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From Marlena: I just took your survey, and was wondering if you could help me figure out what is going on around me. This is my story….. I was at my ex-boyfriend’s house with my son, who was about 2 at the time and we were sitting in his livingroom. I was holding my son and he started looking up and his eyes started to follow something that seemed to be above us moving around. He then started pointing and saying “Mommy” over and over. Then when we went to leave the room, my ex’s dog started growling and would not walk past a certain chair in the room and then she darted as fast as she could away from the room to be with us again. My ex’s mom asked her friend who is a psychic about it, and she was told that it was a blonde spirit that most likely was there because of me, due to the fact that it started after my ex and I got together and I was staying over at his house a lot.

Now, 8 years later I have many experiences where I feel my whole vibration tingle and almost numb my body and feel sensations, my eyes get very blury and it seems that I see things floating and almost like I am half there half not. I took a holistic healing class back in 05 and since then have worked with reiki energy and I feel that it is the reason for my vibration levels rising so much, but at night it is overwhelming, and I am not even practicing reiki at the time. I have this urge to know why this is all happening to me, more than I ever have and hoping someone can help me figure it out.

Marlena, this certainly seems like a strange situation. I suggest that the issue involving your ex’s Mom says more about her, her relationship with her son and with you, rather than anything to do with you as the psychic stated.

With regards the sensations you are now experiencing have you called up your Reiki teacher for advice. Your classes may have left you too ‘open’ and your may need her help to close off. It certainly isn’t wise to remain open as you are left unprotected and vulnerable to all kinds of physical and psychic possibilities. Psychic energy needs to be handled carefully and respectfully.

I believe you should follow your instinct and get help to remedy your situation and your teacher is a good place to start. If, by chance, this doesn’t work out for you I’d be interested to read insights from others including paranormal consultants.

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  1. Barbara Almond

    You seem already to have a good understanding of energies, and mentioned your vibration has risen since you studied various things including Reiki…………………
    I would have already said before this that you were very open to spiritual energies, i.e the incidents that have occurred around you in the past.

    You mentioned your ex ……when we break up from someone even if it is amicable, our emotions are heightened,anyone with psychic/spiritual powers will be affected twice as much as someone who has none.

    So when you were experiencing, spirit close to you ,it was the emotions /psychie they were fully open and in effect attuned to spirit in more clarity /hence the deep feelings of closeness and perhaps the spirit trusted your light to such a degree that it wanted some of your light to rejuvenate………………… getting to the point you have opened and now need to learn to close down to order, so that your shield of protection is working not redundant. The feelings of weightlessness and failing sight are indeed symptoms of the soul who is with you perhaps they had sight issues and you are sensitive enough to feel that, just ask for it to stand back, as it is making you feel uncomfortable. A spirit will not know how you are feeling unless you tell them so.

    I hope you are aware of your chakra system……. if so please go through the base to crown cleansing them and filling each one with appropriate colour, once chakras are open and fully functioning ,close down crown downwards (in reverse) you need to practice this many times to condition these very delicate wheels of energy, I use the visualisation of an open rose chakra colour and close down to a tight bud and tuck it away safely inside the energy until I am wanting to open again i.e. work clairvoyantly/psychically.

    Dont be letting spirit run your life, they do not wish for that to be the case, but by remaining open they think you are wanting to work.

    I also think that you are a rescuer of souls but have not yet the experience to deal with them alone try to get into a good circle, one that has a good disciplined and knowledgeable leader,and you will find in no time at all you will be a very prized instrument for spirit. Also with the energies of the universe changing more people are going to need spiritual guidance like yourself, so it is indeed important that as many good and trusty earth guides are in place, to teach and guide those in need.You could be one of those very soon.

    If you feel spirit close tell them as I have told you to step back or for extra protection especially at night fold a coil of light around your whole body, from top to tail before entering sleep state and ask your guides to protect you.

    HOPE THIS HAS HELPED A LITTLE AT THE END OF THE DAY DEVELOPMENT AND KNOWLEDGE IS ALWAYS THE BEST INSTRUMENT FOR SPIRITUAL WELL BEING. God bless Rev Barbara Almond c.g.w.m S.p.h.a Healer trainer, healer, tutor, international clairvoyant and much more ……………………….

  2. Rosemary Breen

    Thank you for this post Barbara. Its very insightful and instructive and a good reminder for us all to take care of all our bodies 🙂 Rosemary

  3. Patty Kilpatrick

    My bedroom has alot of paranormal activity. My cat always stares at the wall and acts as if he sees something. I used to see things but I asked God to take this from me. He took away most of the visual but not the feelings of the ghosts there with me. Until recently I thouhgt the ghosts had left. Until I in Feb 2010 I saw a figure in the shower with me. Im not scared anymore having to deal with this most of my life.

