Pet Death

Pet Death and Animal Communication from Beyond the Grave

The following paranormal phenomena statements on pet death are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


For many years my wife and I were childless, and we adopted late in life (I was 50). Before that, we had pets. We had a pug that was as dear to us as a child. He died suddenly and unexpectedly. I had a strong premonition that we should not take him to the vet to have his teeth cleaned–a routine procedure usually with little risk–but I shook it off and we took him. The procedure supposedly went without a hitch, but when we came to get him, the vet assistant found him dead in his cage.

We were devastated, my wife even more than me. A night or two after that I had a dream unlike any I’ve had before or since. …. was in bed with us as he was in life, and we were playing with him. Suddenly he turned into a tiny puppet on strings and disappeared. Then without a break I was outside, up at my inlaws’ farm a half mile from our house. There was a flood of clear water between there and our house in town. I heard a voice–I know dogs can’t talk, but it was … –telling me that it was alright, but I had deep water to go through before I could get home. I woke up crying, with an intense and very real almost physical sense of his loving presence all around me.

This was not a dream of the ordinary sort. It was so vivid that even after almost 30 years I remember it in every tiny detail. It was a life-altering experience. I began to attend church regularly and volunteer for charitable causes, something I had never done before. And people say animals have no souls and there are no dogs in heaven…
– end of pet death extract –


Me and my girlfriend sat on my bed. A white cat simply, casually appeared, walked across my room, and then evaporated. Me and my grilfriend witnessed this.
– end of extract –


One night I awoke from a very deep sleep convinced that something horrible had happened to my cat. I was that convinced that I got up out of bed and walked to the other side of the house where the cat used to sleep at night (cat in same room, no sleep possible – cat owners will understand). I found my cat who was in distress as she had managed to half choke herself on a carrier bag which was wrapped around her neck. It is almost as if she ‘called out’ to me for help. I certainly didn’t hear her, as the rooms were too far apart and seperated by a few doors.
– end of pet death extract –


My husband and I had our beloved tomcat die in March 2006. He had a favorite spot on the bed. Our two surviving cats were on the bed with me. I felt something jump on the bed and felt weight in the bed where his usual spot was. Both living cats were startled the same time I was and turned to look at his spot on the bed where the sensation of weight was.
– end of pet death extract –


Moved to a new house, the first morning I woke up happy after a good nights sleep. I was still half asleep on my stomach when I felt my cat step onto the back of my lower leg, and slowly walk up the back of my body. It was a great way to wake up, feeling good, slept well, my cat walking on my back to say good morning. I turn over to pet my cat, and there is nothing there. I kept that to myself until reports of a ghost cat began to be talked about by my family. I felt it’s weight like it was alive, that will always leave me wondering how that is possible.
– end of pet death extract –


We adopted an abandoned Oriental shorthair we named … She was loving and smart and everything one would hope to find in an animal–except she had a terrible odor which was caused by chronic “heats” (she had not been spayed). At first the odor happened every 6 weeks. Then the period of time between the heats grew shorter and shorter, until she carried the odor nearly every day. It was so foul… I finally couldn’t stand it any longer.

We were aware that she had congenital kidney problems–one was weak, and the other barely worked at all. But the odor was so bad, I insisted she be be evaluated for spaying. We had every test possible run, and they all seemed to show she was healthy enough for the surgery, so we had it done. Two days later she began having seizures–she would become catatonic, and “freeze” in a position (standing, sitting, lying–it didn’t matter) for sometimes half an hour at a time.

We rushed her back to the vet and they immediaitely treated her with anti-seizure drugs, but after 6 days she died, anyway. I was distraught. I knew it was MY fault, because I couldn’t tolerate the odor she carried before the surgery. I felt SO guilty, I cried for days. Finally, one night while I was awake in bed with all the other cats around me, watching TV, I smelled …, and so did all the other cats. They started sniffing the air, and got up and moved around, looking for her. I felt her cold nose touch my arm, and felt her soft fur as she rubbed against me. At that point I knew she had come to say good-bye, and to tell me I was forgiven. I’ve never noticed her scent since then. But I’m grateful she knew I loved her, and that she chose to let me know I’m forgiven for making such a poor decision, and that she loves me, too.
– end of pet death extract –

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