Psychic Scams

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Psychic Scams

Over the past few months we’ve been organising the free ebook Psychic Scams and building the content on our website, Psychic Revolution.

If you have not yet received your copy of the ebook please download Psychic Scams now.

Over the next few months, in this newsletter we’ll be showcasing some of the more intriguing reports that were collected during the first phase of our online survey of spontaneous encounters with paranormal phenomena.

We are mindful of your time and so we’ll continue to keep these newsletter brief.

The real life examples we’ll be highlighting are presented more as a taster to show you what people are reporting by way of parapsychological experiences.

Hopefully, you too will find these accounts thought provoking and we invite you to leave your comments on the website.

Can’t even spell chakra correctly!

By no means is all of the data from the dissertation-based survey up on the website yet. We will continue to catalog the information and put it out there for all to consider. In our opinion, academic research has been closeted away from public view for far too long. Our goal is to  protect the privacy of the contributors and make our data and our research more accessible.

On the Psychic Revolution website the information is organised into six main categories namely death, ghosts, unexplained mysteries, science and religion, paranormal activity, and dreams.

Our first newsletter series will focus on the theme of death.

  • Death Dying

  • Anomaly

  • Supernatural

  • My Dream

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