Signs You Might Be Psychic

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Over at About Paranormal

“If you’ve always suspected that you have extrasensory perception, here are six signs that you indeed might be psychic.”

So reads the opening words of a recent article posted at

Do you agree? I suspect there are better ways to assess abilities, but then again I’m not a practising clairvoyant.

Six Signs That You May be Psychic

  • You know the phone is going to ring and who is calling
  • You know your child, or someone else very close to you, is in trouble
  • You know a place before you go to it
  • You have prophetic dreams
  • You can sense or know something about an object (or person) just by touching it
  • You regularly tell your friends what is going to happen to them – and it does

If you’d like to read the complete article move over to or go to here.

Beginning the Conversation

Do any of these traits apply to you? Are you psychic? How do you know? What sort of things happen to you that make you stop and realize that you are psychic?

Continue the Conversation Below

I’d love to know your thoughts on this. Let’s build our own list below.

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  1. Jean

    It is fact that we are all born with psychic ability the same way we are born with the ability to talk.

    Psychic ability is not a magical or mystical trait that only some possess. We use our psychic ability in everyday life without even knowing it.

    Those that have developed their ability recognised it in the first place. Intuition is psychic ability, it is sensing through feeling i.e. when you meet someone for the first time your psyche tells you a lot about them and this determines if you like or dislike them.

    It is when you get a strong feeling not to go on a journey you where going to take as you feel there will be an accident only to find out there was one on the road you would have used.

    There are many ways to develop this ability and like anything it is all about practise…

    • Rosemary Breen

      Hello Jean

      Lovely to hear form you.

      I tend to agree with you on this. Intuition seems to be widespread, not often openly acknowledged and usually under utilised.

      However, once we move along the continuum towards psychic abilities the waters become muddied.

      Do you feel part of the problem with the whole industry is the mystery surrounding it? Would consultants and their clients be better served if psychic practices were marketed as being more pragmatic?

      Cheers Jean


      PS Ive taken the liberty of changing the website address. It was entered incorrectly. Hope this is yours 🙂

  2. David Gamon

    I have certainly had experiences which I would label ‘psychic’ though few or none of those listed – as a trivial example, finding something I’ve lost where I knew it was anyway, but had looked several times before.

  3. Jen

    Hi Rosemary.

    I haven’t been around much lately, but this post intrigued me… I have experienced the first five of those “signs”, but any of the times that I have told someone that something was going to happen, it didn’t.

    Do I consider myself to have psychic abilities? Yes.

    Do I consider myself to have greater psychic abilities than anyone else? No.

    Perhaps I am just a little more open to it.

    I read Jean’s comment below and would love to know some of the “many ways to develop this ability”, as I would very much like to practice and be more in tune with this side of myself.

    • Jen

      Oh… PS… I have found that I have very strong links to certain people, but not to others. The girl who was my best friend as a child is an example… I had not seen her or spoken to her in 5 years, but rang her two weeks before she was going to be married, so that I was able to be there. I rang her each time she found out she was pregnant – even before it was confirmed, I knew (she has 5 children). I also rang her on the day that she suffered a miscarriage to tell her that I would be down to see her the following week. Every single time she has needed me, I have called her. I rather like that link – it’s special. But I don’t have it with very many people.

    • Rosemary Breen

      Hi Jen

      Is psychic ability just another step on the intuition continuum?

      I like your idea about being ‘open to it’ because in my experience, the more I exercise my (limited) abilities, the more psychic I seem to get.

      Ill leave Jean to chime in on what she means by “many ways to develop this ability”.



  4. Elisa

    Hi. I am Elisa. I am a Spanish clairvoyant. I can do accurate psychic readings by email.
    I think your web is interesting and I would like to know if you are interested in knowing what I can do, and maybe you are interested in my services.
    Yours faithfully,

    • Rosemary Breen

      Hi Elisa

      Welcome and thank you for offering your services.

      At present I dont offer any paid services through Psychic Revolution but I am open to the idea.

      May I say your English is wonderful….

      Please email me at and we can discuss this more.




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