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About Premonitions Carolyn asks:

I have dreams that come true.

I seemed to have inherited this from my mom. How do I figure out which ones will happen?

It drives me crazy if I have a strange or tragic dream.

Tell me how I know.

Beginning the Conversation

Dear Carolyn

How do you know before the event? Great question! A hundred thoughts are running through my head but essentially they are:

  • What is the feel, the quality of the dream? Those who have premonition dreams often talk about a different quality being present and, so for you, the trick will be to start monitoring and assessing and comparing the quality of the dreams that do come true and those that don’t;
  • Then, there is the universal query about whether we can influence the future and actually will things into and out of existence. Is it possible that your dreams can do this? I don’t have the answer to this and I’m not sure that anyone does;
  • And, there is the big question of whether all events are actually happening at the same time – and, in essence, there is no past, present and no future.

Obviously, the last two thoughts are just my philosophical outpourings Carolyn, but in looking through the survey I found a few experiences that may help you.

Some Quotes from the Paranormal Survey About the Quality of a Dream and the Prediction Therein

  • When a dream causes me to wake-up and I’m feeling an intense emotion, then I know that I’ve been “told” something important. Thing is, these are usually symbolic in nature, but I’ve learned to listen to what they tell me…because ALL of them have come true so far……
  • All of a sudden I started going to bed terrified. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why either. I kept telling myself I was being stupid and trying to ignore the fear. I then started having dreams…….
  • These were of surprising clarity and more than just the 4 mentioned. I am sure that they are more than gut feelings (they play like a movie before my eyes……
  • I would like to start out by saying that I have premonitions, but not the ordinary kind. When I get them, they start out as an overwhelming fear or gut feeling. It will go on for days and days. I’ll have dreams about it, and it just always sits on the front of my mind. I cant think about anything else. Its always there until it comes to happen….

Carolyn, I’m sure other members of the forum will add suggestions below.

And, for more Survey Results on Premonitions please go to Dream Meanings

Continuing the Conversation

Please share your thoughts on how to distinguish between a dream and the premonition dream by leaving a post below.

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  1. Kevin Zahar

    I had a premonition for august 11th 2011… its scares the shit out of me… lets hope that im wrong…where to begin…

    So, like a year ago I had this crazy ass dream that I can, to this day, remember it like it actually happened. You ever had a dream like that?

    In this dream… i was in the rocky mountains… and i was with my mother and a couple other ppl at a rest stop on our way home. I think we were in Jasper or something cuz i could look out and see the prairie in Alberta. Anyways… I remember looking at my phone and it saying Aug.11/2011.

    I looked up because i heard a weird whistling noise and watched a bomb hit Alberta. I can remember the shock wave coming at us, watching the tress getting rocked, and taking cover behind a little cement wall. Even in my sleep I heard the blast wave sound, it was like the worst screaming noise ever.

    I remember it took about 15 seconds to pass and when we came out from behind the wall there was a giant mushroom cloud in the distance. We then watched two more bombs hit simultaneously – same results only twice the effect. When it stopped it was a disaster.

    I remember seeing the blast waves rippling through the trees n everything. I woke up in a panic. It took me two hours to calm down, no lie… now here’s the f*** up part. Our vacation plan is to leave tomorrow for Kelowna…we have the hotel booked for 3 nights. That means i will be traveling home on the 11th.

    Do you know what day August 11th is??? August 11th is 9 years and 11 months after the 9/11 attacks.

    Scary thought! Not only that but there is a mojor planetary alignment that is said to occur near this date along with reports that solar flares could knock out satellites and cellular communication for near 12 hours. Not to mention the crisis occurring in the U.S. and the major shift of power, economic disasters, financial issues and uncertainties.

    I just hope I am wrong…

    • Rosemary Breen


      I hope you are wrong too! And there is every chance that you are. You’ve obviously sweated over this for a long time and while I havent done the 9/11 maths ill take your word for this.

      When you return from your vacation, much more relaxed I’d hope please check in again and let us know if anything (short of the end of the world) happens while you are away.

