Clairsentience: that Paranormal Feeling

The following paranormal phenomena statements are clairsentience extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I was working at my desk at home, alone, facing the wall with my back to the room. I felt a touch on my shoulder, as if someone had lightly placed a comforting hand on me, and I was not afraid. I learned later that my very best friend had died within 24 hours of this event. I feel that she was saying good-bye and that she was OK.
– end of clairsentience extract –


Both my son and I can feel a presence around us. I sometimes am touched by this presence and there is more than one. The first touch I experienced was a poke or tap on my right shoulder. The second touch is more like a loving touch on the side of my face. Both my brother and father have passed on and I feel that it is them letting me know that they are with us. I’ve never been afraid of these touches, nor, has my son. We also sometimes see things and shadows out of the corner of our eyes, always in the same place–the hallway.
– end of clairsentience extract –


We had just moved into an old Army duplex in … I often felt like I wasn’t alone in that house even when no one was home and felt something touch me a few times. Other things that the rest of the family experienced was the heat turning itself off in the middle of the night. The lights would turn off and on by themselves. We were fighting amongst ourselves and in afterthought I think that place is haunted. After living there for only one month we were told we had to move out because they were selling the place. I was glad to get out of there.
– end of clairsentience extract –


I had an experience of ‘waking up’ one morning, but everything appeared like I looking at the things in my bedroom in a negative from a black and white film. What should be light was dark, and what was dark, should be light. There was a presense of a man in a dark robe over me who spoke telepathically. He asked me if I was ready.

I wasn’t sure what he meant, but felt it had to do with me opening me up energetically. I felt him place his hand on my belly. With his touch, I watched his face and felt his hand dissolve, like watching the body’s decaying process, before me….into literally a black sort of …nothing…under this robe he was wearing. He asked agian if I was ready and I could feel a certain warm feeling, with a slight pressure, in/on my belly where his ‘hand’ was…. I wasn’t really scared of this ‘being’ as much as I felt a sense of worry about just what he was asking of me. I rolled over to my side and told him no I wasn’t. He pulled back and asked me if I was sure. I rolled my head to look over my shoulder to see his face start to rematerilize under the hood, almost in reverse order. When it got the point of seeing the skull, I felt shivers run through me, and immediately rolled back…telling him yes, I was sure. As soon as I though that, I woke up, opened my eyes, and saw that it was morning and I was laying exactly like I had ‘just’ dreamed. This happened arund 12 years ago, and if it was just a dream, it sure was VERY lucid.
– end of clairsentience extract –


When I was 12 my grandmother died at my home when I was away. When I got home she had already been removed. I’ve always been able to see auras, so I went into the room where she had died and looked for an aural effect. What I saw resembled a small galaxy about 6 feet wide and 3 feet off the floor. It was slowly spinning out and away from an empty center, like some small central egg size space was gone. The energy spun out and disipated in about a week. Grandma’s presence can still be felt at my mother’s house.
– end of clairsentience extract –


One night when I was a teenager, I felt my bed rocking. It gradually rocked more and more. I am a religious person and felt the presence of an evil spirit that wanted to cause me harm or scare me. My Mother who is a very spiritual person helped me calm down and talked me through it as did a Christian Priest at a later date. I have never physically felt anything like that since but I have seen paranormal things.
– end of clairsentience extract –


I’m a Canadian who visited …. in Aug of this year. I stayed in a furnished apt about 2 blocks from … Gardens. One night I was rudely awakened by a sharp prod on my buttocks. I turned over to see an old woman standing on my bed. She was dressed in clothing from abt 100 years ago and carried a cane. I met her eyes, and seemed to be paralyzed. She gradually changed into a younger sad faced woman. When she disappeared, I was staring at the laughing face of a small child. It faded away to leave me staring at the ceiling fixture. I have never had anything appear so real before. I might add that I am a very logical, calm, 65 year old woman. Or was, until this happened. It has shaken me, and left me confused.
– end of clairsentience extract –


i was living in a hostel in london, england, when i was awakened by the feeling of someone sitting on my bed and then shaking my arm – i thought it was one of the girls in the room and ignored it for awhile, then opened my eyes and saw the spirit of a native american indian, who smiled at me and then walked through the closed door-later a medium explained that he was a guide and why he was there- as i had just started exploring spiritualism- it was real proof that spirits were real and lead me to research more and eventually develop my own gifts of mediumship.
– end of clairsentience extract –


