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The following is one extract of many on death from the surveys completed for my Higher Degree dissertation at Monash University in Australia.

When I was five years old I was the victim of a crime. I was left for dead and think, still, at this time that I did die. I do remember the feeling of my body getting very cold and then slipping away, as if my consciousness existed but my body was dead. I’ve always questioned whether this experience was the product of a dying brain — a hallucination of sorts – but my heart knows something happened.

The experience was distressing in the sense that I didn’t want to come back and was mad about it.

I saw a man standing in what looked like a cave. He was in brown and had brown hair. He was looking at me and I had the impression he was talking to me, but his mouth wasn’t moving. I don’t know what he said. His eyes were very black and round. I do remember pleading with him to let me stay. I got the sense there were others with me as well. It was warm and calm. I think he might have told me it wasn’t my time, but I was so upset about not being allowed to stay I’m not sure I was listening to him properly.

We were not raised with any particular religious upbringing but we were exposed to many different religions as a child.

I was found by my sister but I never talked about the experience until well into my twenties.

The Beginning of the Conversation

What a distressing story on so many levels. First, that a child could be a victim of crime is difficult to comprehend. Second, the damage to this child may have been extended because she was not able to, or wasn’t invited to, deal with this experience by getting professional help and talking about it at the time. Thirdly, presumably, there would not have been any point of reference for this person to deal with the near death experience that was encountered.

I have never been a victim of crime and I have never had a near death experience either. However, I do know from the survey results that most NDE are the result of some sort of trauma and not all of them are remembered as positive encounters. Have you survived a trauma and had a mystical or paranormal experience at the same time?

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