      Im going to put your post in another new section of the blog that Im calling premonitions and you may or may not be pleased to know that you are making Psychic Revolution history – as the first premonition to be be listed and as the first post to nearly! include the four letter word. I do read all the posts Kevin and I look forward to hearing of your safe return.



      • David Gamon

        Obvious question: DID anything happen to Alberta or Kevin on that date? D

        • Rosemary Breen

          Did anything happen? Not that I know of David.

  2. Kevin Zahar

    I will be sure to let you know how things went upon my return… though I am feeling much better about it now. I didnt give it much of any thought except for the day of my dream… but when I heard of the worlds financial crisis (mainly the U.S. and Europe) it sparked my interest to look into it. I don’t believe my dream was one of the end of the world… my conlusion is that it was regarding something big to hit Alberta… What that may be, we will soon find out. Lets hope my dream was more of a metaphor than anything… if anything.

    Cheers to you too

    Kevin Zahar

    • Rosemary Breen

      Pleased to hear you are feeling calmer and more in the right frame of mind for a vacation Kevin. Happy trails 🙂

  3. Suzanna

    For years I have had premonition dreams that starts with my house having extra room and floors with people living there that I didn’t know about or see. Then I get into the part of the dream where the people open the door and tell me things. It is unnerving but it has happened since I was a child.

    Reading your article gave me much comfort.

    • Rosemary Breen

      Hi Suzanna

      I’d be interested to know what interpretation you have put on your dream. As you have had this recurring for many years I’m sure you must have given it a lot of thought.



  4. Dave "Felbain" K.

    Good Advice from Rosemary:
    “What is the feel, the quality of the dream? Those who have premonition dreams often talk about a different quality being present and, so for you, the trick will be to start monitoring and assessing and comparing the quality of the dreams that do come true and those that don’t.”

    My wife and I keep “Dream Journals” a notepad kept next to the bed so we can write down dreams, premonitions and nightmares we have during our sleeping hours.

    The one thing we HAVE noticed in going back through these posts from time to time, is exactly what Rosemary said…the FEEL, LOOK and Quality of dreams or premonitions that “come true” or at minimum have spelled out something specific.

    For instance:
    In 2009, Kay (my wife) had an eerie “premonition” that she would somehow be in contact with her estranged sons (twins) that she has not had contact with since shortly after our return to California from 8 years living on Maui. Her premonition put the timing of this event “towards the end of 2011”.

    Well, in May 2011 she got back in contact with her sister, whom she had not heard from since 2000 and Thanksgiving weekend 2011 (“towards the end of 2011”) Kay’s sister and nephew came for an overnight visit. It certainly was NOT her sons, but we did get a big update on a divorce, new jobs, travels and complete changes in Kay’s sons situations. One now lives in Virginia, the other Northern California.

    There have been a few other minor incidents, but that was the most prominent, for now.

    Some psychic things can be rather “self evident” while others are more strange and/or tricky. The main thing is to keep track and find the common thread to ones that “come true”. It’s the only way we know of validating our experiences. Over time, you’ll find a trend.

    For many years I thought when a passed relative “told me” something in a dream it would come true until keeping my journal…then I found out it wasn’t the event that was true, but something related to an event in the oddest, most round’about manner. Usually having nothing to do with what the dream was.

    If you don’t do it already, start a journal. It helps immensely…well at least for us and several other folks we know. Look for patterns too. Sometimes it can be a series of dreams we wouldn’t otherwise pay attention to….like every “Monday” (any day of the week) having a reoccurring dream….

    I had one every “Monday” for a few months about things like engine grease, working on motorcycles, nurses, bad food, big trees but all had “79” as a number in it somewhere. I didn’t keep my journal then, but I’ll bet the roughly “twelve or thirteen” dreams I had over “three” months indicated the date 3-13-1979 of a motorcycle accident that nearly took my life. On Sunday 3-12-79 I decided to take a ‘run’ up a long road to the hills the next day to break in a newly rebuilt transmission on my bike…MONDAY 3-13-79, I hit pea gravel on a turn and wiped out, hitting a huge oak tree.

