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The following is an animal psychic extract from the surveys completed for my Higher Degree dissertation at Monash University in Australia.

After my mother died, I was very distressed. One day, our favorite cat disappeared, and I was worried about him. That night, I dreamed about my mother. She was sitting on a park bench with a book in her lap, and my cat twirling his tail around her legs. She said that everything was fine. She said that the concept of death was misunderstood by our culture. She explained that when one dies, we go to a “school” of sorts and that now she was working on the earthly equivalent of a doctorate.

She seemed animated and joyful as she explained how interesting and rewarding her work was. Mom pointed to the book in her lap and said that she would give me the book when I woke up and it would explain “everything about death.”

I protested, saying that this was only a dream and there was no way she could “give” me a book from there. She smiled serene and said, “don’t worry, you’ll get it”.

Then she petted the cat and I got the feeling that he was really there with her and would not be found here on earth again. That morning I woke up and immediately looked around my bed for the book. Chiding myself that it had only been a dream, I got up and forgot about it.

Later that day, I was in the grocery store and somehow found myself in the magazine section (I rarely buy supermarket magazines). And there I was drawn to a paperback, “What Dreams May Come” [link]. As soon as I read the jacket, I knew it was sent by my mom.

Sure enough, when I read it, I understood what she was saying, because it discussed the exact concepts she had shared in the dream. I had never been exposed to these concepts before, nor did I know anything about the book. My cat never did return.

First Response

Is it possible for pets to pass over at the same time as us – or even to ‘disappear’ like this writer suggests?

Rupert Sheldrake, the biologist has written on the animal-human bond in two of his books: The Sense of Being Stared At and Other Aspects of the Extended Mind [link] and Dogs that Know when Their Owners are Coming Home.

He writes:”With cats, as with dogs and with people, the ability to react to a person’s death does not seem to fall off with distance.” He continues: “If animals can pick up up when their owners are in distress or are dying because of the bond between them, then this bond should in principle also allow telepathic influences to travel in the opposite direction…..”. He concludes that while “some people do indeed seem to react at a distance… most humans seem less sensitive than their pets.”

Do you agree with Sheldrake?

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  1. Matt

    Firstly, congrats on your continued efforts to delve into this topic. Great to see someone take scientific research to the public and vice versa and give due attention to topics which more often than not are confined to… well, I’m not sure what exactly… maybe the haunted halls of academia?

    I’ve been scouting around your site again since I’ve thought about making contact for a while. I’m doing doctorate research on “meaningful nature experiences” and “profound encounter with wildlife” and to be honest I’ve found that a lot of this comes down to matters of terminology (e.g. a term which resonates with me is Jung’s ‘synchronicity’ – but others wouldn’t necessarily know what I’m talking about). Some stories I’ve collated could well be considered paranormal by some folk even though that wasn’t my original intention/research aim. So, in this respect, I was wondering if you could – without taking too much of your time – recommend any stories from your site and/or research/thesis which involved an individual in/with nature or, even better, a wild animal (as opposed to domestic).

    One of your recent news posts on whether animals see the dead caught my attention. Though I’ve been more looking at stories of where an animal was regarded as a ‘sign’ ‘omen’ or ‘messenger’ of an event – which could have well been a death. In fact one of my most profound encounters with wildlife (insects) was immediately after a death of a close friend.

    The website linked to my research is: and, yes, I also have an online survey though not nearly as popular as yours was! …yet.. ;p

    Thanks for your anticipated assistance and look forward to hearing from you.

    Warm regards,

    • Rosemary Breen

      Hi Matt I have dropped you a note and I hope at some stage you’ll find the time to flip us a short precis of your research!

      I thought I’d also like to write a note of encouragement to all of my readers to get on board with Matt’s research. I think it is great the ways the paranormal weaves itself into so many aspects of our daily life and one of the best ways to acknowledge this is to document it.

      So, please check out the survey and even if you have submitted your experiences to my survey, Matt will obviously use them in a different context.



  2. Anne Morgan

    Hello again,

    I’ve just been going through my old saved posts from Psychic Revolution and found one on psychic connections to animals. I can’t remember giving you my two penn’orth on the subject, so forgive me if you’ve heard this one before.

    In 1967 when Rachel was 2 years old I inherited a German Shepherd puppy from a family who didn’t want her. (Why is another story).

    Rebecca was born about 2 years after that and it was almost like having three children, Sheba being so intelligent and telepathic to all our needs.

    When she was 10, Sheba developed uterine cancer which spread to her bones and I very reluctantly had her put to sleep as the vet had suggested taking off a front leg and as her hind legs were not too good, 10 being an advanced age for the breed, I didn’t want her to suffer any more.

    Needless to say I was devastated by my decision but a few days later I had a wonderful dream in which I saw a large bubble, almost like looking into a glass fish bowl, and coming towards me was Sheba.

