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Flitwick Manor, UK

In Bedfordshire in England there is a reportedly haunted Manor called Flitwick. It was built in 1816 by John Brooks and his wife Mary.

In the late 20th century whilst building works were being undertaken at the Manor a small wooden door was revealed under the roof tiles. It led into a secret room, which in turn and through a bricked up doorway led to the upper floor of the Manor. Research revealed that the room was the bedroom of a housekeeper who was dismissed following the death of one of the children.

Are ghosts literally awakened from their death and disturbed by such things as house renovations and new occupants. Maybe!

Flitwick Manor is now a hotel and guests and staff alike have reported encountering a ghostly presence in the Manor.

Watch the video and decide for yourself. Fact or fiction?

You might even fancy staying a night!

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1 Comment

  1. Nancy Fairbrother

    So interesting, and obviously scary. I wonder if there is someone living near the hotel who could heal the woman and send her on into the light. I think if that were the standard approach to hauntings, a lot of people would be very happy to be free of ghosts and a lot of spirits would be happy to be free of their obsessions and on their way to their next adventure in spiritual growth.


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