One of the members of our community here at Psychic Revolution, Julie Bates, has kindly offered to post her own photos of orbs here on the site.

The pictures below are just a sample of what Julie has taken over the years in her home.

I’m not an expert on Orbs (and I am only a student of the paranormal) and, in fact, I had heard and read little about Orbs until after I’d completed my higher degree dissertation. So, I guess I see them as unexplained, and not necessarily paranormal.

Some Orbs in Photos

Julie’s Description

Julie has written more about these orbs here at Ghost Stories.

And, to help you know a bit more about ghost orbs check out the links below for more information.

If you already know your own mind on this then leave a message below and please continue the conversation.

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  1. Julie Bates

    I just wish to assure viewers of these photographs that there is no subterfuge or manipulation involved in the angel-like formation or orbs. A reflection from another source is also not an alternative or a speck of dust, hair, pollen or moisture. Most of the photos were taken over a period of days in daylight and at night around the June Solstice. I was completely flabbergasted when I saw them. We have visually seen paranormal activity for a long time in the area of this wall. I have kept the camera memory card and the gradual formation of the Angel is evident and a Madonna-like pose and an ascension of large distorted orbs. In some photographs it is possible to observe a white line of energy? (not these two photos) being extracted from the electric clock and the telephone line to assist in the manifestation. Make of it what you will, but know that the photographs have been taken and presented in all honesty and truth. Julie

    • Rosemary Breen

      Thank you Julie for following this up.

      I would like to take this opportunity to add to your statement Julie, if I may? In my dealings with you, both through and off the forum I’ve never had cause to think of you otherwise than as a person of integrity and I think most readers would also pick up on your genuineness and sincerity.

      Then, of course, there is the no small point that seems relevant in the area of the paranormal that you have a background, and strong foundation in the rigors of science.

      While these things are not the sum total of who you are, they speak volumes for me 🙂

      Ciao for now


  2. Anne Morgan

    Hi Rosemary, another twopenn’rth from me.

    Last year when my Pagan group was rehearsing our Yuletide play in the house of one of our members, one of the group was taking photos on her digital camera. It was very clear on the view screen that there were orbs all over the room. We took it as a sign that spirit beings were enjoying the fun just as much as we were.

    I have an unususual phenomenon on my digital camera also.

    When I am travelling around, I like to visit old churches to feel the atmosphere generated within them. When I look through the view screen I can see vertical violet lines, sometimes one, but where the atmosphere is strong, there can be two or even three in parallel formation.

    These lines do not show up on the printed photographs.

    I have made sure that they are not caused by light shining through stained glass windows by following them from above window height to below the pews in shadow down to the floor.

    On one occasion I was in a “modern” church which felt lifeless, and on scanning round I could not find any evidence of violet light. I put this down to old churches being built on previous sites of pre-christian worship where a power cone might have been raised.

    As my lines are always vertical, I don’t think they are part of the ley line system, but I suppose they could have been raised from the earth energy.

    What puzzles me is why it takes digital cameras to manifest these various light phenomena, and why Julie can print her orbs but I can’t show anyone my violet lines.

    I may add that the lines only appear in old churches and I have used the camera over several years now and am loathe to change it in case I no longer see the wonderful light.

    • Rosemary Breen

      Hi Anne

      Nice to hear from you again.

      First off the bat, I’m wondering if you can explain what you mean by “where a power cone might have been raised”? Hopefully, I’m not the only person here who needs to be informed about this 🙂

      Julie may be able to throw more light on your vertical lines and the significance of the colour even.

      I’m a bit surprised to read that you’re hesitant to change cameras in case your energy lines go away. You obviously don’t want to tempt fate but perhaps you could borrow a camera or try using a mobile phone and see what appears (or not?0.

      I know what you mean about the energy of sacred places and when in Britain I love to visit quiet, out of the churches that aren’t too buzzy.

      Let me know how you go looking at churches through alternative lens.



  3. Anne Morgan

    Hi Rosemary, firstly, I will try my mobile phone to see if I get the same effect, it had crossed my mind but I haven’t as yet acted on it.

