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I’ve been a subscriber to Lee Channing’s newsletter for a while now and have enjoyed her insights. Long story short, I approached Lee and asked permission to print part of her newsletter for my readers. So, here is that extract. Let me know what you think. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on Lee’s work and I know Lee will welcome the feedback too!

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Begin Excerpt from Speaking Spiritually by Lee Channing

October 2011

With the much lighter energy in place for October, you must create more opportunities for relaxation, meditation, and intuitive exploration.  Have faith in your abilities to read others’ intentions and understand your own needs better.  Be independent, self-respectful, mature, and be of service to others (and yourself) regularly.  There will be so much energy surrounding those who open their intuitive centers, that I expect to hear about many miracles of growth.  Open yourself to those miracles and release old patterns (worries, fears) with determination and focus.

Make a concerted effort to find extra quiet times each day.  Practice a self-created visualization if you like and try a walking meditation – just walk and count your steps for a few minutes.  If you forget to count or forget the last numbered step, simply begin again.  It’s not about how many steps, of course, just about finding focus and calm energy inside.

The energy color for October is purple, a beautiful, powerful shade of purple that resonates with your third-eye energy center.  Within the glow of this purple, everyone, yes everyone, will have many opportunities to work with their intuitive abilities.  If you can find extra quiet times, you will quickly develop a stronger tolerance and understanding of others, as well as a renewed sense of self.  With just a little determination and perseverance, you will recognize your own intuitive power and purpose.   At this time, your knowledge (information taken in from books, readings, life experience) can become wisdom.  Once that shift happens, you will be able to recognize how much wiser you have become.

Purple affects your eyes, nose, and overall mind/body health.  If you haven’t had your eyes checked recently, this is a good time to schedule that appointment.  If you wear glasses or contacts, be prepared for change.  Your eyesight may have gotten a bit worse or a lot better.  If you get that stuffy nose, take care of it immediately so you don’t have a sinus issue to deal with.  Just pay closer attention to your overall health and you’ll have a physically strong month.

The energy hint for October is to become more well acquainted with the courage buried deep within – that sense of self and exploration that you can sense on a good day.  You are courageous, remember that.  We all have to have much courage just to take on this human journey.  The lessons are many, the pitfalls and pain powerful, but when your spirit soars, when you learn your lessons, you know why you’re here and only then can you recognize your own deep courage.  Trust yourself, know your own being and enjoy each day.

Relationships:  A good month to deeply study all your close relationships.  In this process, you must allow your intuition to work for you, not against you.  If you feel a relationship isn’t healthy, explore it carefully and then explore your options.  This is a time to trust yourself and no one else – a difficult task, but by trusting yourself, you can see which relationships are based on love and trust and release the others.  Above all, don’t torture yourself in “sick” relationships.

Finances:  This clear energy flow will allow everyone to see their financial situation even more easily (good and not-so-good of course).  Take advantage of this opportunity to work toward a better financial future.  Don’t over spend or over worry – relax into the energy and release any panic that exists.  Panic will only block the energy.  Open to new ideas and new solutions.

End Excerpt from Speaking Spiritually by Lee Channing

Beginning the Conversation

It’s strange how often the word intuition is coming up. Or is it just me? I seem to be surrounded with people telling me to use my intuition more – and think less 🙂 It is true I do over analyze things and there is a lot to be said for living more intuitively.

Am I the last person to ‘get’ this intuition thing? Are you already living intuitively?

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  1. Jennie

    Hi Rosemary
    Our Intuition or inner-tuition is 99% correct imformation.

    I know if spirit tell me something and I ignore it, I will always wish I had taken notice.
    I have found their imformation much more reliable than my own jugement and this has been proved to me over the years.

    I have been in places when I have been told to get out of and this has proved to be a wise move.

    I must say I always try to use my own inner guidance my inner-tuition.

    • Rosemary Breen

      The trick is to use intuition as another of our sense Jennie. That I find difficult to do on an ongoing basis

      Maybe it is like a muscle – and the more we use it the stronger it gets?




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