Suicide and Life After Death

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The following is an extract on suicide and life after death which is taken from the thesis I completed on paranormal phenomena at Monash University in Australia.

There have been 2 experiences that have shaped my Spiritual beliefs, but I’ll only discuss one of them.

The first was soon after my dad committed suicide. I was very distraught and had a dream in which he appeared to me. What made the dream so different was the fact that as I walked down a flight of stairs (in the dream) I literally felt a cool breeze. I landed in a huge, empty parking lot and saw someone on the other side of the lot walking towards me. I couldn’t make out who it was until he got close and then realized it was my dad.

We walked hand in hand and he took me to a table where we sat down with other people (I believe several were his brothers). They started talking to me but all I could hear was a quick, chirping sound coming from them. I asked them several times to slow down so I could understand what they were saying but I couldn’t break through the chirping noises to decipher what was being said. I recall waking up from this dream and knowing my Dad existed in another dimension and that I would hear from him again.

The Beginning of the Conversation

Have you ever thought about suicide and any link to paranormal experiences? Is there a difference in what happens to us after we die that depends on whether our death was natural, self inflicted or asssisted suicide?

Today, there is a move towards what we here in Australia know as Living Wills. These legally binding documents lay out the express wishes of their owners in such matters as resuscitation and whether to prolong life or not.

I wonder, should we find ourselves in the position of being able to consciously nominate the circumstances in which we meet our final demise, will that decision impact our life after death?

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Please Continue this Conversation on Suicide and Life After Death

Are some hauntings and poltergeists the result of choices made in previous lives?

Does meeting a shocking end predispose us to recalling that reincarnation over less eventful deaths? (why do we rarely read about mundane incarnations?)

To what extent do ghosts owe their current circumstances to previous events and choices? What do you think?

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  1. Dolly

    You mention whether the quality of death is affected if there is assisted death.

    My mother had been very ill, after a broken hip, and later, heart congestion brought on by inactivity, going through the months of healing (she was 92 yrs old) and certain ones of my sister called in hospice. An older sister, who thought “it best” encouraged the hospice nurse to give mother constant huge doses of morphine. It’s hard for me to even write this in words, as it still deeply distresses me, because I felt it was very wrong.

    Mother was already in a coma, and I felt her death should come naturally. For several days, mother was totally still, with no stirring. In the minutes before she passed on, I was alone with her, and standing at the foot of her bed. After several days of coma, she stirred, then opened her eyes and looked at me, and tried to speak. Knowing her so well, her various emotional expressions, she seemed to be trying to say that something didn’t please her very much. I called out to the other family members who were there, that mother had awakened, and by the time we all surrounded her bed, she was passing on.

    A couple of years later, I was able to speak with a medium, and mother came through. I wasn’t really surprised that mother said she was okay, but that she had some “difficulty” in her passing. That was all she was able to communicate, but in my mind, her difficulty was that in the administering of all that morphine, it had taken a lot away from what should have been a normal passing, instead of enough morphine to kill her.

    Yes, I’m still angry. My mother never, and would never ask to be given a drug/narcotic to bring about a quicker death.. and I do not believe we should take it upon ourselves to interfere with the quality of death, except maybe just enough to make a suffering individual a little more comfortable…but certainly not enough to cause death. I hope to speak with this medium again and make an effort to speak with mother again, and ask what this “difficulty” was all about.

    • Rosemary Breen

      Oh Dolly. As in life, so too in death. Your note raises quite a few issues and, being of Irish descent, Ill work backwards 🙂

      Im always cautious when it comes to mediums. It might be because I’m pretty highly intuitive myself and I know how easy it is for some people to read others. So, is it possible that the Medium you saw was downloading from your aura rather than communicating with your Mother? This is just a thought but it might strike a chord with you. It really is quite easy for some to read others – but I’m sure you’re aware of this.

      I understand what you’re saying about hastening death. I believe everyone has a right to die with dignity and, external interference, even if made with the best of intentions, may not end up being the best for the deceased. Just as there are individual stages in the grieving process, so too there may be stages in dying. I’ve seen it suggested that the dying actually begin to disentangle themselves from this life months before their final day. If this is the case, then, is it possible that, as in life, we make decisions (consciously and unconsciously) about our death? I’d like to think we do – but that probably says more about my need to control than anything else.

  2. Dolly

    Dear Rosemary,
    Thank you for your insightful response here. BTW, Mother was of part Irish decent. And she even had this unmistakable glint of a twinkle in her eyes….that’s Irish!

