Psychic Predictions

Psychic Predictions or Lucky Guesses

The following paranormal phenomena statements are psychic predictions extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I was living in the … area of… with a close friend, …. I lived in the back apartment on the 3rd floor of a walk up. I was watching TV and the bell rang. I was not wearing any clothing. I was expecting Jenny back soon. When the bell rang I knew it was her but I got this sense of extreme danger and threat. Without analysing this feeling I grabbed hold of this decorative Turkish Gurka sword I had lying around the apartment and I went running down the stairs to the first floor. I saw this huge young male in back of Jenny with a knife to her throat.

I guess he heard my footsteps banging down the stairs and he looks up. Here I am, running at him this crazy white naked lady with long wild dark hair carrying a huge sword ready to cut him in two. He takes off running down the street and I actually run after him half way down the street till I thought, Hey, I don’t think I want to actually catch him. This dude is one big mo fo.

I imagine it’s only cause I look so crazy and my actions are so unexpected that he ran in the first place. I turn around and run back up to my apartment building where … is waiting for me, stunned. “How did you know I was being attacked? She asked. I said the bell must have sounded different from the way she usually rang it and that must have tipped me off that something was wrong. “No”, she said, ” When I rang the bell he was not here yet. It was right after I rang upstairs that I saw him come in.” I still don’t know why or how I KNEW … was in trouble and how I was so sure of her danger that I ran out without even stopping to put on clothes. When we talked about it we both came to the conclusion that I must have been getting the sword out even BEFORE she was actually attacked.
– end of psychic predictions extract –


I have had a multitude of precognitive experiences. They started when I was very young, and could pertain to something important or something completely insignificant. The problem was and still is, that I don’t really have any way to know the precognitions from the random thoughts until something happens. I am working on that, however. I think that as I get older I am getting more in tune with my intuition and learning to listen to my “inner voice” more accurately. This same voice seems to tell me a great deal about people as well. I don’t know whether it is a gift or a time-developed skill, but I have an incredible knack for “reading” people and understanding what they aren’t saying as well as what they are saying. People often seem suprised at how much I know about them without having been told. Whether gift or skill, I appreciate the ability and the enlightenment it brings into my life.
– end of psychic predictions extract –


One of my uncles died in … I was 3. Since August of that year I didn’t want to go visit him and my aunt because i told my mother he has death in his face. I wasn’t sure why but i couldn’t look at him. My mother was pregnant with a baby sister at the time and i told mum that “he was going away at the same time you are”. Mum was concerned. but … was born on the … in … and Uncle … died in the same hospital (just up the hall from mum) five days later.

Yes he managed to visit my mother. She told me later that she was thinking about what i had said when she went into labor; that she was going to die or something…she had a hard labor and passed out from haemoraging. The doctor took quick action but she remembers leaving her body and floating up the hall. It was years later that she related the story to me and we both realized she did indeed ‘die’ and return but uncle … didn’t come back.
– end of psychic predictions extract –


I experience “visions” of the eyes of a being that “speaks” to me. This only happens prior to something bad happening to me. For example, I was driving home one night with several people in my car. We were all tired and most of them had dozed off. As I was driving, I suddenly was told to “pay attention.” I was shown a car coming from a side road that did not stop. I was shown what steps to take to avoid the imminent collision. As I “woke,” I felt rather like someone else was controlling me and I was watching from the backseat. I watched the headlights of the car on the side road. I did everything I was instructed to do without hesitation or thinking. I narrowly missed a head-on collision with the car, which incidentally did not stop and careened onto the highway.
– end of psychic predictions extract –


Taking a cross-country bus trip I was quietly meditating when I heard a voice in my head tell me my luggage was not on the bus, but that it had been sent on a later bus by mistake and would arrive at my destination half an hour late. Arriving at my destination serval people found their luggage missing. After a few phone calls the clerk at the bus depot announced to the arriving passengers that some of the luggage had been put on a different bus by mistake and would arrive in about half an hour. Several times during that same day I “knew” what was about to happen minutes to hours before it happened. The strange feeling faded by the next day and I was back to normal.
– end of psychic predictions extract –

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