Clairaudient Psychic or Clear Hearing

The following paranormal phenomena statements on clairaudient voices beyond the grave are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I had just moved house with my baby daughter. the first night there it sounded like all the kitchen cupboards were opening and closing but when I checked it was all OK. I went back to bed but then it sounded like all the books in the 2 bookcases I had just put up in the loungeroom had hit the floor. I went to see and there was a WWI soldier in uniform standing with one foot on the fireplace reading a book. He looked up at me and I said something like “I don’t care what you do just don’t make noise” and he vanished. I have never seen him again and I never had any more trouble at that house.
– end of clairaudient psychic extract –


I was babysitting my five brothers and sisters. About 1:00 AM all were asleep and I had dosed off on the sofa. I was awaken by an extremely loud banging noise coming from the basement. The banging continued for at least 10 minutes. I was so terrified that I covered my head and forced myself to go back to sleep. When my parents returned my Father went into the basement but found no evidence of what had occured. He was able to reproduce the sound by banging on the furnace with a large piece of wood. I knew the sounds that furnace normally made after six years in the house and that night was far from normal.
– end of clairaudient psychic extract –


About three years ago me and my boyfriend were getting ready to leave the house to go out.

We were heading up the steps out of the basement when we heard this loud laughter, in a man’s voice, that lasted about 6 seconds. We stared wide-eyed at each other then we both felt something touch the backs of our necks. He described cold fingers against the back of his neck and I experienced a dull tug on my hair. I felt it in my hair and froze then I noticed him hunch his shoulders and he said “Something just touched my neck!” I informed him I’d felt something pull on my hair but I was hoping it was just my imagination.

We checked the TVs and radios in the house and they were all turned off, and we don’t have any children so there weren’t any children’s toys around that could have shifted and made the sound.

It was the only time we heard it, and both being open to the existence of ghosts we just assumed something had decided to make itself known to us. Why? No idea! We don’t call on ghosts or demons to show up, we are not ‘occultists’, we are Christians and have had more than our fair share of otherworldly sightings.

However, that incident was the last time anything supernatural has happened to either of us. So at the moment it is the ‘end’ of a long line of strange occurences over the course of my life, but I’m still reasonably young so who knows what may happen next. I’d rather be left alone but as I like to remind people, we don’t really get to pick and choose if something shows itself, it either will or it won’t, of it’s own choosing.


My wife and I had recently moved to a flat we were renting. I had experienced strange noises such as a ‘shhhh’ (as when asking for silence) sound everytime I listened to music. Also on one occasion as I was lying awake on bed, I heard a distinctly heavy breathing (almost snoring), which I felt was coming from the other side of the double bed I was in.

My wife was in the toilet at the time, and I told her what I was hearing at the time. Then one night me and my wife were watching tv in the living room. Both of us were sitting on a sofa. Then suddenly we both started hearing a loud voice, talking it would seem from one of the empty chairs just a couple of meters from our sofa. The voice talked fast, loud in a rather angry tone for about 20 seconds. It was so loud that without saying a word we turned at the same time to look a the empty chair. The voice sounded irritated but neither of us could make anything as it was rather slurred and seemed to have a closed accent (English is not our native language, hence we can have listening difficulties at times).
– end of extract –


One evening I was home with my daughter and her boyfriend. It was in the evening and there was a thunderstorm. I wasn’t real fond of my daughter’s boyfriend as he seemed to be a bit of a know it all but was trying to be polite and carry on a conversation with him. We were watching a spooky movie on TV and I asked him if he wanted to hear some of our ghost stories from the old house as we hadn’t lived in this new one that long and had had a few incidents there, but the ones from the old house were better.

My daughter had previously told me that he didn’t believe in the paranormal, but the stories were interesting and they seemed fitting with the thunderstorm and the scary movie. As we were sitting there, he paused to think of what to say, and the lights went out! And just as the lights went out, we all 3 distinctly heard a woman’s voice say, “Lights!” We all sat there stunned for a few seconds, I was not going to say I heard it first, especially since he was such a skeptic, I think my daughter felt the same way too.

After a few seconds her boyfriend said in a quiet, somewhat shaky voice, “Did you hear that?” Then my daughter and I said that we had heard it too. My daughter and he got up and started looking in the bedrooms to see if there was a radio or clock that we could have heard say “lights” before the lights went out, but of course there wasn’t. It was funny how close that kid stayed to me until I got flashlights and candles out and the lights came back on again! Although it is always a little unnerving when these things happen, I have to give it to that spirit, it was perfect timing and a real joke on Mr. Know it all!!!!
– end of clairaudient psychic extract –

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