    I, too, am skeptical of mediums. It finally (only months ago, but better late than be sorry to stay misinformed, huh?) occurred to me that just because you have mediumistic ability, doesn’t necessarily mean you are educated enough about this ability to know just where you may be getting your information. EEKS!

    There are many levels in spirit realms, from the highest to the very lowest, even to earth bound level. Perhaps in times to come, there’ll be schools set up making this education available. This little gal/medium is a close family friend, and has studied under the world famous James von Prague. Her mother has this ability, plus all the others (clair-everything! Dawn is like her, does it all…they “see dead people all the time, hear spirit voices, you name it.)

    I think her mother’s mother also had these abilities. Also, she told me things only mother would do/say. Like this little white bird my little granddaughter wanted from her casket flower spray…I had forgotten…anyhow, she was shaking this at Dawn when she came through….my mother’s name was “Birdie.” Mother also wanted me to know she was sorry,…there were some issues between us, but I wasn’t even thinking of those issues at all.

    I dunno….but I do know that communicating with our loved ones is a wonderful thing, giving a chance to express sorrow for errors, and in giving forgiveness. Truly wonderful.

    Yes, I’ve become very cautious, however, it does put a damper on one’s enthusiasm when such uncertainty creeps in. This medium/friend gave me a reading over the phone…not sure if one can read aura’s when not in person. ?? But the telepathy…could very well be.

    I have heard something like you say here, before…very similar…in that a person may need the time to “disentangle” whilst going through the process of death, but that only brings the question….what about sudden, instant death? Often can’t be helped.

    However, now I’m remembering…on reading Borgia’s books, as well as many other communications from the other side, it does tell how these spirits/people do experience a shock and great confusion with sudden death, as in accidental or other, and must have time in spirit “hospitals” to have TLC and time to recuperate.

    So many questions left to be asked, so many answers to be given yet. Still, we have come to a few, albeit definite conclusions over the past 100 years or so, and it is apparent that it’s that time/age, when all this about death and afterlife is opening (the veil between worlds) to our understanding.

    What a wonderful time to be alive and have this adventure! Life in the Worlds Unseen reveals much, and Borgia’s other books are even more telling/clarifying. I believe these writings as they do correspond with Oasphe teachings….perhaps you might peruse that book. It also explains how to make sure that you’re getting your info from the true source, or even from the very highest angelic realms. ….such as should be taught in the schools we need established.

    That’ll come one day. Light is pouring in like a hard, but cleansing, refreshing rain!

    Love your site here…wonderful, exciting work you’re doing. Many will wake up…begin to explore. I believe you’re right on time. (:

    Warmest regards,

    PS That little granddaughter I spoke of….she was only age 2. A good little story there to tell later…are we supposed to relate these things here? Little ones…can we doubt them?

    • Rosemary Breen

      There are some suggestions that ghosts are the remains of people who have died suddenly or in traumatic circumstances – pulled from their physical bodies too quickly.

      I love your recount of the women with psychic abilities – it confirms what my research found about these gifts coming down the female line. Itsw not that men dont have such qualities, it just seems women display them more. Could this be to do with the on/off switch that we’ve spoken about before?

      Thank you for the author references. I’d be interested in knowing the actual books that you’d recommend, when you have the time.

      And, by all means leave a comment on your granddaughter here – or you may be interested in reading more, and leaving a comment on my page on psychic children



  3. Dolly

    Yes, many do remain earthbound, some even spend yrs. (they don’t know it’s been yrs, since there is no concept of time there) not knowing they have died in physicality, or maybe simply refuse to move on, or can’t because the traumatic death has found no real closure for them. Often it can be because the person never learned that life continues, so they think they must somehow still be alive…or …they always believed that once we are passed on, we sleep until judgment day. Bleep! So, since they aren’t asleep…well…and then there’s that “unfinished” business…all kinds of reasons to hang around here.

    Since you mention suicide, and what might be the affects in afterlife, I hope it’s okay to give my take here. I once, some yrs back, gave this question much thought, sincerely wishing to understand, and since there also have been 2 suicides in my mother’s family. Along with this question, my thoughts ran on into the simplified question of “how are we judged.” Of course, I already knew that we judge ourselves, but I wanted to understand how that worked. I had books which I trusted as far as what was given, but not enough, and anyhow, it’s always best to ask Father….trust Him before anybody’s say so. (Creator? God? Source? Universe? Great Spirit? Doesn’t matter as long as we aim to make direct contact with the I AM, All that is.)

