Uninvited Poltergeist Reigns Supreme

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The following is another letter to the Psychic Revolution community asking for our help.

Wonder if you could help or put me on to someone who can.

I have lived in this house for 2 years now, since moving in strange things have been happening. I live with my 2 teenage girls aged 15 and 17, as far back as I can remember I have seen, felt, heard and known things. I have learned to live with this but yesterday things got a tad bit scary. I was sat at my kitchen table when something or one grabbed the back of the chair and dragged me across the kitchen floor.

There was others who saw this happen. Today my eldest has seen a woman moving to and from the stairs to the kitchen, the youngest felt something touch her. Please could you help me. Someone has mentioned having the house cleansed. Like I said before, things have always happened around me, with others seeing or sensing things for as far back as I remember.


Beginning the Conversation

How many of us have actually felt the full force of poltergeist activity? I certainly haven’t. The literature on this is patchy. The word poltergeist comes from the German word meaning noisy ghost and as Wendy has discovered above they do more than make a noise.

There is some discussion that poltergeists are actually manifested by pre-pubescent children but that is not conclusively proven. It’s just a theory at this stage.

In the meantime, Wendy has an overcrowded house. I know some paranormal professionals will ask if there has been a change in the type of activity which the family is engaged in – e.g. using the ouija board. There are also others who swear by cleansing and using paranormal investigators even.

Continue the Conversation

What advice can you give to Wendy and her family? Leave your thoughts below. They may help more than Wendy.

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  1. Rosemary Breen

    IIt would seem that you are experiencing a poltergeist. If this is the case, and research is somewhat lacking here, then it could be linked to one of your teenage daughters.

    I suggest not mentioning this to them at this stage but there is some research that suggests poltergeists are linked to pubescence.

    It would be helpful to know a bit more about your circumstance if you feel you can say.


    Rosemary Breen

  2. Wendy

    thanks for your reply i have since been in touch with my neighbours.

    Apparently they seem to think it was a previous occupant who once lived here. She was a medium, who was well loved in this community.

    Also 15th …. was the anniversary of her death. This was last Sunday, the day things really heated up around here.

    My eldest daughter actually saw her. She described the lady. Later a neighbour confirmed the lady my eldest daughter had seen was in fact the lady who lived here.

    She loved this house, also it was confirmed that what we felt around our ankles could have been the small dog she once had.

    The lady died of terminal cancer.

    Also every year a local spiritualist church have a special anniversary meeting for her. Neighbours say because i am making the house livable again she could be in fact very happy that the house is being renovated, (the neighbours who moved in after her, did not look after the place, i have been told).

    Aso she was very good with teenagers and loved being in their company, being a medium she told folk a lot of things, maybe she is helping us, who knows. By the way i live in ….

    Like i said before i have most of my life seen and heard things that i cannot explain, my grandma was a medium and a healer.

    I have been told by various folk that it has been passed on to me, although i have never done anything about it. Its something i dont fully understand, all i know is what i have seen, felt, and heard.

    Still very unsure what to do about my situation? What would you advise?

    And thank you for your reply


  3. Sandra

    There are many factors that could be happening here. But these are my initial thoughts.

    1. The moving of the lady in the chair (Wendy) requires a lot of energy and therefore an energy (physical) source. It is documented that teenage girls going through puberty acts as a catalyst for this type of Spirit activity (poltergeist). So I would say that the 15 year old girl could very well be the catalyst – especially if she is very sensitive and psychic, and combined with her older sister’s own physical energy enables Spirit to interact with the physical world. Spirit can not physically move objects, it is purely a manipulation of physical energy.

    2. In the home environment is there ‘difficulties’ ‘tension’ ‘strong emotions’ – particular with two teenagers (maybe the Spirit does not like arguments, disrespective behaviour etc). Negative energy creates a type of physical energy that Spirit can manipulate.

    3. I am not sure about the Spirit being the Medium who lived there. If I was in Spirit I am not sure I would take such drastic action as to move someone across the floor while seated – it can be a very scary and unsettling action to take. However, it may be that the medium Spirit needs Wendy to pay attention – maybe the Spirit has been trying to contact Wendy but she has ignored all the signs given by the ‘Spirit Medium.’

    I would suggest that Wendy goes back to the Spiritualist church and get one of the Mediums who knew the lady who died to contact her and ask her why she is doing this, and to stop her actions. It would also be advisable if the Medium brings another Medium with them just in case there is another Spirit present. With teenagers going through puberty they can act like spirit beacons and there maybe another Spirit presence that the Spirit Medium does not like and is trying to warn Wendy.

    4. If the Spirit is of the Medium lady who passed, once contact is made – try and get her name, then Wendy and her teenage daughters can acknowledge her presence by name, have a chat and she will behave herself.

    5. Wendy to sit in a circle to learn and understand how to control her abilities. She should control Spirit, and not Spirit control her. Working with Spirit is a team effort.

    6. If Wendy would like some information she can send her address to me at ETVOS, PO Box 92, New Romney, Kent TN28 9BP – and I will send her some information sheets that may help.

    I hope this helps in some way – the next step for Wendy is too make contact with the Spirit entity via a reputable Medium. It is a shame she does not live closer to me because I could have assessed the situation.

    All the best

  4. marita upton

    Hey friend.

    I witnessed the loud banging, resounding crescendo of a plate glass window and then it went all around the back of the house. Was very scary!

    Never heard anything like that before!

    The sculpture of the deceased was apported from somewhere outside to the inside of the house???????????
    and a girl’s voice said HELLO.

    The plate glass, about the size of a wall clock imploded, BOOM BOOM. I chose to not acknowledge it and the next day there was more banging, resounding, ever increasing crescendo.


    • Rosemary Breen


      This must have been very scary for you.

      Hopefully it was a one-off occurrence and thing shave settled down since.

      Do you have any idea what triggered this upheaval? Were you dabbling in the occult (ouija etc)? Were there teenagers present in the house? It would be interesting to know what what happening around this time, to try and establish if there is any connection between the two.

      Lovely to hear from you, anyway.



  5. Ian Gardner

    re. Auditory Hallucinations 313
    My understanding is that:
    1. “Souls” remain bound to earthly sites by their “attachment/s” to the site and/or their one time activities there and cannot leave until they shed their “Shackles”.
    2. The age range of people within which poltergeist activity manifests is due to the susceptibility of some of those in the range to access by spirit entities.


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