I had an experience with ghost that lives in my home. It had somewhat materialized into a mist and basically almost knocked me over when i opened a door. I see things in a whole new light now.
– end of clairsentience extract –


I was laying in bed one night, unable to sleep because my mother and my grandfather were arguing. I had never heard them do that before, and it upset me very much. All of the sudden, I felt the edge of the bed go down in one spot, and when I looked, I actually saw a depression on the edge exactly as though someone was sitting there. I somehow *knew* that it was my grandmother and, even though it was freaking me out more that the argument, I knew she was there to comfort me. That was my first experience with the ghost of someone I knew.
– end of clairsentience extract –


I was married, with two children, a large house, a small town, a cat…. In other words, a fairly normal middle class existence. But I seemed to become sensitized to other people’s impending deaths, people I did or even did not know. I had dreams that related to this, I experienced ghostly phenomena in the form of spirit visitations and once or twice `apports’ which arrived in my house and garden. This happened regularly, over a period of about ten years. Once, the original owner of the house I lived in returned and wafted sadly about the house, I did not see her, but felt her. Unknown to me, she lived and had passed away in another city, but I learned of her passing a week later via my mother, who knew of her. Another good neighbor, who unexpectedly passed away, also `visited’ me and I saw her `shade’ or image through the window. Also, I felt rushing winds under my table, and `felt’ her presence on the stairs. Another former neighbor startled me when I felt his `ghost’ at the end of my bed one night. I always learned later of these people’s passing.
– end of clairsentience extract –


I have been psychic sinse I was young and I’ve had a lot of weird experiences, hearing people talk in a mumbling sound when I was sleeping and my daughter was sleeping too and heard the very same thing as I did. It sounded like a lot of men were talking to each other but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. neither could my daughter. It woke me up from a sound sleep and her too.

I’ve felt heavy weight on top of my legs when I’m going to bed. my husband sleeps right next to me and doesn’t feel anything at all. I’ve felt it move up and down my legs and then just sit right on top of my legs and just stays there till I kick off my blanket.

I’ve seen people I thought were people anyway walk right across my front porch and come walking into my yard and past my kitchen window and just dissapear. I go outside and look all around my house and theres no one there no car in the driveway no one any where. That I must admit is very unnerving scary and bone chilling.
– end of clairsentience extract –



At age 11, my brother and I disobeyed our grandmother and entered a house we were always told was haunted. It was a very old Victorian-style house, devoid of paint and tlc. I chose to go upstairs while my brother explored the downstairs. Not even two minutes elapsed when a dark shadow–more like an entity–appeared before me. In a hissing, yet distinct, snarl, I was told to “get out.” When I saw the movie, Amityville Horror, it chilled me that their spirit sounded so much like the one I heard. It seemed to place its “hands” on me and force me down the stairs. I didn’t wait for it to make a point and I bolted down the stairs. I screamed for my brother and he came running. He began to scream along with me when he, too, saw the entity hovering over me. He ran to the door, but it was locked for some unknown reason. I didn’t hesitate and grabbed an old sitting chair that happened to be next to a window. With all of my might, I twirled like dervish, chair in hands, and let it fly through the glass. Needless to say, we fought for the privilege of first escape. He made it out before me. But I couldn’t resist the temptation to look behind me. No more than three feet from me, I saw a face of an old man and his two hands; the rest was all black cloud. Once again, I heard, “I said get out, boy!” and I felt a push that hurled me through the window flattening me on my stomach. I arose, ran and never looked back, nearly being flattened by a car as I ran across the street. We were both white as sheets and I never came back to that neighborhood again.
– end of clairsentience extract –


I was reading in my basement, had a college class in about 2-3 hours from then. I suddenly felt like there was someone or something else in the basement. I stopped reading and looked toward my brothers’ bedroom. I saw something that looked like a white semi-translucid bedsheet, floating through the entrance of the room. I ran upstairs and told my brothers and mother about this, not really alarmed, but still worried. They didnt really pay any attention.

When I came back from college that evening, my mother told me she saw something laying in her bedroom, just in front of her bed. She told me she thought it was my younger brother that was laying in his bedsheet, he does that sometimes… but the thing slowly penetrated the floor and disapeared…it was the same thing I saw, but never saw it again even though I saw many other strange things.
– end of clairsentience extract –

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