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Welcome to the first edition of Paranormal News: the review designed to help you stay up-to-date with news items from around the Net that have caught my attention.


ASSAP Recognised as Professional Body: The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena,which ‘exists to further the interests of a particular profession, its clients, [and] the public at large‘ has been recognised by the UK Government as a professional body for investigators of anomalous phenomena. 

Coroner Rules Man Death Result of Spontaneous Combustion: An Irish coroner has ruled that a man’s death was the result of spontaneous combustion. This is believed to be Ireland’s first official case of the phenomenon. For more information on Human Combustion go here and here.

Scientists Offer Peace of Mind to NDEs: Scientific America reports that scientists have now come to the conclusion that near-death episodes can be attributed to an abnormal flow of oxygen and dopamine. Not everyone agrees. Click here for one dissenting voice.

Lucid Dreaming: In the video Wake Up! the potential of Lucid Dreaming is explored. Researchers discuss their lucid dreams and the life changing impact they have had on them.

UFOlogy: Catch up with T.L. Keller, aerospace engineer ex of NASA, Douglas Aircraft and British Aerospace has to say in the video below about in his book The Total Novices Guide To UFOs.

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