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Who are Your Favorite Paranormal Consultants?

In addition to hosting the ongoing Paranormal Phenomena  Survey I’ve also conducted a number of surveys involving paranormal consultants.

My aim was to find out what independent experts like and don’t like about their current working arrangements. Some paranormal consultants work alone; some spend a lot of their time maintaining their web profile instead of using their gifts and talents to help others; others are shy and are not sure how to use social media etc to build their client base.

Most of us are aware of the clairvoyants, psychics, tarot card readers, numerologists and mediums whose services are promoted through the large corporate websites.

However, these are not the only paranormal workers around.

There are numerous other consultants who are more likely to service their local communities than consult with someone half way around the world. This doesn’t mean they are any less good at what they do than the high profile celebrities we see on tv! Rather, they are just not as well known.

These are the paranormal consultants that I feel an affinity with. I believe it is their time to shine and with your help  perhaps this will become a reality.

If you are an independent paranormal consultant or you feel motivated to raise the profile of such a person  that you have dealt with then please let me know.

Leave Your Recommendations for Paranormal Consultants below

It’s very important that you leave a link to their website otherwise your post may not be published.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding on this.

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    1. carole cornock

      I work alone and I dream’t my modality some 20yrs ago… took me years to feel the fear and do it anyway.

      • Rosemary Breen

        Hi Carole

        Thanks for registering. While I’m not familiar with your work personally I must say your site looks great 🙂



        • Carole

          Thanks Rosemary, nice to hear………

    2. Ann

      Hi Rosemary,
      Ezio De Angelis, in Sydney, and Norman & Lynette Ivory, who reside in Canberra, are paranormal consultants I have consulted and found to be extremely accurate.

      • Rosemary Breen

        Thanks Ann.

        What would be even more useful would be to have their contact details.

        Can you provide links to their websites please?



    3. Dave "Felbain" K.


      Thanks to your promotion and outreach to the many “unknown” mediums, readers, etc etc, we are currently developing our site. We have been considering several different things as for the format, widgets, client input and so forth.

      Once we have something presentable, I’ll be sure to post our link. 🙂

      Brightest Blessings,
      Felbain and Kay

      • Rosemary Breen

        Excellent Dave.

        The internet is so quick – and so labour intensive to maintain 🙂

        All the best.


    4. Andrea Kaldy

      Hi Rosemary

      I work independently or in partnership with my husband Attila. Sometimes as a consultant with other groups if invited. My public work as a professional medium is on but when it comes to serving the community in regards to the paranormal, I do that work behind the scenes and free of charge. All in all I keep a fairly low profile.

      Kind regards

      • Rosemary Breen

        Greetings Andrea.

        Thank you for making yourself known to the community here. We do have both practitioners and non-practitioners here. In fact, we have just been discussing development circles recently. I note you are a fellow Aussie and it was in relation to development circles in NSW that the chat began. So, hopefully, those interested will check out your site 🙂



    5. Julie-Ann Blackmore

      Hi and thank you for the opportunity to share.

      I work for myself and use my psychic skills to guide individuals and groups offering them tailor made services and products to suit their particular needs.

      Being psychic merely allows me to see, feel and hear things and sometimes do things that others have the potential to do yet are currently unable too.

      I also use humour, compassion, humility and a variety of other skills and experiences to guide people through their past, present and future, answering specific questions to bring clarity to move them forwards and to heal the mind, body and soul.

      My products are created through intuitively knowing what works and who it works for.

      Please contact me if you need help or

    6. James Whitfield / Ghostriderjimc

      Paranormal Consultants
      I have been Consulting for Friends , Family and Others for a long time.

      I have Consulted in person, over the Phone, in the mail and email. I also work with other Faiths and convert my work to blend with the beliefs.

      I enjoy showing others how to do the things we do and to learn how others do things. I try to keep an open mind to others and us the experiences that I see.

      • Rosemary Breen

        Hi James

        Thanks for leaving a note about yourself and welcome.

        I see youve also left your Facebook connection and I guess if anyone ones to contact you, that would be the best place to start.



    7. Jeffery K Branham

      I do not have a website, and I do not profit from the gifts I have been given…

      I am a Physical Medium, and have been doing this since the age of three when I saw the first spirit…a woman, who dropped a baby in front of my mother’s bed…it was a warning. I can remember…I saw this with my mother, and if it had not been for me asking her about it, she would not have believed it herself.

      It has always been something, some of the woman in my family had, until me. I am a gay man, and my Grandmother, who blew us all away with her abilities, told me that.. She could not believe that it had gone to me and not my sisters, but because of my ability to draw on feminine energy, she understood. I am all man not effeminate, it has nothing to do with how I act, but how I feel, and am able to feel in others.

      I have been told so many things by so many people that I feel it necessary to expose my truth whenever ASKED…and the truth is I only use a crystal dowser, if I use anything. I know Tarot, Spirit Boards and other “tools” used for communications are highly dangerous and are open doors and welcome mats to unwanted and all to often very negative, dangerous phenomena…EPT’s included.

      I have seen it over and over again…scared or terrorized individuals messing around with things they should not be. I do NOT have a website and certainly would never advertise because I only WORK with people or animals, or spirits that come to me and invite me to help; and then I pray about it first.

      Call it what you want, but I call it the power of the Holy Spirit…and if it is not there in force where I know for sure I feel it then I am not involved…period. I do not seek out anything.

      I help more spirits than people who are still alive. I do this out of love, and to help. Not everyone can do this and I get sick of hearing that untruth. I do know that the more that people who have the ability go through, like trauma, fear, heartbreak, the more they are able to understand the feeling of the living and non-living. I was born dead with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck, another sign, and survived a brutal, violent childhood as well.