    Anyhow, I had mulled this over in my mind for some weeks, and with a passion…it was suddenly something I just had to understand, to help put more pieces of the puzzle of life/afterlife in place….and then one day while driving into town, and not even thinking about my question, (these are times when the answers come…when you’re not really thinking about anything. You’re blank. I don’t advise this when you’re driving!! LOL) The answer came to my mind, which is kinda like… not your own thoughts, but something else,… don’t know how to explain except to say, I was “snapped back” when I “heard” the words clearly, “mitigating circumstances.” I knew immediately this was in answer to my question. “OH! Thank you!” To be honest, I first had to look up the word mitigating. oops!

    After some more thought, I soon understood how many circumstances figure in…nothing is just black or white…no two life circumstances are alike. Often, there may be a mental disorder involved in suicide. Certainly, it wouldn’t be called a selfish act, if one is not mentally stable. But the “mitigating circumstance” thing….those two words go a long way. For me, it perfectly explains just how merciful and loving Father is. He takes all things into consideration…not just the particulars of one’s life just before they have passed on, but everything from the moment of birth to eventual death. Just look, then, at all that would be involved…one’s rearing, training, teaching, environment, all those involved, as in parents, other family, those of authority within our many educational and religious institutions, the hard knocks, etc, and then we can ask, was there abuse, poverty, other various deprivations, etc. So very much to consider.

    These are only my beliefs, so take them as you will.

    For suicides.. there is help in the spirit lands, no matter which level of advancement a spirit/person will attain to, according to how he/she has lived their life, and can also be according to how they died…like suicide…and isn’t it kinda suicidal in a way if we kill ourselves with drugs, alcohol, smoking, overeating, risky lifestyle, etc? In other words, we ( once were in spirit body) raise one another upward and onward by reaching down to assist those who are abiding within levels below ours. Quite often, those who are assisting are family members who passed on before, who are there to help in making adjustments, and then there are our guardian angels who assisted us while in physicality, and also others, ESPECIALLY those who were once on the same level of advancement, and had committed suicide themselves. (Who better to help?) These special assisting spirits/angels have already gone through that process of self analysis, facing their “wrongs” and eventually are eager to begin assisting others themselves. They all too well understand the regrets one is suffering, and give much encouragement in showing how we still advance, evolve, and rise to higher levels of light (knowledge and understanding) by and through what we have learned from our own personal experience. To put it in the strictest sense, all this is about Love.

    We are loved so much there…unconditional love. No one is there to “give us hell” and no one expects us to beat ourselves up. Although, for a time, we just might go through that process before we understand it isn’t about that…regrets, yes, but we soon learn that in order to forgive ourselves, (since Father already has) we simply say, “okay, I did something wrong, I’m sorry. I want to learn how to make up for my mistakes. Then, they are ready to help someone who needs their new understanding, so that person can stop beating themselves up and they can move on, too.” We are not pushed…freedom to choose is in affect in afterlife…just exactly as in life here in physicality. But it is indescribable, truly, the love these more advanced angelic being/spirits give us there, by assisting us in this manner. Nothing else works, but Unconditional Love. Father has Unconditional Love, and it is by use of this first principle that all angels are to assist others. Of course!!!

    We find some agreement in that we must be careful with mediums, since some have the ability, but aren’t prepared spiritually to receive communications beyond the lower realms, where some very low spirits may be up to mischief, and we have to realize all will be of so many different religious opinions and hard to tell what they might have to say. Some would be preaching hell fire and brimstone!

    We take with us no more or less than what we thought or believed…same mentality. Anyhow, Just because one has the ability, doesn’t necessarily mean they have stepped up to the plate, if you will. There is a responsibility that comes with it. But this takes me back to my belief that we need more serious education for these with special abilities. If you are born with any ability, as in sports, for example…you still need a coach…training…you must learn the game….and those skills never stop needing honed. And if you don’t practice…..Well….you’re not fit for the game. The best coach for a medium? Father. Lots of sincere prayer. And help will come! Hopefully they won’t get too disappointed upon learning that the spiritual ability should not provide a living. How do we say, “I love you….that’ll be $50!

    My point here is in the form of a question…”As for mediums, we do have to put our trust someplace don’t we? But, really, we can tell from whence most communications come from. Those (many) who pass on are likely to be on a level close to our earth plane, and so, many of our loved ones can easily come through if there is a light conduit. (medium – who gives off a light easily seen by spirits and they are attracted to that light) My daughter’s medium friend…she used to mostly do this… bring closure, bring loved ones together through the veil, so those who passed on can say, “I’m okay” which, in this age, is supposed to be. It’s time.

