OBEs or Out of Mind?

The following OBEs statements are paranormal phenomena extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.

410. OBEs

I was 19 and in labor with my 1st daughter. the labor was unusally long and very intense. After the first 30 hours, I was giving demerol for the pain, and it knocked me out at first, between contractions. Then, I noticed the nurses talking about me to family next to me, as if i was asleep, but I watched and listened to everything.

They did not want me to know the cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck, and the nurses showed the monitor printouts and explained what it all meant. I guess I was out completely and barley woke up for the contractions. I believe it was around 40 hours in and the second dose of demerol was given to me, it wasnt as effective this time, but I was “out”, but I wasnt. I wanted my dad, my back hurt intensly and I was scared and alone. I kept trying to call out to my dad, but I couldnt make my mouth move. I became so hysterical in my mind, I was calling Daddy, daddy I need you!

Then I got up and went and looked over the curtain and looked down and saw my dad talking to my nurse about me and the baby, all the while I was screaming daddy, why cant you hear me!! Then I heard the monitor beeping faster, and the nurse said I would be waking up for this contraction and as she pullled the curtain aside, I turned to look behind me at the machine and WOOOSH I felt like I was sucked backwards, with my hands and legs in front of me, or pulled like a rubberband snapping back, and the next moment I was sitting up, opening my eues and screaming from the sudden shock of pain.

I never thought anything of this, until I was telling my dad about it and saying I was mad at him for not hearing me and coming to me when i called. He then told me that it was impossible for me to have seen him behind the curtain with the nurse, he had come into the room after i was ‘asleep’ and how could i have gone OVER the curtain? Thats when I realized it was an OBE and he told me about his experiance with an OBE when he was 5. He never had another one, and so far, I have not either.
– end of obes extract –


I have vivid memories of being age 3 to 5 and getting in my parents bed at night ( they were still up in the other room). I would lie very still and soon my body would feel like it was floating in air …I was still very much awake. I felt the sensation of rotating …slowly turning over and over even head to toe … the sesation would persist as long as I was motionless … I loved how it felt and was always disappointed when some outside noise or movement would cause it to stop.
– end of extract –


I have few times out of body experience once I felt be back in my body the wrong side, front in back, I did a turn and came back correctly in my body.
– end of extract –

301. OBEs

I was asleep and had an out of body experience. I remember my spirit lifting up out of me and I watched myself sleeping on the bed, and then my sprirt rose up out of the house and moved off somewhere. I dont know what happened after that or where my spirit went, but I felt it come back into me.
– end of extract –

246. OBEs

I had an emergency c-section. I was out of my body watching a doctor and nurse work on my baby. I could see a silver light and then there were people around me they told me my was not ready to be born and I would have another baby. I didn’t want to go back but I was told I had more lessons to learn in this life.
– end of obes extract –


as a young child i would ofter astral travel during the night. I would travel between our house and the next door neighbours’ house, but would never go very far, eg, i would never leave the fenced boundaries of the houses. but i would fly down the chimneys and under doorways and look at people sleeping etc….
– end of obes extract –

156. OBEs

I was awaken by my son playing in his room in the middle of the night. I got up and went to his room to tell him to go to sleep. then walked out the front door and took off flying. I was apparently Astral Projecting or having a really crazy dream. Either way, when I asked my son the next day about me telling him to go to sleep, he said I did come to his room, I asked him what I looked like and he said “ghost daddy”.
– end of obes extract –

117. OBEs

I was 18 years old and I involuntarily had an out of body experience. While I was outside my body I was not consciencious of what was happening. I was curious to look around in my own room like if it was the first time I saw it and the things were inside, maybe because things appear to be behing a fog. I had to get very close to see small details like the wall paper of my room, and then I was surprised telling to myself !Is like the wall paper in my room!

For a moment I “jumped” to the third floor in my house (I was in the second floor) and I saw the light of the numbers of the clock in my brother’s room. It was 3:17 a.m., later I recalled the events. The last movement I did was to try and turn on the light, my fingers went through the switch. Then I felt there was no use to be there, I came back to one corner of the ceiling when everything started. I looked at my body down there in my bed,

I blinked my eyes and when I opened them I was in my body. I felt distressed to realize what happened, I was awake all that time, concient or reasoning; except when I was out side I did not know what was happening. I saw my cousin on the other bed, she was awake. She got scared when I called her. I asked her why she was awake, she said she could not sleep and she just felt somebody crossing her body in one direction to the right and then in the other direction to the left of her body.

It was the last movement I made when I was trying to turn on the light. I told her about my experience then we saw the time, it was 3:29 a.m. That time I knew she has a gift, we came to the conclusion that I was the one that crossed through her body in my last movement when I was outside my body.
– end of obes extract –


My daughter had stayed with friends overnight. Early the next morning I was sitting with my son having breakfast and we both heard the frontdoor open. We both saw my daughter enter. She walked straight past us, then turned around and went back out without a word. I was worried because I thought she must be upset about something. I followed her out into the street, but she was nowhere to be seen.

I phoned her friends and demanded to know why my daughter was acting in this strange way. I nearly fell through the floor when they told me she was still sound asleep in bed.

– end of obes extract –

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