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The ESP Experience: a Review of this book by Dr Jan Ehrenwald

One of the members of the community here at Psychic Revolution has kindly done a review of a paranormal classic by Dr Jan Ehrenwald. It’s called The ESP Experience.

While this book harks back to a different era, I’ve taken my cue from the reviewer, Anne Morgan and updated her review with some contemporary links.

The review is very comprehensive and for those of you who are interested, among the additional references included are, links for:

  • Remote viewing
  • MRI scans and telepathy
  • Cannabis Psychosis
  • Multiple Personality Disorder

As you can see from the above topics which the reviewer has introduced into the evaluation, Anne has certainly brought her modern day insights to this review and I recommend it to you.

This it the link to the review: The ESP Experience.

Starting the Conversation

I am interested to know your thoughts on the topics which this review has suggested. Please share your thoughts below.

  • The Afterlife

  • Clairvoyance

  • Paranormal Investigations

  • Spiritual

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  1. ShadowRain

    Hi, thanks for the info on the book, it sounds interesting. I was wondering if there was a link to the review, because the one you gave sent me to a 404 page. Thanks again.


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