    In many cases, too, our loved ones wish to say they are sorry for something, or maybe ask a loved one to stop feeling guilty about something, or maybe help them to let go, especially in cases of prolonged mourning, since it holds them back, and they can’t move on. This communication…Lots of wonderful help in so many areas! But back to this medium…in the past year, she has been given more to communication with the higher angelic realms. So her work with us here now is more about our personal spiritual growth. (she got “promoted” ) (: It is possible to raise ourselves up and onward while still in the body, so that we may “skip” many lower levels of spirit lands and reach higher realms upon our passing. The father (suicide) spoken of here may already be in that process right now…giving service to others, based on his own experience and what he learned from it. And he is so happy, he’d have a tough time even describing it! His service….”Here, let me help you…I can help you…I understand…I’ve been there done that!” If they are still too busy beating themselves up, he’ll leave them alone for a bit, but he’ll return..he’ll never give up. He’s too filled with the love understanding brings. Once he has lifted up another, he lifts up himself….higher and higher Light. What an awesome plan!!!! It’s a very good thing that we pray for our loved ones, that they will reach out for the Light, and keep looking ahead, and accept help.

    The books…”Life in the Worlds Unseen.” More About Life in the Worlds Unseen.” “Here and Hereafter.” All these books were written by Anthony Borgia, a man “with abilities,” back in the 50’s. The material found in these books are spirit communications from the other side….a man’s first hand accounts of life in spirit realms…how it all works. Beautiful! With me, it all rings true. But, of course, one must decide for themselves. But if there is a heaven, what’s described in these books is the heaven for me. It just makes such perfect sense.

    Sorry to be so windy here. I have been asking questions since I can remember. It seems to be something I was born with. LOL I’ll try to keep it shorter…

    Be blessed!

    • Rosemary Breen

      “Be blessed” – I am blessed Dolly and oftentimes i forget this!

      With regards the issue of suicide, it is such an emotive one but I feel it is something that needs to be discussed. As Im a believer in reincarnation, my take on this is that it is better to avoid suicide if at all possible because it just means more turn here on the circle of life. And I prefer to be there!

      Suicide could probably, usually be classed as a traumatic event and so there are likely to be many disembodied spirits as a result of this occurrence, looking for their way back home.

      “Mitigating circumstances’ certainly seems like an element that needs to be considered in the whole equation – perhaps even more so by those left behind. It seems to me that life is filled with mitigating circumstances – in fact, come to think of it – life is one mitigating circumstance after another 🙂

      Please excuse the brevity of this reply Dolly. I must away to pack my bags. Tomorrow I fly from Australia to Europe!

  4. Anne

    Hi Dolly and Rosemary,
    I’m with Rosemary on the issue of suicide.

    I believe we set our agenda for each life before we incarnate and to decide deliberately to end a life prematurely seems like defaulting on the set program.

    I agree with the mitigating circumstances however, having worked with dying patients who suffered badly. I reconciled this with the thought that perhaps they had “contracted” to do so. I think we have to go when “our number is called”, but if we really feel that we are causing loved ones severe suffering by lingering in a body no longer of use and we are at peace with ourselves, then I can accept assisted suicide. Perhaps this too has been in the life plan.

    I too have read widely over the years and had friends who are/were clairvoyant.

    Though not clairvoyant myself, I have had moments of lucidity when information has been passed to me which I have recognised as not being from my active imagination, and have had readings from so called psychics who were not worth a penny in payment.

    I do not live my life according to predictions and have found that most “psychics” though not all, seem to focus on the past and look for clues from the client to make their predictions.

    I am very good at blocking my thoughts and censoring my answers to these people and as a result rarely get any useful information from them.

    This is not to say that I don’t respect and believe messages given to me from trusted friends.

    I notice, Dolly, that you use the Pagan closure “Be Blessed”. This and its variations seem to be coming more popular as a signature, so I’ll say Love and Light to you both instead of my usual Blessed Be or Bright Blessings.



    Suicide and Thinking All Hope is Lost, What Really Happens….
    Written by J.S. Thompson

    One of the most difficult things people here on earth do not understand about out there, Solamenta (where we go when we leave the earth) is its similarity to here on the earth. People in Solamenta can make a mess of their lives just like people can make a mess of their lives here on earth. And when they do, the best way for them to attempt to reconcile their lives once again is to start over and this is done by volunteering to be born again to the earth.