    Secondly, raising a power cone is a ritual performed by various Pagan groups.

    The group of participants form a circle and might chant and dance or drum to a co-ordinated rhythm or do a combination of all three with the intention of directing the energy of the Earth to help in what ever work they are performing at the time.

    My own experience of using this energy has been for sending healing to absent friends or family who are in need of help for whatever reason. I’m sure other people will be able to tell you more about it. Not being clairvoyant I cannot say if the energy raised does create a visible cone, but there is certainly a feeling of a change in the atmosphere of the place when I have participated in this ritual.

    I think in centuries past, before the coming to these islands of the Christians, people practising the Old Religion probably raised power cones in places where the ley lines and thus the Earth energies were strongest, in an attempt to communicate with their Gods and Goddesses. And the Christians built their churches, maybe subconsciously in the same places because the latent energy attracted them.

    It has been found in archaeological excavation that Pagan worship did often take place on the same sites as early churches, and indeed some early churches have carvings suggesting that the Old Religion was still being practised on the same sites even after conversion. Kilbeck in Hertfordshire being a good example.

    It has some good pictures and historical notes. I have visited Kilpeck and the atmosphere there is remarkable.

    Hope this is of help to you.

    Blessings, Anne.

    • Rosemary Breen

      Anne. Its gorgeous! What a beautiful, in tact Church and I love the connection with the Pilgrims Way and Santiago del Compostella (of which I have fond memories).

      Ive booked the website too – for when the family are next in Britain 🙂

      Thanks Anne

      • Julie Bates

        That is beautiful that you see the mauve vertical lines, obviously very spiritual and indicative of the mauve of the crown chakra.

        “Vertical” is obviously upward in direction, indicating spirituality, as well.

        You are obviously seeing the energy in these places.

        There are orbs and rods or beams of light floating around in the ether, although orbs would probably be a better form of travel as more energy can fit into a smaller surface area.

        I was exactly the same as you in that I did not want to change my camera as I used to get some nice orbs and a face at my spiritual group when I had my previous camera. I feel that once the camera and you bond a little all is as it should be and you may resume taking or seeing mini masterpieces.

        I feel the formations in my photographs were caused by my Mum, as it was the Anniversary of Dad’s death, but she was the boss and probably fuelled with determination to get through. Also, there were huge issues that we were dealing with at that time, so she would have wanted to help out.

        She followed us around for months in the form of a mauve orb. The three lines you sometimes see could be indicative of the Trinity, but in respect of and inclination towards your Pagan orientation the three may indicate spirituality synthesis.

        Good Wishes Julie Bates

        • Rosemary Breen


          Thank you for coming in here with Anne. Given your background with orbs I’m sure you and Anne have quite a lot in common in this area.

          Your insights are also refreshing – I only got as far as the Trinity triangle in the brickwork behind the energy lines 🙂 and I’m sure Anne will respond.



  4. Anne Morgan

    Hi Julie and Rosemary.

    Thanks for the response to my post.

    I wish I could see the phenomena without the aid of my camera.

    Some of the churches I have visited which have shown the strongest colour and most vertical lines were the oldest buildings. I don’t go into modern churches as these don’t have the atmosphere that I enjoy.

    Perhaps I should try out a few modern builds to see if it is the use of the building for worship or something more ancient like the Earth energy that is picked up.

    I keep promising myself to try old houses to see if I can pick up the same effect, but most of the Heritage sites I visit don’t allow cameras inside as the flash does something to the fabrics (allegedly).

    As I have only recently bought my android phone, I have not yet had much time to experiment with finding orbs or anything else in old churches or houses.

    I will post anything I do come across in the future. Blessings, Anne.

  5. Anne Morgan

    Just a P.S.
    I notice there is a five pointed star in the photograph with the orb.

    This is a Pagan symbol representing the four elements of earth, air, fire and water and for me, (others may vary) the power of the Universe.

    Perhaps this is the attraction for the spirtual entity.

    • Julie Bates


      Yes, I like the thought of the protection of the pentagram. I am even having it incorporated into the paving outside.

