Afterlife – Explore Accounts of Life Beyond Death

Are you curious to know what others have experienced around the time of death?

In our original survey on spontaneous paranormal phenomena many people took the opportunity to share their encounters with death. While there were few references to the Grim Reaper, there were many fascinating accounts about personal encounters of death bed visions and after death communications.

Some survey participants had gone to the edge, the area between life and death, and returned. Others had been with their friends and loved ones when they had crossed over.

Their stories make for compelling reading.

In the following pages, read what others have written about death and dying.

Is there such a thing as life after death? What do others know about first hand about the tunnel, life reviews, and making the choice to return to this life?

We’ve probably all heard about near death experiences. There are those who have come close to, or been declared clinically dead, and yet have survived to tell the tale.

What of the children who come into this life talking about a past life? What do their stories tell us about life beyond this life? These experiences are widespread in countries such as India but are they also found in other cultures?

And what about the death of a pet? Just how close to we get to our pets and do they communicate with us beyond the grave?

A lot of death proof evidence was presented in the original survey and some of that is reproduced, respectfully and anonymously of course, in the following pages.

Today I Died

Death is such a complex issue and surprisingly few resources are available in the public domain on this topic.

Maybe death is still a taboo subject?

If it is, according to those who have experienced it, there is nothing more life affirming than a NDE.

This is a great video, from a very reputable source – none other than the BBC.

It is the first of 6 videos in the series and in it the research on near death experiences, by several well known and highly regarded doctors, is examined.

Does human consciousness lie outside the human body? That is, what if the brain is not producer but rather the receiver of consciousness?

Now that is quite a thought! Bear it in mind as you watch this video.

NDE or near death experiences have existed forever but it was only in the 1970’s, after Raymond Moody released his book Life After Life: The Investigation of a Phenomenon–Survival of Bodily Death (See all Personal Transformation Books) in which his review of 150 cases of NDE is documented, that people really began to talk openly about their own experiences.

The psychiatrist Bruce Greyson developed the NDE Scale which classifies experiences according to the presence of various components, including:

  • changes in the quality of thinking
  • changes in emotional state, euphoria etc
  • the leaving of the physical body
  • existence of ESP experiences including visions of the past and the future, and
  • transcendental experiences – meeting with deceased relatives, religious figures etc.

Enjoy the video and please share your thought below.


Recently Bereaved or Still Grieving Your Loss?

If you have recently lost a friend, a relative or a pet and are looking for words of solace, or if you need some comfort poems or quotes on death for the funeral service or eulogy, then you may find some consolation and hope in our especially compiled book of comfort poems and quotes on death (coming soon).

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