    Guess I should have payed attention to those dang dreams!! But in hindsight, sure, it’s easy to piece things together. It’s the FOREsight we’re all here to learn about and the key to the whole “psychic” phenomena if ya ask me.

    Carolyn, it really is so much a mystery how all this “psychic” stuff works, however I’d say “Pay Attention to” any advice offered as Rosemary is a wonderful leader to help us all! There’s a ton of valuable and great info here on this site. 🙂

    Blessings of Peace,

    • Rosemary Breen

      Hi Fel

      Sorry for the delay in posting your post! Can blame the postal service – as in this instance it is me! So, Ill take responsibility for my tardiness and also graciously accept your compliment regarding the Psychic Revolution site and community 🙂



      • Dave "Felbain" K.

        Never a worry about mail delivery. A great community deserves recognition… 😉

        Blessings of Peace,

        • Rosemary Breen

          Not really my place to return the blessing but hey!!

          Just doing my best.

          Bless you Dave.


  5. Logan

    I’ve had three premonitons in my life.

    The first was in summer of 2009 and I had dreamed of a flea market burning down. In November 2010, nearby Webb Road Flea Market burned down.

    The second one was in December of 2010 and I had dreamed of a church burning down. In July of 2011, a church in the next town over was struck by lightning and burning down.

    My latest premonition came true last night during the Daytona 500. I had dreamed late last year that a NASCAR driver would be involved in a fiery crash. Last night, race car driver Juan Pablo Montoya hit a jet-dryer and the jet fuel ignited into a fire that red-flagged the race for two hours (gladly nobody was hurt or killed).

    I fear when the next premonition will happen or if I’ll ever have another one. And if I do, should I warn somebody if lives are in danger?

    • Rosemary Breen

      Good Question Logan. Should you let someone know?

      Let’s turn it on its head and ask: what would you do if someone you didnt know came up to you and said you were going to die in a car crash, sometime in the future? What would you do with that information? Would you reject it as being out of line – is the future predetermined or are we all lined up to endure fate? Would you thank them and forget about it – not an easy thing to do, I suggest? Would the suggestion linger in the back of your mind until it became a self fulfilling prophesy perhaps? Or, maybe you would be enthused to live each day like it was your last – at least for a few weeks – and then go back to living the way you were before the encounter with the stranger?

      My point is Logan, even though most of us would like to share our premonitions with others, I dont think we should.

      There are time gaps between your premonitions and the eventual materialisation of them and, while there is no set time that Im aware of when premonition turns to chance, the longer the lag the more the mathematicians would argue that chance was playing a bit part. On the other hand, some people receive premonitions that happen almost immediately and that is really living life on the edge for them.

      How are you feeling after the crash yesterday? Im pleased no one was killed but has it taken its toll on you Logan?



      • Logan

        No ma’am, not really shaken up by the wreck, though the last deadly crash was in 2001. Mainly now, I’m just happy that nobody was hurt. It could have been far worse. Montoya could have died, the jet-dryer driver could have died, or any of the rescue crew could have died. Also, mainly, I’m just a little worried to have another premonition since three have happened in reality.

        • Rosemary Breen

          Glad you are Ok but Im sorry to read you are living on the edge with this Logan. If you remember my previous response, the time lag is so great and your viable options so limited it is unlikely that you, or indeed anyone else in your position can do more than note your premonitions. That is, unless they relate to you 🙂 In which case only you know what is best for you to do.

          Many people have premonitions about world events – 9/11 eg – but rarely does it stop these things happening.

          Take care


  6. dustin

    dream i had just recently had to do with the temple shooting by skinheads in wisconsin……The dream i had didn’t show any shootings or skinheads…it was almost as if i was inside this muslim temple..and i was getting a first hand look at how this place is run…..almost like investigating JONESTOWN..and i was under the impression that this temple has its own tragic potential…..a lady was telling me that IF YOU LEAVE THE TEMPLE OR QUIT,,,,YOU CAN BE EXECUTED…AND LEGALLY THE LAW CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT….and i think you have to sign a piece of paper..almost like accepting the terms and conditions…..which kinda means…murder in the united states is allowed to a certain degree….i don’t know how much of this is accurate..but i wish someone would look into it…because after i woke up…i for some odd reason, could not feel sympathy for the temple members because they were violated by skinheads…but i am kinda wondering if this dream was intended to tell me what the real motivation of this killing and theres more to it than what the media is telling us?…did the skinheads know this already..and it came to me in my dream….this not excusing what the skinheads did…this is understanding why they did it….and the temple having its own tragic potential within it’s circle might have been violated by another circle who doesn’t agree with these terms….i don’t know.

