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With great anticipation I checked the results of the Paranormal Survey that Ive reopened and I’m so thrilled to see that over a thousand people have taken the time to completed the questionnaire. That’s a great interim result – and if I recall correctly that’s a faster rate than when I began collecting data for my thesis.

Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed. I intend to dip into the survey and bring you snippets from time to time.

For those of you who havent taken the survey yet, here’s the link. I’m hoping that this will be the biggest repository of paranormal reports EVER…..

So spread the word – viral PR will keep this thing alive and growing. It couldn’t be easier. No pen and paper; no stamp and envelope; just click, click click.

Here is the link to the Paranormal Survey.

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  1. Edward Nugee

    I have already ccmpleted a survey on my own behalf, but I thought it worth adding an experience of my wife’s. She is now 83, but this happened when she was about 48. She was in Westminster Abbey with a friend. The Abbey was thronged with noisy tourists. She knelt down to pray, and the thought that was uppermost in her mind was that they were a nuisance and she wished they would go away and give her a little peace, when she heard in her mind a deep male voice, “This is MY house, and these are MY people”. She rejoined her friend a little later, who said “What on earth has happened to you? You look as if you have had a shock.”

    My wife is a well balanced woman with an Oxford degree and not prone to experencing paranormal happenings, Shortly after this she became Central [i.e. International] President of the Mothers’ Union, a worldwide Christian women’s organisation with a total membership then of about 500,000 and now of about 3,500,000.

    It may not be wholly irrelevant that she was a cousin of the late Bishop Hugh Montefiore. You will know his book “The Paranormal – a Bishop Investigates”, and possibly his shorter book “On Being a Jewish Christian”, in both of which he tells of the appearance of Jesus to him at the age of 16 when he was in his study at Rugby School (aboujt 1936), which converted him instantaneously from a Jew, thinking possibly of becoming a rabbi, to a Christian, just as the appearance of Jesus to the disciples after his crucifixion transformed them. I think the post-crucifixion appearances of Jesus were what Hugh Montefiore called Veridical Hallucinatons, i.e. in the mind of the person concerned but produced by an outside agent and not the product of his own imagination. I do not think the appearances were olf a flesh and bones body, though the evangelists sometimes state that they were (Paul, writing 30-50 years earlier does not suggest that they were). The 2nd century Christians seemed to be tempted to embellish the stories of Jesus with more and more fantastic additions, and I do not think the four evangelists were wholly immune to the same temptation.

    • Rosemary Breen

      Thank you for posting additional information Edward. I have done a summary of the first round of my survey, which was the basis of my thesis. If you contact me direct Id be pleased to give you this one page summary. Im also in the process of collating the first round qualitative databases and eventually I hope to release these anecdotes (anonymously of course) on my website.



  2. Edward Nugee

    I should, of course, like to see some analysis of the results of the Survey in due course, but I appreciate that it is probably too early for a thorough analysis yet to have taken place.

  3. Jennie

    Hi Rosemary
    As you know I have also completed your survey.

    Edwards wife’s experience reminded me of something that took place some years ago with my partner Tony. His mum had past away and I psychically had started to see her.

    I asked her to give Tony an experience to let him see what it was like to see a spirit, so he would have a small understanding of what my life was like. I trusted she would some how help with this as I know spirit can and do many things.

    Tony and I had a holiday book in Indonesia for 2 weeks. I think its Tony’s spiritual home – he love the place. And we took my daughter Emma who is also psychic.

    While sleeping in our hotel room which we all had to share, I, on turning over in bed saw a man over by the bathroom door. He was wearing a dark blue shirt and had what looked like an afro hair style.
    I excepted his presence as he was freiendly. This was on Thursday night.

    On the Friday night Tony started screaming and jumped over to grab me in bed. He was shaking.

    I said in a very calm voice “its OK Tony what can you see?”

    He was very destressed at this point and said there’s a man over there pointing to the bathroom. I asked him to tell me what colour his shirt was as I had not told him of my experience the night before. He said its blue. I told him it was all alright and he settled back to sleep.

    My daughter takes medication which makes her sleep through storms so she did not stir.

    On Saturday morning I said to my daughter Emma, had she heard Tony in the night. She said “no why?”

    He was by now out of our room so I thought it best to say to my daughter, that Tony may tell you or he may not tell you that he had an experience himself last night.

    With that said, Emma answered “Oh did he see the man by the bathroom?”

    I asked her have you seen him too? She answer “yes I saw him on Wednesday night.”

    I could not help but ask what coloured shirt was he wearing and of course she said dark blue, and he also had afro looking type hair.

    So Tony’s mother had indeed helped me to show Tony a little taste of both my self and my daughters world.

    • Rosemary Breen

      Well that brought a smile to my face Jennie.

      A real family project – orchestrated by your mother-in-law in spirit.

      Seems like it was a instructional event within a happy holiday 🙂




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