In Dreams and Dream Meanings
Warning: Only click on the video above if you like music. Apologies if you don’t – but hey – it is my site and I do love lots of different kinds of music. Besides which, Roy Orbison’s voice is a gift straight from God.

“Without Music, Life Would be a Mistake” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Anyway, many of our best ideas and intuitions seem to come to us while we are asleep (or in the shower!)

Certainly, this was the case for many of the people in the first round of the spontaneous paranormal survey who wrote about the own particular premonition. Some examples of precognition were deeply personal. Others, which related to the world events that touched us all so deeply, are detailed in paranormal activity.

Some survey participants, though not as many as I would have thought, are moved by dream symbols while others take their dreams in a more literal sense and need no help with dream interpretation.

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