  7. Dave "Felbain" K.

    Hi Rosemary!

    Been awhile, I know, but I’ve been so sidetracked with too much on my plate lately, but I’m ever so glad to read the e-mail updates that come often from PR. Hope all is going well with you and yours!

    I just had to pipe up on this one though!

    “My point is Logan, even though most of us would like to share our premonitions with others, I don’t think we should.”- Rosemary
    Excellent advice, totally on spot!

    Every show I’ve seen or book I’ve read about the professional psychics all say it was years and many, many premonitions coming true before they ever told anyone (except perhaps close friend/relation) but the track record that made them finally go public.

    The confidence one sees in folks like John Edward, Silvia Brown and many others came slowly….even though these two knew they had “gifts” at very young ages, it took a long time for them to trust their own info. It is other folks lives that can be really messed up by a wrong answer or insight, yep, NOT telling is the best until the “premonitioner” is 1000% accurate and on spot 100% of the time over years….even then it’s tricky going public.

    I had a friend once really bunged up by a “Fortune Teller” at a Renaissance Fair that came up to her out of the blue and said “someone close to you is going to die a tragic death very soon” and walk off. A week later she almost died in a car wreck over the news because she was so distracted by that “flake” telling her that nonsense.

    The following year we tracked down the fortune teller and told her what had happened, she just laughed and said “If you believed me, you’re the nutty one, not me! This is all for FUN!” So it’s quite obvious some people think this is all a joke, while others take it very serious.

    I think anyone, even with very limited gifts, has a responsibility to the public of being honest. While I’ve learned to follow my “gut feeling” I would never tell someone else things I “saw” or “felt” about them without their full attention to it being just my “feeling”, not chiseled in stone “gonna happen”.

    Blessings of Peace,

  8. Dave "Felbain" K.

    Edit needed!

    I see I rambled on about the psychic end but didn’t address the visceral dream vs “regular” dream.

    Of those I’ve had, I can’t help but notice the difference in clarity, sequential chain of events, pertinent subject matter and flow of the dream. It’s not disjointed and random like “regular dreams”.

    I recall a few that were simply more real than life and each came true, to fruition, in their own way. I guess what I’m saying in answer to Carolyn’s question is “you just know it” when it’s a dream of premonition value…you just can’t shake off the feeling it MATTERS to whomever is in the dream.

    Blessings of Peace,

    • Rosemary Breen


      It wont surprise you to know that I was thinking about you last week 🙂

      I have left Australia and am in Europe with my younger daughter on a mother/daughter end of school celebration trip. In tidying loose ends up you came to mind and I was intending to check in with you – and it slipped my mind. Anyway, have you moved houe? And how are you?

      And, thank you for adding to this thread.



      • Dave "Felbain" K.

        Haven’t moved yet and as things are looking now, it may be a couple years.

        Hope you had a wonderful European excursion with your daughter!

        Blessings Be,


    I Had dream seeing wreckage around me ,devastation night before japanese earthquakes came on news a few years ago.

  10. josephine

    I have had dreams and premonitions all my life, so has my daughter and one granddaughter. All three of us dreamed about the Towers that went down on 911.

    My daughter dreamed of the little girl that has since been connected to “Jessica’s Law”; my daughter had picked up the phone to tell police where the girl was buried. I grabbed the phone from her and said, No, they will think your involved somehow, even though we lived in Wa.

    And Jessica was murdered out of state!!

    I also see premonitions while looking in the mirror while combing my hair. After, I receive a call from police I realise that I was watching the incident as it was happening.

    I have learned that they have been warning, deaths, and so much more.

    I feel – I see things in people they don’t see in themselves and can feel there heartache and pain.