    Just behind her was another dog which had a bad problem with it’s eye. Sheba looked happy and I got the impression she was trying to tell me that all was well and she was in good company with another dog that had also had to be euthanized. After that my grieving was eased and even though I’m shedding tears as I write this, I know Sheba accepted that I had done the right thing for her.

    My two current poodles aged 8 also seem to be re-incarnations of my previous two who had left us at the grand ages of 15 and 16 several months before and theoretically the younger ones could have been conceived after the departure of the older two.

    It is uncanny how alike in temperaments they are, but the sceptics will say that as I got them from the same breeder they probably would have the breed line traits anyway.

    Just had to share this with another dog lover.

    B.B. Anne.

    • Rosemary Breen

      Oh Anne, Im sitting here typing away to you and my darling Truffles (Border Collie) comes up to have a look at what Im doing.

      As you know this is my first ever dog and we have learnt so much about animals and ourselves since he’s been in our family. Truffles was adopted by us from another family and Id like to think he knows we havent kidnapped him – but Im still not convinced he gets this to be his final home. So, while Im sure animals are telepathic I do find myself reassuring Truffles from time to time that his last owner didnt have the time to meet his needs and we did not steal him. Im more convinced that Im picking up his thoughts than the other way around on this because I know we have done him a favor – even though his lifestyle (yes they do have lifestyles) is so different to the previous incarnation in this lifetime.

      Thanks for sharing Anne.



  3. David Gamon

    I’ve read Sheldrake’s book ‘Dogs That…’ some years ago and found it moving, and yet I felt he started from the wrong end.

    Everyone knows dogs & co are psychic sometimes. The burden of proof is on those who say they are not.

    Umpteen years ago I very frequently observed our dog go to the front door to wait for my partner ten minutes before she got home. It was a ten minute journey. It was as if he knew when she set out.

    NB This happened very often, but not every single day — on other days (presumably) he was thinking of something else.


    • Rosemary Breen

      David, I wish it was so but the burden of proof is squarely laid at the feet of those who know about the owner/pet bond to prove it.

      Let’s face it. I think mother/child symbiosis is a relatively new ideas so what hope have we got where the man/animal bond is concerned.

      We have had our dog, Truffles for nearly two years now and while he is smart, adorable etc I couldn’t say he has exhibited any paranormal traits. Maybe time can be an important component in the development of some close relationships? If that is the case, I think we have a way to go before Truffles bonds with us at that level.

      There is certainly more happening in the animal kingdom than we know about. I’m thinking of the migratory habits of the birds, animals and fish. Is it that they follow the earth’s magnetic field? If so, then what is that seventh ‘sense’ they have?

      Im sure there are animal owners on the forum who have many stories like yours David that involve their pets.



  4. Fred

    Animals are truly amazing. I have four dogs and they often see into the spirit realm. I see deep meaning in their eyes too. Sometimes, they will stare and bark at the ceiling. When I look, I see nothing. However, I am sure they do. I often feel like my dog tries to communicate with me. At times, I can actually tell what they want just by a look they give me.

    When I am sad, my chocolate lab Tasha always offers her comfort. She always seems to know when I need a little moral support. I love my animals and often wonder what they dream about while they sleep.

    I know that animals provide a spiritual connection to the spirit realm. I am happy to hear that I am not alone these feelings. I truly empathize with you.

    I recently visited some very interesting sites for animal spirituality on the web. One of these sites talked of ancient Mayan “soft eyes” method of animal healing on the Paws and Claws website. It amazes me that ancient cultures realized the connection between humans and animals yet most people today regard it flippantly.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us.

    • Rosemary Breen

      Oh Fred I see what you are saying. I often say to Truffles, what are you thinking? I ‘know’ what he is saying to me at times but in his quieter moments I wonder what he is thinking.

      His eyes are like pools that I get lost in – he holds my gaze happily and looks into my soul deeply too.

      And then there are the times when he is just telling me he’s hungry 🙂

      I feel blessed to have my first dog in my life and you are equally so Fred.

      Why dont I feel the same connection with the last gold fish swimming in our aquarium? Can anyone answer me that?



  5. Loving Rose

    I had a similar experience after my mum died. She died the day I was packing up the rental truck to move from Illinois to Taos, New Mexico. I actually drove the truck with car hauler on the back to the funeral home for the viewing!

    At the time, I had two cats — my long-haired black cat and ‘treacher’, Schatze, and a short-haired gray tabby and white “sumo” kitty, Suzy. When I got to Taos, Suzy disappeared! I moved into my adobe on Thursday. On Sunday morning, I had a vision that Suzy was with my mother. I was heartbroken! At the same time, I was glad to know what had happened to her.

  6. Tony Cyphert

    Thanks for using my picture of Jello. I’m sure your psychics know he was taken away from us and can help find his whereabouts.

    • Rosemary Breen

      Hello Tony

      Im so sorry to read that Jello was stolen; I had no idea. Certainly, having your comment here may lead someone to be forthcoming, but I cant guarantee this.

      Would you like to tell us more about Jello? Great name…obviously Jello is American 🙂




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