Spiritual Medium and Psychic Artist – A Life Thus Far

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The following is 1 of 2 parts of Jennie’s story. Jenny Ashwell is a Spiritual Medium and Psychic Artist based in the UK. This is the first of two parts of her psychic development story.

Spiritual Medium

I have been Clairvoyant (clear seeing) and Clairaudient (clear hearing) from the age of five.

I was the last to be born in my family, and had two older sisters who were seven years older than myself. As a child with this gift I had a lonely up bringing. I always felt different and at school was made to feel there was something different about me.

I would stand in the playground as if I was in some sort of altered state. I saw a different scene to the one the other children were in.

At this time I had no idea what was happening but did not feel afraid. Somehow, it seemed familiar to me.

Little did I know, however, I had other family members with this gift, and I only found this out later in life. It is on both sides of my family: my Mum, my Father’s cousin, and my Mother’s uncle spring to mind.

I had my first experience at three. I was in a cot with wooden bars and the room I was in lit up with golden light and there stood three beings. I have never forgotten that moment.

I also remember past lives but only have a few memories of them.

I carried on having experiences every now and then – always knowing that something was about to take place.

I was aware of the existence of a young girl who would talk in my right ear. She used to have me do something that would get me in trouble and, needless to say, I was glad when she went on her way.

At age six, we moved into a new home and while we left London behind I always felt it was my home.

As I grew older (around the age of eight) more spirit activity increased. At night, in my bedroom I could see spirit people and I began to feel afraid. When I was nine years old I began seeing a nun over by my window. The nun wore a dark navy habit and I had to wait until I was much older before I learned her name. I was always amazed how I could see her in colour.

Also, it was around this time that a monk first appeared – at the top of the stairs. He was rounded and wore a very rough looking outfit which I don’t think was comfortable, open sandals and a cross hung from his waist on what looked like rope.

By this age I was seeing in the light, not just the dark but if I blinked, the monk would be gone. When I was 43 years old, a Medium told me who  he really was – until then, only my mother and I knew of his existence.

I was always taught to say my prayers and was made to attend C of England church but I never, ever felt comfortable with this. Somehow, I found my own way with faith.

Around the age of 16, I started getting some very bad headaches. To this day, I still get them when spirit comes in.

From around the age of nineteen things really began to snowball. I started feeling very light headed and I remember asking my Dad to build me an easel. He was good at woodwork and he agreed.

I loved drawing and spent most of my time doing just that. However, one day I found myself becoming light headed again and somehow I became a teacher. I could see my students sitting in front of me, my easel was now a blackboard, and my bedroom a school.

So, my life went on and before I knew it, it was time for me to leave home.

I met and married my first husband. We were lucky to get a flat which came with his job but this was also the time when even more activity began.

With this flat came knocks on the door late in the night. I heard a man’s voice come out of the wall, a booming voice so loud I thought my husband would wake up, but he never did. Night after night I saw visions of children in Victorian clothes down below my bedroom window. I was wide awake and would blink and the vision would dissipate. I was often left with my heart beating nine to the dozen.

We moved again, back into an old house. Late at night the TV would suddenly come on, things would be moved, and my visions were now moving pictures in my mind, sometimes in colour, other times in black and white. It was like watching an early, old fashioned movie when everyone walked too fast. Everyone was dressed in Victorian clothes, once again.

One thing lead to another. By this time I was more at ease with my gifts and they developed at great speed.

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Jennie, like many others encountered the paranormal from an early age. Please leave you feedback below or click on the link to read more about Jennie’s psychic development.

Spiritual Medium Continued ….

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  1. Cecilia Wade

    My name is Cecilia and for a great deal of my life I have had experiences on and off, and to be honest some of the time I have had the belief it has been my imagination. It is only when I have had concrete evidence that I could say that what I saw or dreamt meant something….that maybe there is something to it.

    Two years ago my mother passed away and I never got to say goodbye and tell her I loved her. It ended badly and no matter what I try I dont seem to feel she’s around. On meditating the other day I believe I saw her and my father.

    My father was quite advanced spiritually so he didn’t seem to stay long but my mother (if it was my mother), was shrouded in a depressed state and I could sense she had someone with her, almost like a carer. Do people who have passed over have difficulty being there and sometimes do they have people looking after them? Is it possible loved ones that have passed over dont want contact?

    Sometimes in doubt I feel its my mind playing tricks.

    Any advice or assistance would be extremely appreciated.

    Kind Regards
    Cecilia Wade

    • Rosemary Breen

      Hi Cecilia

      I feel for you, because I’m in a not too dissimilar position. My mother is alive but currently our family is not getting along. It is so sad for me, even though there is room for hope that things will be resolved in this life. Not so for you, it would seem.

      Im unsure of what you haven’t said between the…I never got to say goodbye and tell her I loved her… and …It ended badly … so I wont assume anything. Instead, Ill try and answer your questions.

      I remember not wanting to be born; so it’s entirely possible that your Mum didn’t want to die. That said, she has passed over and being pragmatic, it’s now a matter of ‘now what’. It may be the case that both of you are still coming to terms with her death; indeed there is no time limit on grief. Im wondering, is there such a thing as grieving on the other side? Ive never thought about it really, but I would suggest that if it does exist, it probably exists in the transitionary state. Maybe that is where your Mum is at the moment.

      Cecilia, let me speak my mind.

      What you can do … and this is a wonderful thing … is give your Mum your undying love, release her, and send her on her way. Is it possible that she is still in transition because she’s waiting for you to release her? The love that binds us never dies even when we leave this earth…it just gets stretched a bit more. So, hold onto the ties that bind you but release your firm grip a little and see how you both respond.

      We have discussed elsewhere on Psychic Revolution the issue of rights … do the dead have rights? I suspect they do, just as they have free will and following along that line of thought, it is my personal opinion that the deceased have a right to get on with their existence without being called back. Some visit of their own accord, but I personally don’t think we have a right to expect them to visit just because we summons them. Just my opinion, there 🙂

      Now, whether I am able to adhere to this belief when it comes my turn, remains to be seen. I hope I can.

      Hope this is of some help Cecilia.



  2. ann

    I have had similar experiences and would like to meet likeminded people, I live nr Bristol. Are there development circles here?

    I am 47, I have had a lot of unusual exp. I feel that I am also in touch with whitefeather and other similar connections.

    I am also interested in crystal therapy, sound therapy and flower remedies. I did a basic course in shiatsu about 7 years ago. I would be interested in learning Kum Nye and tai chi too.


    • Rosemary Breen

      Hi Ann

      Im not sure exactly what is in the Bristol area but I would assume there is quite a lot happening. Here are a few suggestions which I hope are not telling you what you already know.

      Look in bookshops and New Age shops; seek out a Unitarian Church – they may have some groups or courses; contact the College of Psychic Studies in London http://www.collegeofpsychicstudies.co.uk/ and check out their website too for members who are based around Bristol.

      Hope this helps Ann.



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