Tips for Using a Psychic Shield for Protection

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The following is a guest post from Rachel Peterson of PsychicPulse.

We are all made of energy and we can use that energy to either work for us or against us.

Through years of research and experimentation with psychic energy, paranormal activity and my own consciousness, I would say that one of the most useful things I have learned along the way is how to create and effectively use a psychic shield.

I believe that, in general, it is good to be open and welcoming to most energy around us. However, there are some energetic influences that we do not want to allow within our fields. Through some simple techniques, I have found it easily to create a powerful shield that surrounds and protects from unwanted negativity.

What Is a Psychic Shield?

A psychic shield is an energy field that surrounds us and protects us from negative entities or spirits, negative thought forms, and from energy suckers – those forms that can literally suck the energy right out of us.

A psychic shield is unique to each individual and can look and feel very different depending on how you imagine it to be.

My own psychic shield, that I have used on a daily basis for the last fifteen years, is a simple white shining light about two inches thick that completely surrounds me. In my mind, it is beautiful to see yet completely impenetrable to any outside negative energy or influence.

Why Use a Psychic Shield?

Each person will have their own reasons for using a psychic shield. Personally, I began using one out of sheer desperation!

Having been aware of and communicated with ghosts and spirits for so long I became very comfortable with their energy and existence in my own life.

However, between the ages of 18 and 22 years, my experiences with different entities became to get out of control. Whereas in the past my experiences had always been positive, suddenly I seemed to become a gateway for any spirit, negative or positive, to pass through and use.

My bedroom became the main hub of action and it turned into something like a scene from a spooky movie. I would wake at night to dark shadows wandering my room and swirling around me. The mobile on the ceiling would spin at a very fast rate (no windows were open) and overall, my haven from the world became a stockpile of sheer chaos. The feeling wasn’t good, to say the very least and there was a definite negative air in that room.

My breaking point came when the spirits began passing through my body. I would awake from sleep feeling as though something had taken over my body. When this happened, it never lasted more than a few seconds but it made me very uncomfortable, and a nervous wreck!

Up to that point, I had always welcomed and invited communication with spirits but by this time, I realized that I needed boundaries. I’m not sure why the paranormal activity became so intense, so suddenly but it was clear to me that something had changed and I needed to take control of the situation.

After some research and invaluable conversations with knowledgeable people I trusted and respected, I realized that it was possible to be open to paranormal activity and maintain boundaries and control. I learned how to identify the negative energies that were unwelcome in my world (especially, while I am sleeping) as well as how to use a psychic shield for protection.

At first, I was amazed at how something so simple could make such a huge difference.

From the very first time that I used my psychic shield until now I have never had the same issues again … not even once. I now use my shield daily, not only for protection from negative spirits but also, for protection from the unwanted energy that may surround me.

How to Create and Use a Psychic Shield

There are three steps I like to follow when creating and using a psychic shield.

Cleansing Process
It is wise to first start off with a cleansing ritual. Cleansing rituals are used for many things but, typically, they are used to erase of any negative energy that may become attached to us. There are many different methods of performing a cleansing ritual with some of the most popular being dowsing, smudging, or a simple sweeping with the hands.

Creation Process
Some people like to make the creation process a highly ceremonious event. Others just whip it up and get on with it. So, just do whatever feels right for you. Here’s my suggestion.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by some type of light or shield. The shape, size, color and texture are all up to imagine. Be very clear with your vision and spend some time thinking about this protection and feeling it around your body, until it starts to feel powerful and real.

Believe it or not, that is all there is to it. Your thoughts, imagination and energy are all extremely powerful tools and once you have created your shield you can use it again and again – in fact, any time you need it.

Using the Shield
You may choose to use your shield in many different circumstances. When I feel I need it, I imagine my shield and say to myself “I am surrounded by a white light shield of protection”.

It is very common for energy healers as well as psychic advisors to surround themselves with a shield in order to protect themselves from the energy of those they work with, be it on the physical or the spiritual plane. This is also just as effective when dealing with energy over long distances, as in the cases of distance healers and phone psychics.

The biggest lesson I have learned from using a psychic shield is that it is important to have boundaries not only in my physical world but also in the psychic and spiritual worlds as well.

It is a wonderful feeling to be in control of our own greater good. For this reason, I believe a psychic shield should be an integral part of everyone’s life.


Rachel Peterson is a freelance writer with a special interest in self-development, psychic energy and paranormal activity. She shares her passion for all things psychic at

Beginning the Conversation

While I’m not a paranormal practitioner, I think Rachel’s suggestions are good protection strategies for everyday life.

Has anyone got a name for the sensation that I call ‘walking outside of myself’? I remember this was a biggie for me when I lived in London. I used to say to my husband as we walked along, it’s like the energy here has blown my circuits and I’m walking six inches outside of myself (usually to the side).

Now Continue the Conversation Below

So, what is this called? Anyone?

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  1. Dave "Felbain" K.

    Yes, the simplicity of Rachel’s shielding is a wonderful description and technique. Every few months I personally enjoy doing a little more of a ceremony/ritual just to impress it more on my Being. It may be unnecessary, but seems to impact my energy quite well.

    I would be interested in knowing what this phenomena is called as well. I understand it a bit but have never found a label or name that fits. When I experience this it is also to “the side” (seemingly left side when “good feeling”, right side when “negative and in a few instances behind or in front???)

