Is the Devil in the Demon?

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Demons and Other Harmful Elements

From Brooke: I am currently in desperate need of help because of a “paranormal” Situation.

I have been seeing and dealing with ghosts my entire life…but this I’m afraid is not a ghost…This entity I am speaking of resides in my friends house.

I would consider this “entity” to be a demon. I am sixteen years old and I have seen and heard and been interacting with Ghosts my whole life. I’ve dreamt the deaths of my Great Grandmother, my cat, my Biological Father and even a few other relatives/friends.

I can see auras and sense how others are feeling. The only thing I’ve never been able to handle are “evil spirits”.

I’ve only encountered one before now, when I was five I was tortured by this cruel entity for nearly a year until we moved. I have been traumatized by whatever resided in that room in my old home…and now I am being asked for help by a dear friend.

I tried debunking things with Logic…but Logic doesn’t explain the things that have been happening. I am becoming more and more desperate for I’ve tried everything I know.

I’ve burned sage and demanded it to leave. I’ve tried being firm with it…but nothing is working and I am scared. I rarely admit to being scared. But right now, I am. I rarely ever show my emotions in front of others.

I never cry in front of people…but she saw me cry out of fear….I am asking you for advice and perhaps help.


Beginning the Conversation

There seems to be a connection between the young and demonic entities. Why is this? Are they more susceptible or are they playing more in the paranormal realms than ever before?

As Ive mentioned elsewhere there is a theory that pre-pubescence and poltergeists go together. I’m not sure this is the case in this instance.

I worked with this young lady quite a lot on this issue away from the forum and convincing her to confide in her parents and turn to reputable paranormal cleansers she has had some closure on this issue.

Continuing the Conversation

What would you add to this guidance? Please share your thoughts below.

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  1. David

    This young woman ought to seek out a priest or minister to help her, but very cautiously ~ someone approved by his superiors to do this type of cleansing, and she must recognise that the first step will almost certainly be that her sanity is questioned. D

    • Rosemary Breen

      Thanks David.

      Are you speaking form experience, directly or indirectly perhaps?




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