    This is the first time I have ever told anyone in public. I receive dreams and premonitions weekly…I like the idea of a journal and will begin doing this. Thank you for sharing your comments !!

    • Rosemary Breen

      Oh Josephine, what a blessing and a burden you carry. And it is not only you I see; the gift runs down the female line in your family.

      When I was doing my university thesis on the paranormal I got the distinct impression that psychic gifts are somehow related to the female gene, and your family confirms my hunch. One day I may go back and do my PhD on this very point – no one has researched this aspect of the paranormal and it needs to be investigates so that it can be eliminated as a dead end or confirmed as one reason/cause for parapsychological traits dominating in some people, families even gender. I hope, when I do go back to academic study that you will agree to be part of my research (anonymously, of course, if that is what you;d prefer).

      So, that leads us to the diary idea. I do think documenting and dating things is a good way to not only help the whole paranormal research field, but also yourself. How wonderful it must be that you have your mother, and your daughter has you to share these other worldly happenings with. As you would no doubt be aware, such events, especially when they are unending can play with people’s minds, and I hope you do find support and comfort in your mother and your daughter, and vice versa.

      Many people ask me, what do I do with the information when I have it? It seems you may be building some sort of relationship with the police. Is that correct? That really is sticking your neck out, I get that Josephine, but hopefully you can find someone to whom you can do that to and who will cover your back also.

      Are you aware of the organisation The Windbridge Institute? If not, you may like to explore their website and see if they feel like a good fit for you. Alternatively, you may like to reach out to some of the members listed on the site as they may have walked the path that you and your family are walking at the moment.

      If you do start that journal, who knows some time down the track you may decide to go public and build a website like this Psychic Revolution. Plenty of time for that though 🙂

      All the best Josephine.



  11. Anne Morgan

    Hi everybody, before I make any comments on the experiences listed on this site, I would just like to say that I completely agree with the advice given by Rosemary and Felbain.

    I have had a few experiences of precognition and have tried to analyse them as best I could.

    Take dreams, I too used to keep a dream diary after a period in my life was filled with what seemed to be extraordinary synchronicities. Reading through the diary some years later I didn’t find anything of significance and my more recent reading into the mechanism of dreams has made me come to the conclusion that in my case dreams are not prophetic but the brain’s way of processing information, some of which is undoubtedly subconscious, and perhaps mixing it up into entertaining fiction, happily in my case but sadly for others a more frightening experience.

    Precognition has been a more down to earth experience for me. Like a lot of people I seem to know in advance, if only by a short period of time, when natural disasters like earthquakes and volcano eruptions are going to take place. My explanation for this is that I am very attuned to the Earth and maybe I can pick up signs subconsciously that there are movements ahead, a phenomenon much documented in animals who, if we could only communicate better with them, try to alert humans of impending events.

    I have only had two events that I consider prophetic in my life, one was sometime in the late 60s when I woke in the darkness of night to see on my bedroom wall in brightly illuminated letters the word TASHKENT. At that time I had no idea what it meant and went back to sleep. The next day the news was that a meeting in a place in Russia called Tashkent had decided to cool down the nuclear threat to the world by destroying some of their nuclear missiles which at that time could have destroyed the world several times over. As peace is always uppermost in my mind I took this as confirmation that my thoughts did have some effect on world matters and I appreciated the feedback.

    The second time I had a premonition, I did document it. Many years ago during my “synchronicity phase” I was communicating with an author of books on the subject,so I passed on to him my experience in the hope that if it came to pass, there would be independent corroboration. At the present time nothing has come of it but I will tell you of it now.

    Many years ago there was a young girl murdered in Devon (UK) and her body was never found, in spite of psychics trying to pinpoint it with the police. At this time I had never been to Devon but more recently my daughter went to live there and when taking me around the area she lives in I had the strangest feeling and the memory of the girl came flooding back.

    Not far from her home is Exeter airport, which at the time of the murder was very small and relatively remote from the town. As the years passed the airport has grown and it is still being expanded and a new town is being built close by. I still have the feeling that the little girl’s remains will be unearthed in this area and just await the news when I can say I told you so.