    Volunteering to be born again is not necessarily desired but important. We can’t have true immortality, if we don’t overcome the challenges that give us the wisdom, strength and character to live in an immortal eternal community.

    Here on the earth, we look to a new life out there, Solamenta for new hope when we die. Out there, it is the same process to come to earth. However, all those that come to earth are not all looking for a new beginning. While being out there, in Solamenta, we are under authority and we are sent back for a variety of reasons. Most all, are sent back here to develop the characteristics that will allow us to leave or better yet, break the cycle of life and death (“Christa Solamenta”… which means in its simplest format…”here and there”).

    Suicide is a choice made by some when it is felt by the individual that all hope is lost but when we consider all hope lost, we are listening to the wrong voice. To think that all hope is lost is a lie and we should not listen to it!!! There are no short cuts to immortality. When we commit suicide, we just pick up where we left off and we do it again.

    Our earth life is like a (computer) program designed to teach us certain life lessons and to aid in our evolutionary transformation, which allows us to develop the characteristics, thereby enabling us to live in an immortal society. Our guides are responsible for saying the things to us internally that need to be said in order to fulfill the requirements of the program. We don’t generally hear our guides talking to us but when they talk to us, we either feel happy about what they are saying, fearful, depressed, anxious, stressed, etc. We are here on the earth to overcome all of the challenges which are contained within our individualized program!

    A person who commits suicide does not leave the earth renewed. Someone who suicide is confronted with the exact same feelings of depression out there as they had on the earth. Therefore, nothing is gained but there is valuable time lost. Those challenges or obstacles that depressed us were put in our paths by our guides to be overcome, not to have victory over us!

    If one of our challenges on the earth gets the better of us we do not get out of it and it will be there for us to overcome another time! Suicides are often given intense counseling when they arrive out there, Solamenta and are then, more often than not, sent back down for another life as soon as they are ready. When a person is in intense irreversible physical pain, there is consolation given. However, we need to be careful when we decide to end our life no matter what the circumstances!

    It’s interesting to note, that there are many more people out there, in Solamenta, than there are here on the earth and one can’t just come back when they want to. They have to wait for their turn. Our life here on the earth is like a college education. Going to school isn’t the most pleasant thing in the world but it is sure good when we finish!

    Suicide is not a sin! Suicide is a personal choice which is “rarely” justified! Our life is sacred and our time here on the earth is short, although sometimes it seems like forever. If one were to consider how long eternity is, then our earth life takes on a more definitive meaning. Our earth life is a rare occurrence with regard to immortality and the lessons we learn while we are here on the earth, will serve us eventually in the formation of the characteristics necessary to live within an immortal society.

    Our guides are responsible for making the choice to end our earth lives but they can only suggest as we, the individual, are ultimately the ones who make the choice to commit suicide. However, our guides are also responsible along with us “for our actions” just like a parent is responsible for the actions of their child! If our earth life becomes untenable for one reason or another, our guides “must” bear this burden with us, here on the earth and out there, Solamenta when we leave!

    No one ever dies; “Death” is the best kept secret of all time!!! When we die, we don’t ever lose consciousness. One minute we are in a hospital bed and the next, we are being transported to our new home… Solamenta! This entire process takes about thirty seconds to three minutes. Moving from earth, to Solamenta really does happen in the blinking of an eye.

    You would be amazed if you knew just how much of a coordinated effort it is to transport one from the earth to out there, Solamenta. No matter how we die, whether natural or other, there is a team of people waiting for us and ready to take us through the next steps of our transition.

    Death to the earth is not a simple matter; there are a lot of people who are involved in this process. People often, have no idea how beloved and important they are until they die to the earth.

    Out there, Solamenta … every man, woman and child on the earth is considered to be in a combat zone. Earth is where the rubber meets the road and where people die not knowing that they are immortal but maybe, more importantly, the reason and function as designed by our Creator… for “why earth is a place of blindness”?

    Earth is a place where we have an opportunity to see ourselves for who we truly are and make the necessary corrections while here on earth.

    When we are sent to earth, it is like being shipwrecked on a deserted island with little or, no hope of rescue.

    Earth is like a Robinson Crusoe experience. Who do we become on the island? Do we become corrupt and Godless, mean spirited, depressed… or do we become evil? How far can we be pushed before we strike back? We need to know these things and if these characteristics are within us. Therefore, when our earth life is over and we see the good and the bad that we exhibited during a “life review” of our life here on earth, we use these experiences to help us evolve! This is why we have a “life review” right after we leave the earth. A life review is a de-briefing session which occurs within a few hours after we leave the earth and it helps us to see ourselves for who we truly are!

