Past Life Memories

Past Life Memories

The following paranormal phenomena statements on past life memories are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed. For more accounts go to the Afterlife page.


I was in my living room. A daughter was present with me and also two other male persons. We were chatting. All of a sudden, my spirit left my body and sat at the feet of one of these men. I experienced an overwhelming sense of love and devotion toward this person. It was a spiritual love, akin to the angel energy I have also experienced in my life. I was about 37 at the time and rather taken aback at the experience. I wondered what it was about. It lasted for what seemed to be a few minutes. I pondered what this could mean. Then I let it go.

In later years, something else came up to do with this male, and I had another experience that has led me to believe that I have a very strong pre-existent relationship with this male and that spiritually we are forever entwined. Whenever this person and myself have been around each other physically, there has always been a very very strong spiritual pull towards each other (both experience this). At one time I thought that it meant that we would have a marriage relationship. However, because of the age difference, that didn’t seem to be practical.

Over the years, I have come to know that we were married in previous lifetimes – several times – but that during this lifetime we would cross paths and not marry. He would play a significant role in my life and the lives of my children, but that we would not marry. I still miss him, but know that we are on separate paths and both fulfilling our personal pre-existent contracts. Neither of us have remarried. I did share the experience with him at one time and he responded by saying that he had this overwhelming draw towards me too. He thought about marriage also, but knew that because of our age difference a marital relationship would not be practical for either of us. We somehow had put too many years between us.
– end of past life memories extract –


I used to have dreams of what must have been a past life. I used to dream of working in a very loud factory setting with repeatative work. I hated this factory and assumed it was during the depression. I had this dream numerous times as a child and it was too real to just be a dream at such a young age.

In addition I had dreams of a Tsunami in the same way, with no previous knowledge of them yet I had this ongoing dream of the wave I couldn’t get away from far too large for anyone to escape.
– end of past life memories extract –


I’m one of those children who, between the ages of three and four, recounted a few specifics of a past life to my mother. My mother and father are … natives (U.S.), and I also grew up in that state.

On one of the first nice days in Spring, …, we took a family outing to the … River. We walked along a little bridge and down to the river and my mother says I put my hands on my hips and looked around intently and said, “Is this the … River?” (pronunciation noted) She replied that it was. I went on to say that the river looked different “now,” (…) and that when I was an old man and lived near the river, I used to take my boat out of the water when it got cold. I added that I “rowed up the river and floated down the river,” and when it got cold I “turned the boat upside down and scraped the brown stuff off the bottom of it.”

These few details are the only ones I related–I remember the day, and the conversation, but it seemed natural and I don’t recall any negative associations with the experience. Prior to this childhood experience I had never been in a boat, or even been to the river before, so I think this is significant. I also find it interesting that until about the age of six I had drowning dreams regularly, and even in adulthood I’ll have extremely vivid dreams of sinking underwater, and have a fear of rowboats specifically (ferries, canoes, speedboats etc. do not induce fear).

It may also be worth noting that much later, my mother and I found books on historical … that included an older spelling of the state name, “…,”the pronunciation of which might have been close to the way I said it at the time of the visit to the river. See: … Term: … [origin of name] Definition: …

Modern linguists find that these primary sources do not accurately reflect what is known about how … languages function, and suspect that its meaning can never be conclusively determined. ….

View more information elsewhere at … Far from being distressed by this experience I find it fascinating, and at times inspiring–it suggests to me that past life experiences may have something to do with why I feel such deep connections to particular places or types of places, or why certain people seem familiar to me even though I’ve not met them in this “form,” as “this me.”
– end of past life memories extract –


to this day I remember an Obelisk in a stone cobbled square in an old city with a fountain. It was overcast and a little windy, my mother took my hand and we walked past the fountain, there were others around, she told me that we have to hurry before it rains. I’ll never forget turning my head to my right to look at the fountain one last time.

real life-1965; my mother was knitting mittens one October day and i told her i wanted to go back and see the obelisk at the fountian. She looked at me puzzled. (FYI; I grew up on a dairy farm in Northern …, no streets in sight of me) I insisted that the town square was where she took me and my father (in 1965) was not the father i knew. she became frightened and told me that i had been dreaming.

I still remember the smell of the air, and the sounds. I was three years old. and the memories didn’t stop there. I remember speaking another language to her. I’ve searched for pictures of that obelisk and fountian. luckily she didn’t tell me to keep quiet about my memory for the next story is more bizzare.
– end of past life memories extract –

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