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Here is an extract from Lee Channing’s September 2012 newsletter. To have Lee’s full newsletter Speaking Spiritually delivered to your inbox go to Spirits Evolving now.

Spiritually Speaking

Welcome to September. It’s fall here in the Northern Hemisphere and a good time to practice your scout skills and get prepared, not just for winter, but for your future.

As I say repeatedly, the power is always in the present moment, but there are times when we need to focus some energy on the future. Now is that time.

This entire month, action is required, thoughtful action, but action nonetheless. If you sit quietly and wait for your life to move forward, you will suffer from stagnation of energy and that’s nearly a fatal disease. It can cause such pain in our lives. You need to accept who you are, connect yourself to the Earth regularly (walk, meditate), and plan ahead. If you are prepared energetically, answers will simply come to you in response to many of life’s problems.

Begin Excerpt from Speaking Spiritually by Lee Channing

The energy color for September is yellow.

Yellow, the solar plexus area that aligns with clear thinking and possibly over thinking. It’s the center of personal control (being controlling possibly), intellectual humor and stimulation, objectivity, and solitude. So, for clear thinking, find time alone to literally clear that energy center and your mind. The emotional issues that may well surface are: being either optimistic or self-critical; dealing with frustration or depression; evaluating your level of personal power; needing to find a new level of enthusiasm for your life. This center needs conversation and calming, warming foods (brown rice, oatmeal, etc.) to be more comfortable. Eat well and share with friends or therapists regularly.

The healing color for the energy this month is purple – bring any and all shades of purple into your environment.

The energy hint for September is to seriously lighten your load. Get rid of things you no longer need in your life. So, what are “things?” Broken appliances, clothes that no longer fit, books you’ll never read, and, the best “things” to get rid of: Stress, worry, fear, irritation, frustration, addictions, anxiety, guilt, jealousy, confusion, unhealthy relationships, stressful jobs, unhealthy diets, enough? You get the picture. Carefully examine your life and rid yourself of anything (real or imagined) that drains your energy to have around.

Relationships: A good time to think clearly (without your heart/emotions so involved) about all your relationships. You will be able to see them for what they are. If they are healthy, nurture them, if unhealthy, it is most likely time to release them, just let them go. No matter, explore them all carefully.

Finances: You will, whether you like it or not, be forced to see the truth in your financial world.

Accept things as they are and strive for a more comfortable existence at every turn. It’s a good time to learn how to better yourself and your environment with your clarity of thought.




End Excerpt from Speaking Spiritually by Lee Channing

Continuing the Conversation

Im confronting my financial issues.  Getting my finances in order – not just for now but for retirement. So, long term financial planning is front and centre on my agenda. How about you?

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  1. Hope M. Holt

    WOW! having read this in November makes me recall the turbulent Sept 2012 month not that long ago. Again…coincidence? How can I read the above and recall what happened in Sept? As they say it is right on the money having experience this without having read the above till November after the storm had passed.

    I shall make this story as brief as possible yet have to let you know the background in which appeals me to write.

    Late August, a school meeting in which we are introduced to the new staff, signing up for insurance and the like. I work in the cafeteria a former worker had to quit due to medical reasons. Her replacement stood before the crowd in introduction. No other than the 2nd most negative substitute worker I have had the misfortune to work with. My heart sank at this introduction before the entire school staff. I knew that she not only got along with the boss but was a brown noser and possibly the most lazy and self absorbed person that I have had the misfortune to work with.

    In essence I “put up” with this for the entire month of Sept. and until the end of Oct. The unfairness of work division as well as the favoritism had my stomach in knots. I was being sneered and snarled at for no apparent reason except that the fact that I did not fit in for these 3 years was hugely more apparent.

    Finally I could stand it no more…I did not see any responsibility headed her way, no training on what is supposed to be done etc. So I asked my boss of we could trade responsibilities every other week. She said that it was up to us. I told said co worker that we would trade from that point on. She said talk to Ms________ I informed her that I did.
    At this point I felt a huge relief speaking my mind.

    The following Monday It was my turn to do her “job” which amounted to quite little, in fact she was known to take off for an hour in the morning awaiting her assumed responsibility often. I said well we need to switch up remember? she said with a sneer talk to Ms._________. Well I might have won the battle but not the war. I did however feel good about having had the courage to speak my mind and righting the obvious favoritism happening before me.

    So praying for more courage to speak my mind I went into the bosses office and simply said “If this is what it is going to be so be it, But I only want things to be fair and I will not be bullied by her, you or anyone else…

    I left and the next day I was called into upper managements office about the accusatory term bullying. I ended up saying that perhaps it was a case of ? belittling? Though in my minds eye it was clearly a case of the strong minded (self centered)picking on the weak (willing to help and act as a team)

    It really blew me away the hatred that I saw coming from my boss as she defended this person who was for lack of better words was self centered and not willing to do any work that was not her responsibility. And of course brought up loudly that I called her (the co-worker) the laziest person that I have ever worked with.

    However in the end things are smoothing out. I feel that I had the courage to say what needed to be said. This bothersome feeling of not fitting in though trying my best. I no longer care whether I am liked or disliked but I work hard and go home. This was my goal all along and have spoken my mind at least there is no doubt how I feel about every thing even if my hands were smacked in the process.

    This remarkably seems to go with what you spoke about in the Sept. Newsletter does it not?

    Cool coincidence or are there coincidences at all?

    • Rosemary Breen

      Oh Holly, I do feel for you.

      Is there justice and fairness in the world? Maybe in the long term – and how long is that? – but not in the short term anyway.

      I just read on FB a quote I sent onto my 19 year old daughter: life is a tough teacher; she gives you the test first and the lessons after….

      And indeed it is so.

      I must say I was thinking your story would end in a resignation but that isnt the case. And of course some will say that you or someone else has attracted this person into your workplace – but that is hard to deal with dont you think, unless you are feeling strong and having more than just a good day?

      Anyway, Im sure there is more to chance, luck and coincidence as your experiences suggests.

      Do take care of yourself.




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