    One of the biggest misconceptions about leaving the earth and living out there, Solamenta is this. When we leave the earth, we have a new body which is whole and free of pain, young and strong. However, the internal issues we leave the earth with do not go away when we die! We begin life again with everything we learned from the earth. Taking this into consideration, it is prudent that we leave with as much love for self and others as we can and ideally… that we leave naturally, in accordance with our life program because immortality is a very long time.

    • Rosemary Breen

      Hi JS.

      Thank you for posting your blog article here on Psychic Revolution. I, for one, find no problem with what you have written here. In fact, a few of your sentences really resonated with me. You write so well and Im wondering is this because you are one with your subject matter and if so, how has this come about? Perhaps you’d be willing to share a bit more about your personal development with us here on the forum when you feel comfortable.

      Your comment comes at a pertinent time for me as someone close is struggling to stay here on earth, and with renewed resolve, Ill continue to support him as much as possible.

      Why do I find myself thinking, just as suicide is not the answer, then neither is death.

      To JS, welcome. To others, I invite you to check out his site. The link is at the bottom of the comment.




        Hi Rosemary,

        To answer your question; I am very close to the material that I write. With regard to my own personal development; I reached a point in my life several years ago where nothing was more important in my life than finding the answers to our existence… not money, not power, not position. God tells us, in the way that God does, to knock on the door and the door will be answered. This is also a law of physics. If you push hard enough on anything, eventually it is going to give way.

        All answers are there for those who are willing to push through the darkness. There is a light on the other side but at times it might seem as though there is not. God calls us all to explore, to seek out the path of greatest resistance.

        When we leave the planet, when we die to the earth… it is a definitive time for us. There is not much that changes about us when we leave the earth but there is one thing that our eyes are instantly aware of…we did not die! We go from hospital bed, to our new home in a very short period of time and many of our questions about life and death are answered out there in time; however, after the hoopla has died down, there is very little that has changed about us. Transformation is a painful process but never the less it is absolutely necessary before we can say that we are “truly” immortal. What I mean by truly immortal is this; we never die but we remain within the cycle of life and death until we have developed the characteristics that allow us to live within an immortal or divine society. When we have learned the lessons we have been sent here to learn, then we leave the cycle of life and death forever and we go on to the next challenge of our immortal calling.

        Thanks so much for your kind words and tell your friend to never give up hope; you never know what tomorrow will bring. It is not life that deals us a bad hand; these are challenges that have been designed in an attempt to make us quit; all of our challenges if overcome, will make us strong enough eventually to end the need for another earth life. Our guides play both Angel and Satan; they must, in order to put us in a position of “choice”. When we lose hope, it is a “choice” that we make to do so and just as easily, the “choice” can be made to regain it.

        Thanks again and best wishes to all on their journey…
        J.S. Thompson

        • Rosemary Breen

          Do I call you JS? Presumably I do and will do until further notice 🙂

          Your words are certainly resonating with me and it may be that they coincide with what is happening in my life.

          I’ll be referring to this thread in my newsletter (I invite you to sign up if you haven’t already!) and as Im not sure where you are reading around the blog, you may be interested in the discussion going on at which you might be interested in.



  6. Jennie

    This is a great question!

    Many years ago my nephew commited suicide. He was young and had his whole life ahead of him.

    I asked this question to many of my friends, one who had survived a near death experience.

    I needed to know if he would be punished for doing this act!

    I had always grown up hearing that we are punished for ending our own lives. I could never believe this, if God is all loving, why would he punish us. His job is for forgiveness.

    I was told that we have five exit points, and suicide was just one.

    I was also told that we would have to come back housed in another body, as a different personality, to relive a life and, relearn that suicide effects so many people in our lives. And, so we then we have the opportunity to learn a valued lesson for our soul.

    This new life would be set up in order for us to learn this.

    We are not punished in the way people thought years ago. Coming back into life and having to start again may be seen as a punishment if one never wanted to be here in the first place.

    • Rosemary Breen

      Jennie, why the different personality? Are you suggesting the link between our lives is lost? I may be on the wrong track here. So, please put me straight if I am.



      • Jennie

        When we die, we are reincarnated. We come back. This means our spirit, soul whatever you wish to call it, is placed within a new body. Nothing gets lost. The true essence of who we are, which is the soul, is what comes back. That is never lost. It comes back time and time again. Most of us have lived many many lives before.

