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The following psychic prediction statements are paranormal phenomena extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I can often pick up the phone either immediately before someone close to me wants to call (e.g., I call them) or answer the phone without it ringing.

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I was just married. I entered my home to hear my husband call my name loudly and clearly. I was not expecting him to be home as he worked afternoon shift. The timbre of his voice told me he was upset. I looked everywhere, inside and out for him, although his motorbike was gone. Still determined I rang his parents home and said “is …. there?” I still don’t know why I rang there first and not his work. He answered the phone with ” How did you know I was here?” His father had just attempted suicide.

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One night I had a dream about a girl who lived down the street. Her parents owned a corner store near my house. In the dream I saw her in an airplane and I saw the plane up in the air where it exploded. About a week after having this dream, Air India Flight 182 on June 23rd 1985 did in fact explode. I found out that she was on the plane headed for India and she died in the plane crash.

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On minesweep in Vietnam. I got a premonition that we were going to run into trouble early on in the day, after a small snake bit me. Soon, our mine detectors started breaking down. We started running late and the Sgt. told us to sweep with half the # of detectors required and to “take big steps.” I protested, so he put me at the end of the line. After some distance I lookat at the ground that had already been swept and ‘knew’ a mine was there, even though there was no obvious indication (the ground looked undisturbed). I uncovered it and dug it out as the sweep was brought back to my position. Other mines were detected by mechanical means, but later in the day I discovered a mine in a location after it was swept by 2 detectors and probed with negative results. May 9, 1968

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I was working by myself on the pharmacy counter at work. I was undergoing some deep personal transformations at the time. I was not feeling well. I was having sensations of a lot of energy rising up my spine, up the back of my neck and wanting to exit out the top of my head. But the energies were not exiting and I was developing a huge headache. At the same time I was trying to handle the pharmacy for my boss without bothering him as he was in his office working. I kept hearing a warning voice telling me to get out of the pharmacy. It was causing fear in me but I was ignoring all of this and trying to stay and do my job. Then I sensed that the typewriter was not going to work as I approached it because I was ignoring this voice telling me to leave. When I got to the switch and turned it on it wasn’t working. I wasn’t surprised. Then my boss came down and tried and it still didn’t work but eventually it did turn on and I continued my work. Then I was alone again and still this headache and warning voice was there telling me to drop everything and leave or something else more serious would happen. I began to imagine that the next thing that would occur would be a fire as my boss was fearful of fires in the store. Within a short space of time following this thought he came down from his office and said he smelled smoke. So I told him I had this migraine headache and was feeling sick and needed to leave immediately. I was sensing that all of this activity was being orchestrated from within me and I needed to leave to stop it. So I did and it did stop.

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It was 20th Jan 1996. I had flu but had an appointment to view a house to buy. Halfway across the road from East Finchley tube station, London, I felt a tremendous blow between my shoulderblades and a sensation as if all the life was draining out of the soles of my feet. I gripped the metal fence in the central reservation, shaking. Recovering my strength, i carried on to the house but remembered nothing of my visit. When I got home, I repeatedly tried to ring my mother in Liverpool but got no reply. Feeling ill and anxious, I poured a whisky, something I never normally drink. It was my mother’s favourite drink. Suddenly, it was as if giant wings swept into the room and it was filled with pink light and I lifted my face up and felt warmth, as if I were sunbathing, and a tremendous sense of peace and love. The following day my mother was found dead in bed. She had died at the time I was crossing the road and felt the blow on my back. I am convinced that the wings, the pink light and the feeling of powerful love and peace were her coming to say goodbye to me. Four days later, I met up with my sister at my mother’s house. Mum’s favourite bird was the thrush. My sister was on the phone to the vicar and I looked out of the window and saw an enormous thrush on the garden fence, much, much larger than a thrush should be. I called to my sister. She took ages to finish her call but the bird was still there. It waited until we were both looking out, then gazed at us with beautiful golden eyes and slowly took off and flew away. ‘That wasn’t a thrush, it was a hawk of some sort,’ said my sister, who knows about birds. Later I discovered that the hawk is a messenger from the dead in Egyptian mythology. Oddly enough, I had a totally different set of phenomena when my father died, but one of these was connected to Egypt and pyramids. Very strange.

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