      Julie Bates

  6. marita upton

    Did you know the word demonstrate has demon in it ?

  7. marita upton

    May I send my orb picture at the garden to you ?

    • Rosemary Breen

      Yes Rita. Im not sure how Ill upload it or where but by all means forward it to us.



  8. marita upton

    Why did the poltergeist choose me and the lady to respond to?
    Because everyone else thinks that we are nuts but I cannot change what we heard that day……..

    • Rosemary Breen

      Im not sure exactly what you are referring to Rita. There is talk of poltergeists being cause by the living as opposed to the deceased having a ‘field day’ bu the parapsychologists dont know the true answer as yet.

      And, I think we all walk the line between sanity and insanity every day of our lives. The trick is to stay on the right side of that line 🙂

      Take care.


  9. correna hampton

    I recently was babysitting for a friend and I was taking pics of her son when it seemed that there was a white circle passing through the picture on my cell phone.

    So I moved just a bit and it continued to move through the picture. Finally I got a picture of it at the very bottom of the picture on my phone. I knew it was an attachment to the child because I never had that before in my home and I have taken a lot of pictures, so I went outside with him and tried again to see if it was in the pic and it was not around him.

    I opened the door and said come out and sure enough I put my phone camera up, and there it was. It would not show itself when my friend came to get him but it showed itself to me all day.

    So what could this have been to this child? I felt no harm and was not scared.

    What do you think ?

    • Rosemary Breen

      Hi Correna

      Seems like you did a good job in not only noticing but also capturing the essence of an orb. There are many discussion and a few picture of orbs here on Psychic Revolution. No one knows for sure what the are, but they are definitely different from dust or smears on the lens.

      Some believe that they are the essence of a being – could be part of the child in your case or a person who has died.

      Im please also that you had the where-with-all to notice that the energy was benign. That is usually the case, but not always.

      Cheers Correna


  10. Dan Shaw

    Hello I have video and still pictures of light rods i have taken at my house. They come visit me nearly every day. I would like to find out what they are and dont know where to go. The video and photos i have are better than any ive seen anywhere on the net. And i have lots of them. Please get back with me if you know anyone that may be interested in seing them.

  11. Tina

    I first discovered the existence of orbs early this year making very intentional movements in watching baby in the crib. One video I have is 15 minutes of what looks like human reactional movement.

    Since then I have seen them every time I get my camera and night monitor camera. I can now sometimes see them with the naked eye which is pretty cool; they interact and respond to a lot of my photo requests. One was playing catch me if you can while I was taking photos last night and spinning, flying by, but I could not catch a photo this particular night because it was feeling playful and enjoyed my persistence with the game…

    Mind you I have hundreds of amazing photos but some people are not ready to believe so I only share with like minded people. They have individual colour, speed of movement and shape characteristics so I can now identify them and have named them.

    I started off afraid and now I am convinced they are the spirits of intelligent beings. Since the awareness of them I have had vivid dreams that were premonitions and some other AMAZING things that have happened that have opened my mind to how life truly is complex and beautiful. I feel blessed to have these particular orbs around me as I don’t fear them. They are playful and like living around us so I consider them spirit friends or family that has passed.

    I cannot communicate with them verbally but I don’t have too. They are a constant existence in our home now and watching them has taught me so much about their own curiosities and pleasure in being acknowledged.

    It has truly changed me as a person. I am now living a life where I can be proud and happy with my choices because I know my soul is eternal so I don’t want to waste the blessings of love, touch etc. and make the most of moments, when before I took a lot for granted. Peace out peeps :):

    • Rosemary Breen

      Tina, your joy is infectious. I can feel it bouncing off the page….just like your orbs.

      We are probably all given signs in life; most of us are too busy to notice and heed them.

      Enjoy them and your baby, and just because Im a pragmatist I will suggest you think about the day when these orbs of yours may either change or move on. We know virtually nothing about the nature of orbs and if I was to attribute human characteristics to them, there may come a day when their needs change and that may not be for the better of you.

      In the meantime though, thank you for sharing your experience; you are certainly not alone in encountering Orbs and who knows one day we may know their true purpose.





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