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Paranormal Underground

Sometime ago – in fact I see it was as far back as December 2011, I spent a delightful afternoon being interviewed by Paranormal Underground.

The usual format is two interviewers and one guest but on this occasion it was just me and Rick Hale.

This is the first extended interview Ive done and as I never heard back from the blog producer I assumed they’d canned the whole thing. Not so, apparently.

My recollection is that the chat went for nearly two hours. So, I wouldn’t recommend listening to all of it.

Paranormal Underground Radio Interview

Paranormal Underground

Paranormal Underground Interview

If you click this link here you’ll be taken to the page on the Underground site. The interview was far ranging but was based on the results of  the first round of my online, paranormal phenomena survey.

Paranormal Underground’s brief is to ‘explore the unexplained via free paranormal magazine, radio show, podcasts, forum, galleries, and more…’


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  1. susan

    I have had a Doppelganger experience and would like to know and hear more about this very rara situation

    • Rosemary Breen

      Hi Susan

      Quite honestly I dont know a lot about this…and I suspect that, having experienced it yourself, you know more than I.

      I’ll leave this to the members of the community to reply.



  2. Kurt Moseley

    Hi, I have had some serious dreams and premonitions also a lot of paranormal activity happened to me and many of my dreams came through. Here’s three examples, from the beginning of the year 2000.

    I had a few dreams about major floods that will cause a lot of damage and take many people lives. I was actually in the tsunami in my dreams when I saw many people lives were lost. I was actually in the water when it happened. I was about to drown when I saw a huge hand came out of the sky and pick me up out of the water and put me on dry land so I can be safe. I also saw a few people being saved but unfortunately many people died.

    I also dreamt of the floods in Louisiana and New York and they all came through.

    I’ve been touched by unknown entity. I heard a voice whisper my name close up in my ear. I’ve had out of body experiences that were so real I actually felt like a ghost. I can see them but they can’t see me. When I was younger I had an experience that felt like an abduction; they might say that it was only REM sleep that caused this but I beg to differ because something held me down and tied my head down so I wouldn’t move. One of them was behind me doing something but I don’t know what and the other one was in front of me. He was a light skin or white person or creature. I say this because he had on a long white robe, was tall looking like a human but when I saw his feet they looked like bird feet. I saw them because he was sitting on the light post, up high, looking down watching me. The other one was behind me. When they were finished doing whatever a lot of birds, like white doves, flew over me and I actually felt the breeze and herd the flapping of their wings. I was in my room with no windows close to me but when they released me and I got up I had a serious burning, a painful feeling across my forehead that lasted for a couple of hours.

    I was very upset; it felt like the same way that you would feel when you tie something around your head way too tight.

    Okay there’s many more things that I can say but I will just leave you with this.

    I have had some serious issues with all of this so if anyone read this and they can help me or explain some of this stuff I will surely appreciate it.

    • Anne Morgan

      Hi Kurt. Your experiences are very interesting and I would like to offer my perspective on them. I hope my comments will be helpful to you, but I must stress that they are only my thoughts and I have no evidence to prove them 100% perfect.
      Firstly, your premonitions about floods. It is well known that some birds and animals have advance warnings of natural disasters so I see no reason why humans in very rare cases can have the same subconscious warnings. Sometimes I have thoughts that there has not been a large earthquake for a while and within hours one occurs. Maybe this is pure coincidence but as I never know where they will happen, there is nothing I can do to warn anybody and I rely on the global monitoring services to take steps to warn people when they can. As for the hand which rescued you from the flood water, the brain is very good at creating symbols and I’m sure this is what your’s did when you were lifted to safety in your dream.
      Secondly, hearing your name called as you describe, in your ear, is also a well known phenomenon called claraudience, which you can research for yourself. This is a natural occurrence to many people and is not to be confused with schizophrenia where malevolent voices often encourage the sufferer to commit acts which they would never do if fully in control of their brains,
      Thirdly, there is a well known state of paralysis when the body is in a state between sleeping and waking. The mind becomes alert before the protective state of physical shutdown has lifted. Again the brain can call on symbols to make sense of this and so what you experienced could all have been self induced. This also accounts for any physical effects you experience after waking up fully..
      I am not a psychologist but have a little medical experience and have my own views on the psychic world. I hope this helps you. Blessings, Anne.

      • Rosemary Breen


        Thank you so much for chiming in on this post from Kurt. I too hope he finds your thoughts reassuring; I know I certainly do.

        Cheers Anne



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