        We have been male, female. You have been everything every colour, straight, gay, etc.

        You’re born back into a new life as a baby, with a new family, so you are an old soul or spirit in a brand new body with a different personality, a different face a different body. You cannot be the same person you were. But your soul remains the same and is forever growing with experience.

        You then grow up and have to learn a whole set of new life lessons, and skills.

        If you left this life by your own hand then those lessons would have to incorporate the fact of your suicide in your former life.

        Let’s say you may have to experience in your new life, someone else taking their own life in order for you to see how it effects those around the situation of suicide and how it affects you, in your new life.

        This is only my way of seeing this situation. It is how I was taught. Other people may have a different spin on this subject. It depends on your experience, I suppose.

        I hope this helps you see what I meant.

        I had a regression 2 years ago, with a lady called Liz Anderson. I have always been interested in Indian culture. I always told my mother in this life that I had a brother and I was always looking for him.

        In my regression, I had been an Indian girl in a rich family but because I was a girl I was pushed to one side and given an ier which is a nanny. She brought me up.

        In that life I had 3 brothers.

        I would sneek out at night from the big house where I lived to give food to the poor from the kitchen with my nanny. One night I was caught and beaten, my ier was dismissed and I was married off to an older man, I was 14 I think.

        This is why my spiritual life is so srong in me today as my nanny was a very spiritual woman. She gave me my foundations in spirituality.

        So, we sometimes bring in some small parts which seem to aid us in this life time, but they are housed in the soul, not the personality.

        • Rosemary Breen

          Beautifully expressed Jennie. I’ve never has a regression session but there are definitely affinities in this life that are unexplainable. Like, for example, the pull of London. I know it like the back of hand; it is in more than my blood; and I know it intuitively on so many levels!



  7. Tony Papard

    It depends on the circumstances. If a person is near the end of their natural life on Earth and in great pain, then releasing themselves from this or helping them to do so is surely a merciful act with no consequences. Giving a person extra morphine, or praying that their suffering will be ended, are ways in which the passing over process can be speeded up. I did this with my partner with no regrets whatsoever.

    However if a person commits suicide to escape some situation they feel they can’t face or deal with, then they have failed in this trial which must have been part of their life plan and may have to deal with it in the future.

    I understand normally reincarnation doesn’t happen, at least not in the simple way it is usually understood. Our greater or Group Soul has many facets and we share many life experiences, but we are individuals who usually have one life on Earth and who survive in the Spirit world. However if a small child dies, is stillborn or someone commits suicide before their life-plan is completed, then maybe reincarnation of that individual facet of the greater Soul does reincarnate, I just don’t know.

    I do believe that suicide when not suffering from a painful terminal illness is a ‘cop out’ and a similar situation will have to be faced somewhere or the karmic debt paid in other ways, so suicide in these circumstances is no answer. Speeding up the dying process when in great pain and near the end is a way of ‘letting go’ and I don’t believe it holds any negative karmic consequences.

    • Rosemary Breen

      Hi Tony

      Im interested to know more about your line of thinking on alternatives to reincarnation. I, for one, have felt comfortable with the idea of evolving thru many lifetimes but would welcome more insight into other ‘options’ 🙂

      Can you enlighten me please?



  8. Tony

    Hi Rosemary,

    All I know is this subject, reincarnation, causes more disagreements between Spiritualists and also between those on the Other Side as well, than any other aspect of survival.

    Some over here are adamant that reincarnation is a complete fantasy, many on the Other Side know nothing about it and say it doesn’t happen. Higher Spirits on the Other Side have said it is a very complex subject, and that different ‘aspects’ of ourselves may reincarnate.

    We are also all part of soul groups so may well share memories and experiences with others in our soul group.

    I think I’m as confused as you are. I must say I don’t relish the thought of coming back here over and over again. Nor do I, or many others, like to think that when we get to the Other Side some of the people we hoped to meet were not there, and never would be, as they had reincarnated as someone completely different on Earth before we got over there.

    So perhaps the different ‘aspects’ explanation is right and, we, as individuals are unique and will continue to exist on the Other Side for as long as we feel the need to. At some stage we may well merge with others in our soul group completely, or possibly move on to Higher Spiritual planes and join another soul group. I don’t know.

