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From time to time I get requests for referrals to paranormal consultants and rather than continue to approach this in an ad hoc manner I thought I’d begin to compile a list of practitioners that may be of interest to Psychic Revolution readers.

Obviously, for legal and other reasons, I cannot endorse the work of these consultants and as with everything in life, I advise caution.

So, to start the list I’ve turned to The Windbridge Institute.

There are a number of Psychic Mediums that have been certified as genuine by The Windbridge Institute and as I consider Windbridge to be an elite organisation in the paranormal realm, I respect the integrity of the work they do and their findings.

Here is the list and I will introduce each one in more detail over the coming weeks. I’m including the relevant websites also. Please feel free to skip ahead or wait for this series of emails from Psychic Revolution to unfold.

Ankhasha Amenti
Location: Washington

Samara Anjelae
Location: Kentucky

Traci Bray
Location: Missouri

Dave Campbell
Location: Arizona

Carrie D. Cox
Location: Kentucky

Joanne Gerber
Location: Massachusetts

Laura Lynne Jackson
Location: New York

Daria Justyn
Location: New Jersey

Nancy Marlowe
Location: California

Debra Martin
Location: Arizona

Doreen Molloy
Location: New Jersey

Tracy Lee Nash
Location: California

Troy Parkinson
Location: Minnesota

Ginger Quinlan
Location: South Carolina 

Eliza Rey
Location: Arizona

Stephanie Ann Stevens
Location: Arizona

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All these consultants are based in America. Some are available for one-to-one consultations but many are not. I still think it is good to check them out and see what they have to offer. Some have stores; others offer courses. Follow your intuition and see where it leads you. Has Windbridge got it right?

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  1. Lis

    While I can appreciate your intent, I wonder at the wisdom of saying that the ‘psychic mediums’ listed “have been certified as genuine by The Windbridge Institute . . .” The Institute makes quite clear on its website the Certificate levels “are a measure of participation in the program; they are not a measure of accuracy or ability.”

    In other words, those listed have undergone a training programme as set out by the Institute and have fulfilled a commitment of 4 hours a month involvement in the research undertaken at the Institute over varying periods of time resulting in certain ‘Certificate Levels’ being awarded.

    While the willingness of these people to be part of a research program is commendable, and suggests a genuineness and admirable desire to be involved in trying to establish the validity of psychic and mediumistic abilities I believe there is potential danger in any assumption of ‘genuineness’ regarding their abilities merely on the basis of the certification.

    • Rosemary Breen

      Than you for drawing this to my attention Lis.

      Im now going to go over and edit my page. Youve made a good point and I should have read the ‘fine print’ more closely.

      Are you a practitioner by any chance?



      • Lis

        I am not sure what you mean when you ask whether I am a “practitioner”?

        I am not involved in the work of The Windbridge Institute. I am, however an Australian Spiritualist medium with over 45 years experience and am also a historian and writer on the Spiritualist movement and the phenomena associated with it.

      • T.L. Nash

        Hi Rosemary

        My name is Tracy Lee Nash and I am one of the
        certified mediums at The Windbridge Institute.

        I wanted to tell you I just came across your site
        and it is wonderful-very informative! I’d also
        liek to add that we are indeed genuine; with our
        hearts and our time:)

        Thank you for all that you do!

        In Love-n-Light,
        T.L. Nash

        • Rosemary Breen

          Hi Tracy

          How lovely to hear from you.

          It is indeed lovely to have someone from Woodbridge pop in.

          As you have alluded to, it is difficult for members of the public to discern the genuine practitioner from the fraudulent clairvoyant.

          It must always be a case of ‘buyer beware’.

          All the best Tracy.



          • Tracy Lee Nash

            Many blessings to you as well Rosemary, and
            keep up the great work!

            In Love-n-Light,


  2. Nancy Marlowe


    I am also a Windbridge Medium.

    We are a group of Mediums who have undergone rigorous, blindfolded testing. In order to be Certified (and even tested), each of us had to meet strict Windbridge standards.

    We did not pay for our Certifications. We earned them. I can assure you each one of us at Windbridge is “geniune.”

    While fraud is a problem in our profession, I’ve found over the years that this is becoming less of a problem as the public becomes more aware of what constitutes a “good reading” from a “geniune” Medium.

    As an aid to people who are searching for a geniune Medium, here is a link to an article I published last year on my website:

    Thank you for the work that you do and your interest in being of service to others!

    Much love to you all,
    Nancy Marlowe

    • Rosemary Breen

      Hello Nancy

      Thank you for stopping by at Psychic Revolution.

      I, and some of us here are very aware of the great work done by Windbridge and until last year when the site was hacked there were numerous references to it.

      Alas, some posts were lost in the rebuilding of the site but a few remain.

      All the best Nancy and thanks for the link too.




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