    The mass knowledge of events like 911 is something I can’t explain. There is the false memory syndrome, a very real thing, which could be cited in some cases, and telepathy by people who are sensitive to other people’s thoughts, but how to deal with it?

    Often the information is too vague, an explosion, but where? Fire, but where? How on earth can anybody pass on credible information to prevent the happening which only gels with the person getting the thoughts once the event has come to pass. Being a fatalistic sort of person I accept that these things are preordained and I think we need to just accept that this is the way things are meant to be and not get worked up about it, easier said than done I know.

    There is work being done by Dean Radin at the university of Nevada in Las Vegas, in his psychic phenomena research lab. His book “The Noetic Universe” is worth a read for anyone with an enquiring mind but quite hard going for those like me who are not degree level students.

    Coming on to the points raised in the reports below, Josephine and her family are so blessed with the power of prophecy, I too have noticed that it seem to run in the female line, perhaps carried on the maternal mitochondrial DNA. So many witches, or as I prefer to call the wise women, of the past have been indeed ladies.

    There have been a few males gifted with the power of prophecy, Nostradamus for one, but again his predictions have been quite nebulous and open to interpretation only in the light of the events after they have happened. There is also the Bible Code book which made the headlines a few years ago with its prophecies but has since faded into obscurity. Again I think it was a case of reading into it what the author wanted to see, and there has been no mention of things happening since (that I am aware of, but stand to be corrected) which are of great importance and where predicted in advance.

    So, Josephine, document your experiences and add to the knowledge we all crave to know about the paranormal in all its forms. Any proveable occurrences will be of value to us all.
    Logan’s premonitions of the fires would indeed have been of value if prevention could have happened, but again the sceptical world might have linked him to the events in a negative way and sadly it is possibly the wisest thing to keep ones own council but to make a verifiable account available for the researchers into these phenomena, write it down, sign and date it and get a reliable witness to do the same.

    The brain has strange and as yet unexplained ways of processing information making dreams and waking experiences into something that they are not. There is so much going on in our heads and the brain tries to make sense of it all and sometimes gets it wrong, sadly for some people the effect is traumatic and not amusing.

    To anyone badly affected by their experiences of premonitions or dreams, I send my healing thoughts and urge you to discuss your feelings with sympathetic listeners, burying the thoughts is a negative way of dealing with the problems.

    Blessings to you all. Anne.

  12. Lynn

    My daughter swears that she had a dream at the age of seven about her and me finding her father dead when she was nine and of her finding me dead when she is fifteen.

    We did find her father dead last January when she was nine and she says that everything in her dream was the exact way that we found him. She had never mentioned this dream until after his death. She says that the dream was like a movie in that there was a VoiceOver saying, “when T is nine”, then showing the scene of us finding my husband’s body, then fading to black with a VoiceOver saying, “when T is fifteen”, then showing her and the white dog that we didn’t own at the time, but now do own, finding my body in the living room.

    She is convinced and petrified that this dream will come true and that I will be killed when she is fifteen because the part about her father came true. Her therapist is trying to convince her that she had the dream after his death but she is adament that she had it when she was seven. I am frightened and sort of believe her. Please help.

    • Rosemary Breen


      First my apologies for seemingly not replying. I did respond to your request for help and my website failed to post it. So, my apologies again.

      Second, as a Mother of two daughters I feel for you deeply. It is one thing to lose your husband so young and another to bring up a young family, and with this heavy cloud hanging over you.

      Looking at this whole thing dispassionately Lynn, I would make a couple of observations. In my online, and ongoing paranormal survey there are many people who state they have had premonitions; few if any have told people or written them down prior to the event. I tried to start a register here on Psychic Revolution where people could record their premonitions. No takers! I cant draw any conclusion from this fact but I think it is interesting to note.

      Furthermore, there is no research that I know of that confirms or denies the occurrence of premonitions; again this isnt saying a lot as academia still tends to steer clear of all things paranormal.

      Thus, parapsychology isnt really a big help in this instance.