    I do, however, wonder about people who commit suicide before completing their life’s mission, and children who die very young. Maybe they do reincarnate. On the other hand there are many instances of deceased babies, even stillborn ones, growing to adulthood on the Other Side and greeting their parents when they arrive, or their siblings. Also cases of suicides meeting friends and loved ones on the other side. So if these categories do reincarnate it seems to be other aspects of themselves which do so, not the individual who lived on Earth or was stillborn here. It seems each individual is unique and does not become someone else, but retains their identity.

    So I tend to think the ‘different aspects’ explanation is the correct one. What we are now on Earth is just a tiny part of our greater selves. I’m confused as to the difference between our many ‘aspects’ and our soul group – maybe they are one and the same thing. Maybe different ‘aspects’ of ourselves can incarnate at the same time, or just other members of our soul group.

    I think you need to study the teachings of Spirits like Silver Birch and possibly White Eagle, etc. on this subject. I used to believe in reincarnation – was hypnotically regressed to three previous lives, but don’t know if they were real or imaginary. If they were real I assume they were different aspects of my greater self. In that case I, as an individual will continue to exist on the Other side and so will my other aspects. Indeed in a channeled book I was reading someone talked about meeting another incarnation of herself on the Spirit planes. Another aspect of herself that is.

    So it’s a very complex subject we perhaps can’t hope to fully understand here on Earth. Someone should write a book on it if they can gather all the information from various sources.

    All the best,


    • Rosemary Breen

      Wow, how would that be Tony, to meet myself both here and there?

      Then, I really wouldnt know if I was coming or going? In fact, Id be querying who I am, more than I do anyway 🙂

      Tony, does this somehow align with the idea that we split every time we reach a T junction and make major personal decisions? eg part of me is married and part of me is still here, single.

      Reading back thru your post above, I cant really see any problems as far as implications go, where premature babies and the early death of children are concerned. Who is to say whether the birth experience or even the pre-birth experience is not sufficient as far as life purpose is concerned? And, thinking out loud, could suicide be programmed in, even scheduled for on the Other Side?

      Re reincarnation, if only parts of us reincarnates at a time, maybe is when we get such divergences of ability etc. For example, when large parts of a soul reincarnate in one person perhaps that is when we see prodigies/heroes/world leaders, despots even?? Interesting thought Tony. Does this go any way to accounting for the marked variations in life circumstances, gifts, talents etc??

      So many possibilities Tony; so little time.



  9. Lawrence

    Greetings Rosemary

    The Spiritual Culture loves you for helping so many people to understand a difficult topic.

    Angels usually take to this role and assist in spreading enlighting and comforting knowledge and wisdom to those of us who need it the most.

    God bless you Rosemary,for your love and kindness.

    Personally I think of it all the time because I do not wish to be a burdon on anyone, so I believe someday I’ll just wander off and lay my burdon down and none will be the wiser.

    I know there is another life on the other side, a beautiful life filled with love, kindess magic and wonder.

    And I know that I am loved and protected while on this tiny planet.

    So I have no fear. It is just another great beautiful adventure on my way back to God and God’s people.

    A thousand blessings to you rosemary. Lawrence.

    • Rosemary Breen

      Lawrence you are so very kind to compliment and thank me.

      We are in agreement that there is more to our being than what we see now. As your post has come through on the thread about suicide I must also say that suicide is not the answer, IMO. To my way of thinking a life cut short in this way just means the existence in the next world is also shortened to allow for a re-entry here. If that is the case, then I think it best to stick this life out until my purpose is done and respite guaranteed 🙂

      Hope you are well and looking after yourself.

      Ciao for now.


  10. Anne Morgan

    Hello Lawrence,

    I totally agree with Rosemary about suicude not being the answer to life’s problems.

    Having experienced people around me coping with very difficult situations up until the moment of passing, and having a strong conviction that we make an aggreement prior to birth of what our life plan will be, I feel we need to honour our agreement no matter how distasteful, painful or depressing a situation we might find ourselves in. Otherwise, there is the distinct possibility that we will have to undergo similar conditions in another life until we have had all the experiences we need to progress in spirit. Do you agree?

    Cutting short a life is not the answer even if the Angels are watching us.

    They cannot interfere with our free will but can save life if death at a particular point is not in the life plan. I believe we are never alone no matter how lonely we feel and the passing of the lowliest of the Goddess’ creatures is always marked at some level.
    Nobody is ever a burden to those who dedicate their lives to service and help will be given at some level to those who ask in sincerity.

    Your comment that “none will be the wiser for your passing” surprised me given your knowledge of the Angels; you must realise that they, at the least, will know and will either be happy or sad – depending on the circumstances.

    Love and Light, Anne.


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