Haunted Houses

The following statements on haunted houses are extracts from the second round of spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed. To find more ghostly reports start at Ghost Stories.


The castle has hundreds of ghosts, who can be quite fun and sometimes interact with us. Our favourite, whom few have seen, is a 20-year-old beauty called Katherine, who passed over in the 14th century. One week after she told me her name, via a psychic, she stood next to me in an otherwise empty room for around 3 minutes until visitors were heard getting nearer. I know she was there because of the smell of roses which got stronger and stronger beside me, and then faded away as the voices got nearer. It was a wonderful gift from her for my 21sr season there.

– end of haunted houses extract –

Creative Commons License photo credit: overgraeme


I believe that there are about 3 or 4 ghosts in my house,but i also believe i have a poltergeist here too.something has slammed a door in my face, banged cupboard doors, hid things, banging coming from the loft, running sounds from the landing, tv turning on and off on its own .music turned on really loud from a bedroom when everyone’s downstairs..the list goes on and on ….

– end of haunted houses extract –


I’m sitting on my front porch in Texas, USA (where I lived for 4 years and where this entire spiritual odyessey came into effect). So, I am having a coffee and under my oak tree which was 250 years old and had a span that went all around – so beautiful and the reason why we bought the house.

Anyway, I thought I could see heaps of baby dragonflies buzzing about the trunk about 1 metre from the ground. I walked up to the tree to get a better look. What I thought were dragonflies, were simply gnats of some kind. While I am standing there, a swarm of dragonflies flies through and eats the gnats……I’m left standing there going…..”but what I thought were dragonflies, just got eaten by dragonflies.”

I was on my same porch another day. I was leaning against the railing having a coffee and was in a very peaceful place within myself. I sorta just looked up and I could see the blackest of black person coming out of the top of my own head. I felt like this black person was my own inner self, soul, aura or something of that nature.

Another occassion, I had asked for a sign if my “diamond theory” was true or not. I wanted to know, was it just making sense to myself, or was it in fact true. the next morning I get up and go to the front room to turn the tv on. The painting on the wall was on the complete diamond. I thought nothing of it and straighten the painting. As I turned around, the painting behind the TV was also on the complete diamond (rather than square on the wall)……as usual my heart jumped and the goosebumps came and I ran into the entry room to this house to see what the paintings were doing…….both on the diamond….I run around the house….all paintings on the diamond. 

I woke my ex- boyfriend up and say….”get up…look at this”…..He summised I did it and was having him on. I said, do not lie to me, did you do this?”….He said he hadn’t. I had not told him that I had asked for a sign as to my “diamond theory”. My sugar bowl is self-filling, I’ve seen shadow-people in my back yard and bedroom and in Australia. I was walking along the street and had mentioned Ghandi’s quote….”be the change you wish to see” to my boyfriend, 5 steps later an Indian Banknote with Ghandi’s face on it rolls past on the ground. 11:11’s and 12:12’s inundate my day, always. I’ve blown street lights out with my mind by clicking my amygdala forward.

I’ve seen ghosts ad nausiam (excuse spelling) Synchronicities are so bizarre, that I am able to know if things will be OK….ie, had an amazing influx amount of “phoenix’s” – words or pictures, so much so, that I am like saying to myself, OK I see the phoenix…what does it mean. At the time we were about to move from Australia to new Zealand for visa purposes (my partner is a Texan – we are gay – to live together via getting proper visas is a chore)……then we find out we can just go to Bali and re-enter Australia on a different visa class and apply from within Australia. So about 2 weeks bwfore we were going to move to Nz, we decide to throw those airtickets in the bin and go to Bali instead. Then it dawned on me……..Bali – Indonesia’s national bird is the Garuda….which is a Malay Phoenix……..and I knew we would be OK…….Warren got his visa on the day he submitted the paperwork, after we paidd for our coffee – and the time was 11:11am…..LMAO.

I’m guessing I was a freemason in my past life because the synchroncities of it – are borderline absurd. I had wondered if I was going crazy – so on a visit back to Oz (I’m an aussie), I went to my doctor and asked him if there were any tests that could be done. He said yes and did the test…..he said I had an over-active thyroid and this could lead to craziness and would I like medication to get ut under control.

I decided against it, because even though it was freaking me out, I was amazed and the greatest experience of my life. I later read that the thyroid gland is how we communicate with God, and since it was all along these lines, I certainly wasn’t going to diminish this ability for fear of being nuts. To know in your heart, without the need to feel like you have to prove your case to anyone, that God exists – or more so, that there is a much bigger picture on the soul level is beautiful beyond painting. Albeit, any study into whatever this is, is the greatest of things to study for all the obvious reasons….and all the not so obvious ones too.

– end of haunted houses extract –

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