    When this happens to me its sort of like a “heat trail” (the invisible wiggle seen over hot streets) that distorts the area between the physical me and the ethereal me. Sometimes it’s fairly in sync, other times it’s like a delayed “Slinky™” effect (stretch/pull, spring together, repeat)

    It can be very uncomfortable at times and at others very warm and embracing.

    Blessings of Peace,

    • Rosemary Breen

      Well Felbain, from a practitioner to a non-practitioner viewpoint, Im pleased you’re comfortable with Rachel’s shielding explanation. I have certainly referred members of the community to the article.

      Now with regards your explanation of your own experiences I must confess I feel like you’ve switched from English to Swahili 🙂

      I will therefore need to ask for assistance from the Community and I will do that in my next monthly newsletter. In the meantime, there may be others who will read this here and respond.



    • Angela

      I know exactly what you feel.

      I have no idea what it is though.

      I am in college taking holistic health classes and one of them is an energy healing class. I have asked my instructor what it is and she has no idea. She says it may be something to do with being balanced or centered. I’m not so sure about that though.

      What I feel is sort of being pushed and pulled by energy.

      It feels like it completely surrounds me but at times it is in front or back or to the sides. When it’s in front, I feel pulled along like that slinky feeling you explained. When its behind me, I feel like I need to stop to let it catch up. When I do stop, I feel pulled backwards. The sideways feeling is usually when I pass someone or walk beside someone. It’s very strange. And yes, it does become uncomfortable when I am trying to do something and it doesn’t cooperate.

      Let me know if you figure this out.

      • Rosemary Breen

        Hi Angela

        I haven’t heard from Dave for a while but I know he will receive your post.

        Whether he replies or not, Im not sure.

        But, thank you for finding us at Psychic Revolution.



  2. Dave "Felbain" K.

    Please forgive my lack of edit-quette! 🙂

    I must have deleted the line that was in between the first paragraph and second. I was responding to the part under the story that read:

    >” Beginning the Conversation

    While I’m not a paranormal practitioner, I think Rachel’s suggestions are good protection strategies for everyday life.

    Has anyone got a name for the sensation that I call ‘walking ourtside of myself’? I remember this was a biggie for me when I lived in London. I used to say to my husband as we walked along, it’s like the energy here has blown my circuits and I’m walking six inches outside of myself (usually to the side).

    Now Continue the Conversation Below

    So, what is this called? Anyone? “<

    I apologize for disrupting the continuity of the reading. 🙂
    Blessings of Peace,

    • Rosemary Breen


      Im just glad to have you here. No need to apologize – and thank you anyway.



  3. Madison C Price


    I have not had many experiences with anything. However I like to call myself a hopeful skeptic. Recently I went with two friends, who see stuff daily, to a haunted location. The whole time they were hearing and seeing things. I never saw or heard anything. During the events though, they said that any time I walked towards something they could see, it would basically run away from me. One entity was a demon that has been tormenting and attacking the owners of the building. Nothing happened to me. My friends were scratched and many things happen to them.

    By the end my friends and the owners were saying that they believed I was a naturally born shield? They said that I needed to learn how to ‘controll’ my energy so i could turn the shield off before I would be able to see things… But I can’t find any information on the internet? Any suggestions?

    I know something was there. I may not have seen or heard anything but I did watch a bottle cap and a penny get thrown across the room at me.

    Any help or resourses?

    • Rosemary Breen

      Hello Madison!

      Apologies for the delay and happy to start the discussion rolling on this.

      My first thought is one of concern for your friends. To my way of thinking, the paranormal is real and not something to be played with or actively sought out.

      What type of psychic protection do your friends believe they are using? It would seem whatever they are using is not working….and that is a big concern. In my experience, interfering with energy has consequences. They are stirring the energy of the site, probably not helping the entities involved and, over time their activities will probably impact them directly.

      As you can see Madison I’m not a fan of meddling with the spirit world.

      I’m pleased that outwardly you are immune to the energy shifts but I would suggest you connect with a spirit-worker to learn more about the downside of playing in this world, and if you decide to continue to do so then some upskilling is advised.

      Thanks for reaching out Madison. Hope this helps.


      • Anne Morgan

        Hi Madison. I completely endorse what Rosemary has said.

        Your friends are meddling with the lower astral plane which is a very dangerous thing to do without a lot of knowledge about the entities they are dealing with. There are things in the lower astral which take delight in messing with inexperienced humans and the worst outcome could be severe psychological and mental problems which could be difficult to treat even by a competent psychiatrist and a lot of money to pay for the treatment.

        If you continue to visit haunted sites I urge you to fully protect yourself at all times. To try and remove this protection is a very bad thing. You are protected for your own good and it is wise to fear the unknown. It’s best just to stay clear of any ventures you may be invited to attend. I can’t go into details about the lower astral plane as it is a vast subject, much of which, for good reasons, is not readily available to the casual inquisitive person.

        All humans are on a path of enlightenment whether they know it or not, and when you are ready for the knowledge, you will be directed which path to take and you will know what is right for you. Neither accept or lightly reject any information which comes your way. A safe place to start is the Theosophical Society. Most of the knowledge may seem to be written in an old-fashioned way but it’s a reputable source. If you don’t resonate with it, you are not ready for further progress in the occult world at this point in time.

        Stay safe in your searching.

        Blessed Be.


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