      So lets look at this from a philosophical viewpoint Lynn. Prior to all this happening what were your beliefs. Your daughter will take her cue from you and thus, I think it maybe worthwhile considering your take on life. DO you think things are preordained? Do you feel we are all puppets in a greater being’s game? Or were we given unfettered freewill? There is no right or wrong answer to these sorts of questions Lynn but if you are clear on what you believe then you will consciously and unconsciously guide T thru this difficult time.

      If all is preordained, why? For what purpose are we here then? If we do have freewill then imagine the combinations and permutations in every situation in every moment of every day, in every corner of the world. Some philosophers believe that there are many parallel worlds, and with each major decision we make we split and eg the person who married your husband lives here and the one who said no lives in a parallel universe. Weird thought, isnt it? Again, no right or wrong, just ideas.

      Then consider this. Do we outline our life purpose before we are born, who we will attract into our lives to help us achieve it, and when will be the moment we die? Maybe we do, and if we do did we do so from the point of view of our highest good and perfect knowledge? If so, then can we change that once life gets underway? If we can, should we? Again Lynn, no right or wrong answers, just questions for you to consider that may help you in reasoning with your young daughter.

      Taking this a bit further, what if you are to die in a few years Lynn? If you knew that for sure (but didnt confide in your daughter, obviously) what would you do differently now? Maybe this is a reminder call – and one you put in place before you were born – to remind you to keep on track, whatever your nominated path/life purpose may be? If the third part of T’s premonition was different, eg, say it was of you remarrying, or living with the natives in Africa would you, and T pay as much attention to it?

      Finally, perhaps consider here that the underlying issue for T may be a fear of death. If that is a possibility, a read around the website will show that those who have been to the other side and those who have been with loved ones as they pass are filled more with awe than fear.

      Please come back to me and let us know how this has helped Lynn.

      All the best to you and your family.



  13. Donna Highfill

    I have had premonition dreams all of my life, but it’s rarely about the right people (but the events are right). I dreamed that my brother-in-law and his son were in a plane over the ocean that cracked open in the sky like an egg, and all of the people fell out, and they were trying to swim through the ocean to shore. The next day Lockerbie occurred.

    I had 3 dreams about my small daughter and me – I dreamed I was at a doctor’s office and they put an x-ray up and I said, “How bad is it?” And the doctor said, “It’s too late. It’s too late.” The second dream I was on a gurney with my arms strapped down and they were getting ready to do surgery. Then I became someone else and rolled off the gurney. In the third dream, my daughter came to me and said her head hurt. She bowed her head and blood would come out of a wound in her head each time she bowed. I began to cry and tried to find help. Two weeks later, my mother-in-law found out she had cancer behind her eyes and in her brain fluid. They said it was not curable. During her exam, she rolled off the table. A month or so later, they put a shunt in her head. A couple of months after that, she began vomiting violently from treatment and started bleeding out of that shunt. She died of encephalitis.
    I dreamed once that there was a fire on the parkway (our house was near it in real life). I told my husband we needed to protect the house, so he put a large vest around it. The fire somehow sparked a fire in a car in our neighborhood that had bullets in it, and the bullets were flying. My husband went out once it stopped and said we had three bullet holes, but the vest kept them from hurting the house. Two days later there was a story on the news that a forest ranger on the parkway approached a stopped car, and the teenage male inside grabbed a gun and fired three times. The forest ranger was not harmed by the three bullets, because he had on a bullet proof vest.
    I have a few more, but I think you get the gist. These premonition dreams have slowed down since menopause, although other gifts have picked up. I hope I haven’t bored you to tears. Thank you for your site!

  14. Christian Owens

    I had a premonition last night. At least I’m almost certain I did. I’ve been having them since I was 5.

    From the death of a classmate to 9/11 to the Boston Marathon bombing.

    It’s 10:18 in the morning on Monday October 26th, 2015. I want to go on the record with my dream.

    I was at a college, glass walls surrounded me so you could see outside plain as day. I turned to my left and saw a totaled black car. Friends I went to high school with, Julie and Corey and their disabled son Ben were there. My adopted son Moses was there as well and then a taller bigger gentleman who I knew but can not remember how I knew him or what his name was.

