glad I stopped to read this today, thanks

    • Rosemary Breen

      Hi Marianne

      Im one step ahead of you. I cleaned up the house yesterday because… has to be a reason 🙂

      We got a flyer in the letterbox from a tv production company, saying they would be filming in the street and were looking for kitchen to feature in their work.

      So, cleared out, pared back and the house took on a whole clean feel.

      I only put my hand up for this because the flyer said they wanted kitchens of every age – our is the older variety.

      Anyway, hope you are getting soem sun in your corner of the world. We get moments only!!

      Ciao Marianne.


  3. Marianne

    Something just occurred to me … I forgot to say “Thank You” for the book, Rosemary. Please excuse my lack of manners, geesh~~

    Marianne (smile)

  4. Marianne

    Hi Rosemary and Jen,

    Jen, Isn’t it nice to walk around barefoot and just feel the grass and dirt, I love it, esp when the grass is damp. 😀 (and i don’t worry about bugs – I just say “hi” and then ask them – in my mind – if there isn’t something else they’d like to walk on? They usually just head off to someplace else.

    If they don’t and stay on my legs or arms, I just let them be until they get bored…., So I guess we have an agreement.

    I’ve never walked barefoot in the snow – I’m going to try it…, Thanks!

    I think I’ll do a full cleaning of the house this weekend when J is home to help. I have years of stuff that either needs to be stored properly or thrown away.

    Re: Daisies – you know there are so many people I’ve met that really don’t like them. I’m surprised actually. I never noticed a strong smell to them before, just a bit like wet dirt.

    Top 5 favorite flowers in no particular order: Irises, White Roses, Peace Lilies, Daisies, and Astromelias (sp?)

    Sorry your Mum isn’t doing well Rosemary, that’s a tough one. I’ll send good thoughts her way~~

    You know, I was telling someone about this site in the meat world and they said: Marianne why are you always so positive; get your head out of the clouds and start applying logic to your life.

    Huh? I think I am quite logical when need be (bills, taxes, budgets, cooking healthy, etc). But why should I stay in “logic” mode all the time. I don’t think it’s good for you. Wonder why she’d say such a thing with so much disdain. And she told others in my family that I’m too upbeat (which I’m not all the time). Kinda mean…, oh well everyone is entitled to their opinion. You walk your path and I’ll walk mine~~

    Slept really well again last night. I’m so thankful for that – still lots of dreams – I know what you mean Jen, sometimes I have a million dreams in the 1/2 hour before the alarm goes off – I think my sleeping self knows it has to get up soon so it tries to send me as much information as possible 😉

    Rosemary, do you have snow? If so are you going to try – real fast – to walk in it barefoot? When I try it I know I’m going to laugh and that’s one of my favorite things to do – laugh! Try it and let us know if it made you giggle, I bet it will (smile)

    Cheers for now,

    • Rosemary Breen

      What is that woman’s issue Marianne? It is your choice how you choose to ‘be’ and she obviously is one who prefers ‘down’ to ‘up’. To each his own.

      Thank you for sending Mum your healing thoughts. She is a wonderful woman in the twilight of life – sigh!

      We do have snow in Australia but only in certain places for a few months. The nearest ski fields are only a couple of hours from Melbourne but I havent skied since uni – not my thing really, but I will put in a sigh as I remember my days at university – sigh 🙂

      Speaking of which, Im off there now with daughter number 2 – special day for the bright ones – another sigh.

      Im going to call today Sighday instead of Friday (yikes 13th). Anyone superstitious?

      Good luck for a swift and thorough clean out this weekend.



  5. Jen

    You ladies have made my day again… I think I will be smiling all day today. 🙂 Sighday instead of Friday, how wonderful. I hadn’t even thought about it being the 13th. I guess that means a “no” to your question Rosemary.

    Today sounds exciting for your daughter. Probably even more exciting for the proud mum too 🙂 Big hugs to your own mum Rosemary. I meant to say that yesterday, but missed it from my post.

    I’m in rural New South Wales (in Australia) and we have snow here several times a year – not usually very heavy, but still delightful. I just adore snow. My partner complains about how cold it is, but I’ve only ever noticed the magic. 🙂 Once it has set, it crackles underfoot, which tickles in the most delightful way. My old dog used to love standing in the snow too… funny old thing would stand completely still until she had her own snow drifts – and she smiled the whole time. 🙂 Snow definitely makes me giggle.

    I don’t mind the bugs, but I can’t deal with slugs or snails. Those underfoot make me feel a little ill.

    How sad that the person finds it to be such an awful thing to be positive. Some people just don’t ever see the magic in the world. My mum is a scientist, but still believes in fairies… loads of people would tell her that she’s being silly, but it’s one of the things I have always loved about her. 🙂 Don’t let her jealousy (that’s how I see it) wear you down. You have a wonderful attitude. I just pick the people that I tell about this site. Some don’t want to know. Sadly, they’re the ones who probably need it the most *sigh*

    I did too… 5 whole hours uf uninterrupted sleep! That’s the most I’ve had in three weeks. YAY!

    Daisies to me smell a little bit like a cat’s dirty litter tray. I have never liked my reaction to them though. It seems odd that a flower should make me angry, but they do.

    I just heard that they are predicting snow here for the weekend YAY! Have a lovely sighday ladies. 🙂

    • Rosemary Breen

      Thanks Jen.

      I love the fact your Mum is a scientist. My Masters degree supervisor was a scientist and theologian – with an open mind. Such a great combination and a lovely lady.

      I accept the good thoughts for Mum, thx Jen


      aka Proud Mum

  6. Marianne

    Hi Guys,

    “Sighday” I like it 😀 !!

    Yes, I’m most certainly superstitious regarding Friday the 13th – I think it’s a lucky day! I’m buying a lottery ticket and I’ll probably win too. And if not, it’s still fun!

    Jen, no I don’t like walking on slugs or snails, ick, ick, ick!

    But small bugs I don’t mind at all. I’ve read that if you let them walk over you they clean up the pores on your skin. So I’m good with that (grin).

    And I love it that your Mum believes in fairies. I bought a small door and two tiny windows to put on my other sister’s tree near the bottom. It looks like fairies live inside! She laughed when she came home from work and saw it there. She thinks I’m nuts, but in a good way 🙂

    Yesterday the people next door cut down a magnificent Oak Tree, right to the ground. In addition to the horrible noise of a chainsaw, it was very sad to see a perfectly healthy tree come down, branch by branch. I looked out the window today and there is now an empty space where it use to be. I miss it already… (crazy? maybe, but true nonetheless).

    Oh, I went to go get the book and the link took me to Amazon, it’s no longer free. But I should buy it anyway so I can write a cool review (smile).

    Re-read Lee’s July horoscope again last night – I paid particular attention to the part that said: Don’t ask anyone questions because you might see/feel that they are not being entirely honest with you right now. Good advise. I don’t think I’ll ask too many questions this month.

    Oh, re snow: When you get approximately 6 feet a season of the white stuff it loses some of it’s magic. Pretty to look at, not so much fun to shovel it. Oh how I wish we only got inches every now and then, that would be wonderful.

    Happy Sighday!
    Marianne, lover of fairies, small bugs and lucky days 😉


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