      When most people or spirits come to me, it is because they are suffering…it is extremely terrifying at times, even after all the years I have done this, and I wish it would go away at times, but I have never been able to walk away from suffering or pain….which is why I have five dogs, two cats, a parrot, and have raised so many kids that are not mine.

      I can say this, it needs to be put out there that this is NOT a game, and even gifted people need guidance along with experience, so that they are not making things worse for all concerned.

      I am part Oglala Sioux from my Mother’s side, and I have been guided in that culture, and have been lucky enough to meet more then my share of truly gifted people from all walks of life. I have worked with many, many people, living and passed, and animals. I have worked cases for the police, but only when the parent or loved one have contacted me. I have met very few people who say they are psychic, and really are gifted beyond what I consider traits everyone is born with. I have met plenty of people who have to ask your birthday to work or read cards – this is laughable to me.

      So…if you have any ability to get warnings out there, with all of the bad information and sensational tv programs, movies out there glorifying this work…please be responsible and with at the very least a small public info warning relating the true dangers involved in this work.

      Even people I love and believe are gifted like Lorain Warren are cheapening this work with TV shows and Haunted House tours. It sickens me. Things are heating up in this world, and doors are being swung wide open in the other dimensions…I believe that maybe not the first reader of this message will be able to hear me, or do anything about this…but someone…someone with a great gift will know it is true, and it will make a difference for just a few, and that makes it worth it to do something I never do….and that is talk about it.

      Some day the hair on my arm will stand up, and I will flash on your face, location. I will know this did a little good, and I will give all the credit to the same father in heaven, the same Jesus Christ and his beautiful Spirit…that I always give all credit too…thank you, god bless and protect you. I

      really could not care less what others say or if this hurts there particular egos or feelings. Most people know when they see me, or feel me coming what I am about…so I have nothing to prove. I do not judge, but am afraid for the people, especially young people, who I see PLAYING with this…that’s all.

      Jeffery Kenneth Branham
      Ephraim, Utah
      PS…Not affiliated with any church or denomination…in fact I rarely leave my home, and you have my permission to print this letter, or contact me by email at

      • Rosemary Breen

        Hi Jeffery

        Your email has struck a chord with me and I thank you for writing from the heart.

        I look forward to the day when you know that your words, through the Psychic revolution website, have also made a difference in this word and the next.



        • Jeffery Branham


          Thank you so much for providing this place for people to visit, share and learn, to speak up about the spiritual…I am so grateful to you, and others who have responded to my post based on intuition and heart…we are all learning all the time, just children in the universe…I am so glad to know I have this place to visit…to learn, to be heard my brothers and sisters…what a blessing.

          It has already helped me feel less alone…and not so different…your a shinning star Rosemary, and it really is an honor to be a part of this community…thank you for all the work and love you put into this. I have mixed feelings about my post..not wanting to seem like some authority, or preachy…all I know are my own experiences and what I have learned from others and reading…and would never want to tell others what to think or believe…but it does feel good to be able to express concerns to peers in a community of like minded people….love to you and everyone involved….Jeffery Branham

          • Rosemary Breen

            Hi Jeffery

            Thank you for your kind words.

            Please dont feel that you came across as a know it all or preachy. There’s really no one around here like that and, as you say, we are all learning from each other.

            I would like to invite you to consider contributing an article to Psychic Revolution. Think about it and if you’re interested please contact me at with a few topics that your fancy 🙂




    8. Anne Morgan

      Hi Jeffery, when I read your post I felt an instant connection to you.

      I am not a psychic but I trust my intuition and your first experience of your gift when a child jumped out at me as I read it. My thoughts were that this lady had some guilt over the death of the baby and she was in need of help so she could move on. Your later comment that you help more spirits than people re-enforced this for me. You are indeed gifted and I’m glad you openly acknowledge this.

      My take on the human spectrum is that it is like a rainbow, from very, very male at one end to very,very female at the other. We all fall somewhere along the changing colours and you are blessed with being able to reach out in both directions.

      In my work (I’m now retired) I saw many babies born with the umbilical cord around their necks and they do indeed come very close to death. Could this be a near death experience which equips people like you to become more aware of the spirit world as you grow and learn? As I have no way of following this hypothesis up, I will never know how these babies escaping death at birth have progressed spiritually.

      I also agree with you on the use of ouija boards and other tools in the hands of unprotected people. My experience of dowsing is limited to using rods to find where the water pipes run around my house, I was very surprised at the result, but being sceptical I put it down to guessing where they would be!

      I applaud your ethics and feel that you are one of the most compassionate people I have had the privilege to be aquatinted with. Your knowledge and power I’m sure are gifted to you from your ancestors so keep on spreading the message you give in your post and may the Blessed Ones Bless You. Anne

    9. WhiteCrow

      Recommendation: Radha Kane. Medical Intuitive & Healer. Clairvoyant, Medium, full vision of the human aura, chakras and nadis. Public presenter & teacher in metaphysical topic for over thirty years throughout Australia. International: NZ and USA and Hawaii visits to teach and consult in the past.

    10. sally rice

      Hello Rosemary,

      I am enjoying your work and appreciate the opportunity to share my website and brief credentials. I was born with the gift, and recall life on the other side, with memories of my soul contract dating to when I was about 1 year old.
      I am a tested, verified member of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics, Bob Olson’s Best Psychic Directory, and a certified member of the Psychic Society. I work with law enforcement on missing persons cases and unsolved crimes as well.
      Thank you for allowing us to share our gifts via your site here.
      Peace and Blessings,
      Sally Rice

      • Rosemary Breen

        Hi Sally

        Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. This blog is a work in progress, and with everything in life it has its own lifecycle.

        All the best to you too.




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