    • Rosemary Breen

      Hi Patty

      Sorry about the delay in replying to your posts.

      Please refer to my earlier response to you about poltergeists and let me know a bit more about your personal circumstances. Has anyone else been present when you have felt the presence or seen the ghostly figure?



  4. alan chapel

    “Dont be letting spirit run your life, they do not wish for that to be the case, but by remaining open they think you are wanting to work.”
    So well put Barbara.
    I am some what amazed that the teacher did not include this at the begining of your training. The most important part is to know how to open yourself and close yourself down for your own protection. Barbara could not have explained it better for you.
    I would be thinking of a new teacher myself!
    Best regards for the future.

    • Rosemary Breen

      Alan. It is so true. By remaining open we are literally sending out a message that we are ‘open for business’. How exhausting and how dangerous. Of course, when people seek help from teachers and other professionals, caution is needed. It’s almost as though we have to start a session or course with a general question like ‘ is there anything I need to know before we begin?’ i’m a great one for asking questions but is there such a thing as asking too many 🙂 Thanks Alan for joining the conversation.

  5. Stuart Ackland

    I have to agree with some of the replies that you have had, If you are in a What i call psychic trance and do not switch off at night and close it down properly you can invite all sorts in to your subconsious. I would say get advice from your teacher and in the mean time shut down properly at night or when you are on your own.

    • Rosemary Breen

      Stuart, your note has got me thinking about how we ‘close off’/’shut down’.

      Presumably each person who does this has their own way of doing it – possibly learned from elsewhere or self taught as a matter of survival.

      Id be interested in learning more about this myself.

      Hope this doesnt scare you away 🙂

      Would you be willing to be the first to share how it is that you maintain self preservation?



  6. Jennie

    Hi Mariana

    It sounds like you are too open and these energies are a little to powerful for you to handle at this time. Or you may be heading for aTrance healing. This just an altered state of awareness.

    You need to ground all this energy and there are lots of ways to do this.

    I also feel you need to develop, as you sound as if you are having your gifts awakened at this point in your life.

    I know only to well how it can make you feel. Light headedness is a sign of being ungrounded.

    This energy needs earthing.

    You may find healing others a good experience as you will be moving the energy. But sometimes it is wiser to find a good circle of development to sit in to learn how to work best with this energy you have.

    I have found that if I do not do healing the energies build up to a point that makes me feel unwell, but once I have done some healing work they quickly balance out. But I now know how to work with my energy after sitting in circles for many years.

    I hope this helps you.

    For years, I had no idea how to handle my gift but spirit did guide me.

    If you need on line help I teach circle work and I can always email exercises for you to do which may help you.

    Thanks to Rosemary. She has posted my face book page here so if you would like to please feel free to do so.

    • Rosemary Breen

      Hi Jennie

      Unfortunately your Facebook page was not entered correctly.

      Perhaps you could try sending it again and I can include it in your post.



  7. Dave "Felbain" K.


    You have gotten such wonderful advice from others that I feel helpless to offer much else. I would take their advice to heart for sure.

    I know there is a lot of controversy over talismans and amulets etc. However, should something in the physical realm empower you temporarily, so be it. I have known of others who have chosen to wear a talisman, amulet, necklace or bracelet (something from the one they are being “visited” by) for a time, until they come to grips or get the energies under control.

    As many of us would subscribe to, it is not the physical piece of jewelry or other that empowers, rather it is merely the focus until you can garner enough energy on your own. I have several items that I have sequestered to a special box, put my focus and energy “lock” on the box and when I have need to visit that energy, take out the item associated to the individual and exchange energies.

    Then I can safely put them “away” until the next such encounter.

    So much of the paranormal energies deal with intent and often we forget this allowing energies to take control instead of us controlling the energies like has been said. The item associated with the personal energy is simply a focus for that control, nothing else.

    Blessings of Peace,

    • Rosemary Breen

      So well put Felbain.

      Not only are the paranormal aspects of life about where we put our focus and attention, Id suggest that most of what we experience in life is about this.

      We are each in the same world and yet we see it, feel it and remember it differently. We have personal filters that screen out information and where we put our attention is what becomes our focus and our direction.



      PS I love your special box idea. Im sure it will resonate with people who do collect special items.

  8. Bill Sweet

    Don’t know if this would help, but it would give relief. You need a safe room called a Faraday Cage Room that cancels frequency intrusions aka vibrations. Now about the room you are already in, I would be interested in knowing what would happen to the room phenomena when such a room is remodeled with Faraday materials? That would be a good experiment, expensive though.

    • Rosemary Breen

      My God Bill, youve just taken me back to Year 11 Physics class – was pretty impressed when I saw that cage in action!

      Will wait to see if you get a reply.




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