Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity or Just Unexplainable?

There are so many cases of certain types of paranormal activity that it is hard to brush them aside as coincidence.

In the original spontaneous paranormal survey there were graphic reports of people having an out of body experience. There were pages and pages of descriptive texts on mental telepathy.

Less frequent was the talk of ufo activity, and poltergeists, psychometry and psychokinesis – the ultimate mind over matter experience.

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Perhaps you’ve observed your body from afar? Or become so close to someone that you can literally talk to them without speaking out loud? What about the mind/machine interface? Some studies have been conducted on the role the human mind plays in the malfunctioning of computers. Ever noticed your computer demanding ‘downtime’ when you have a deadline to meet? The jury is still out on poltergeists. Some maintain that this phenomenon is brought on by adolescents, others think it is more widespread than this. You be the judge.

Some of the supernatural survey extracts are available on the following pages.

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