    There was a sense of panic as soon as people saw the car crash and started running out of the classroom into the hallways. I calmly sat in my chair and looked all around trying to figure out why people were so scared from a totaled black car. I started to shake violently in the dream and abruptly woke up. I feel overwhelmingly sad and anxious right now and just can’t kick this feeling.

    I don’t know what’s about to happen but something is. I guess I’m telling you this to go on the record…

    • Rosemary Breen

      Hi Christian

      What you are feeling embodies the dilemma that people feel when they have premonitions. What can be done about them? What should be done, if anything? Would telling the people involved change the course of history or alarm the people concerned beyond their wits? What if you’re wrong?…..what if you’re right and don’t speak? Is if better for you to bear the burden and remain silent incase it doesn’t happen? Or should you share what you’ve experienced and share the burden?

      Is it any wonder we are spared such a burden?

      Of course, Christian there is no right or wrong answer….only the lessons that you are enduring.

      Long ago I thought there should be a registry of premonitions….an internet-based sealed envelope, where people like you can document their premonitions, tag them and seal them away, leave them untampered and unseen until that actual day arrives or the event occurs. Perhaps you could start that repository Christian?

      Anyway, back to the now….or is it. Surely all of the past and the present are happening simultaneously and you are one of those who slips between the parallel universes?

      So, why does it happen? What are your thoughts? Why you? Why now? Why some events and not others? Id love to hear your thoughts on this Christian.



  15. Anita Peura

    From experiences within my family, and many years of esoteric and metaphysical study, I’d say that the closer to physical time the dream arrives, the more likely it will happen, but there is always a balance (in constant motion, not static) between possibility and probability. Note, there is no certainty in that equation, so all options are possible until the last split second. Even the most vivid and emotional dreams remain as possibility/probability, open to change. There are so many fields and lines of force and connection that interpenetrate our universe, so many intentionalities, nothing is so predictable. I don’t believe myself that anyone can know from one dream to another what will actually happen. There is also so much symbolism involved that only makes sense to the dreamer, and even a ‘death’ can mean something quite different, like a change for example. Don’t believe interpretations of others (I’m thinking of certain books), that’s a nonsense, there is no objective standard to dream symbol interpretations. Only your own reflections can tell you what it might mean.

    I think it is wise to understand also, that what may appear as tragedy to us, may be an important karmic event agreed to already (on deeper levels) by the participants. Time and again one reads in spiritual literature that we often make too much of so-called tragedy because of not seeing the bigger picture. We are so inclined to see things from a simple stance of good/bad, moral/immoral, positive/negative, based just on our emotions of the time, and the spiritual reality can be entirely different and far more nuanced. Please do not think I am belittling difficult life events and our natural responses to them, we have had these too in our family history, but time and open reflection, meditation and study, can help us reach a position of calmness and acceptance, a recognition that none of us can control our environment completely, and it is only through challenge that our spiritual muscles can grow.

    Fear, at any level, can act like a magnet, and can contribute nothing positive to the situation. It is often said that it is not the events that define our lives, but our responses to them. ‘Events’ will happen regardless, to all of us. It can be a blessing to have some forewarning, as a dream, to allow us to prepare or even avoid an unfortunate circumstance, or to allow for reflection and deeper understanding to give strength later. As an example, my mother foresaw a miscarriage I had 12 months before it happened (in symbolic, spiritual language but unmistakable meaning), but did not tell me until I called her to tell her of it. What she saw in her dream was a certain indication that while it may happen, we are looked after, loved and protected, and it was absolutely the best remedy and comfort I could have had. I certainly fully expressed my emotional reactions to the loss, however! But the pain was greatly eased and I knew I need carry no long term grief over it.
    (It may already be evident, but I started my own studies because of such a string of difficult events, I had to find out what this was all about! Hope this helps…)

    • Rosemary Breen

      Anita, you write so eloquently and thoughtfully. Thank you. There is nothing here that I disagree with, including my own similar experience with a miscarriage too. In my case I was supported by all, including the Obstetrician who fully supported my own intuition that the twin soul(s) were not committed to the birth. They passed through me, and we all moved on!

      Thank you for sharing Anita.



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