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The following paranormal phenomena statements are haunted place extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed.


I had went on a walking tour with my family at the Hanna house in Indianapolis. We heard footsteps upstairs and we caught the event on video. We thought that it was one of the owners, but in the video, he was with us. We also felt physically sick in the room where a family member died. She suffered from a stomach ailment and we didn’t find out about until after the fact. I also caught an image on film. We tried to debunk everything, but couldn’t.
– end of haunted place extract –


On a school trip to a (US) Civil War battlefield (1860s) I got off the bus and immediately knew my surroundings. I could tell people what the rocks on the other side of the hill looked like. I knew there had once been an orchard in a spot that was now just a field and the tour guide confirmed it. 10 years later I found out I had an ancestor die in that battle.
– end of haunted place extract –


In the summer of 2005, my stepson, …, and I attended a Paranormal Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. That evening, we were all given a tour of the Westminster Church catacombs where numerous graves lie beneath the building itself. At the end of the tour, when all others were milling about outside the church, … and I were packing up our gear and readying ourselves to leave. Joe suddenly said he felt a cold hand on his face and neck. The boy bolted. I, too, experienced the sensation, but it was accompanied by a soft male voice that said, “Please take a photo. We are all here.” The next thing I knew, I began to walk over to a grave that had been cordoned off for historical research, took out my Gateway digital camera and placed it up in the air. I said, “Okay, everybody. Smile if you all are here.” I snapped the picture and even said thank you to the invisible presence. Later, when downloading the photos, it was the only photo to offer orbs, faces and other mysterious anomalies. … and I were completely taken aback and, upon intense study, quite satified with our analysis. I felt the spirit(s) approached me due to my open mind and crucifix hanging around my neck with my white shirt as its background. They needed a believer to know they were there and they chose me. I was completely overwhelmed.
– end of haunted place extract –


I was staying at a very old guest house (on the state heritage list) in a room with a friend, throughout the night I heard footsteps going all around the house (including the opening and closing of doors), at times the footsteps would stop right outside our door (I was wide awake during this time, my friend was always asleep). At one point I drifted off to sleep, soon after I awoke to the feeling of someone coming down heavy on my shoulder and the mattress, at the time I thought it may have been a falling possum, but it clearly was not, after this the noises around the house continued. I woke my friend and asked if he was aware of any of this but he was not at all interested and went straight back to sleep.
– end of haunted place extract –


I was visiting the “Alamo” which is famous for a massive slaughter. As I gazed into one of the rooms, I saw extactly what had happened to David Bowie (his death). This was as though it was through the eyes of someone else, as if I was there living that exact moment. My friends had to bring me physically out of the site as I was frozen in a trance like state. Once they removed me from the scene, I came around and was normal again.
– end of haunted place extract –


I had went on a walking tour with my family at the Hanna house in Indianapolis. We heard footsteps upstairs and we caught the event on video. We thought that it was one of the owners, but in the video, he was with us. We also felt physically sick in the room where a family member died. She suffered from a stomach ailment and we didn’t find out about until after the fact. I also caught an image on film. We tried to debunk everything, but couldn’t.
– end of haunted place extract –


on a ghost tour at … tunnel saw a white thing form out of the mist about 40 people also saw it too.
– end of haunted place extract –


My grandparents bought a haunted house in … but didn’t tell anyone. I called in to say hello and my Grandmother was home alone cooking. We had tea and scones in the Sitting Room at the front of the house. My Grandmother went to the kitchen to check on her cooking and I shortly after went to see what she was doing. As I walked into the main hallway I saw a young woman standing near the front door. She was well dressed in formal attire. I said hello to her as I passed within a metre of her. She turned and looked at me but did not smile or say anything. I was puzzled as to whom she was and when I entered the kitchen I asked my Grandmother who the girl in hallway was. “Oh her, she is just the house ghost” replied my Grandmother matter of factly. I replied “no, that was a real person I saw” and went straight back to the hallway, but she was not there. There had been no doors opened so where could she have gone? My Grandmother explained that the young women was occasionally seen standing in the hallway as if waiting for someone. My Grandmother had unsuccessfully tried to find out who the young women was. When the previous owners were contacted, they were not forthcoming at first, but finally admitted that they had seen her but did not know who she was. My Grandfather passed away not long after and my Grandmother moved to … so the house was sold. Several months later the new owners contacted my Grandmother to ask about strange occurrences. In the years since I have noted that the house has been regularly listed for sale. The question I have is, how would you know if you have seen a ghost if they can look as real as the young women did? She looked very real.
– end of haunted place extract –


I lived in a house that was haunted by a spirit that seemed very unhappy. In the beginning it was only manifest in small ways. Lights on fish tanks would turn off by themselves. You would put something down and come back to find it missing only to have it reappear weeks later. Cold spots in certain rooms in the middle of summer. It was all very benign untill the landlord had to do some major work on the house. It was over 100 yrs old and in a historical district. The pipes all had to be replaced and some of the electric rewired. When workmen started to rip up the floors the entity seemed to get angry. The manifestations escalated to loud banging, overturned glasses, documents would be thrown about the room while my roomates and I were out. The worst part was the visual manifestations. We began to see large shadows moving in the hallway. The cold sensation witch seemed to center in one of the back bedrooms grew worse and was accompanied by a weight and sense that you were being watched. It was a very uncomfortable feeling. The intensified manifestations continued long after the work on the house was completed and untill my roomate and I ultimately moved out. The house also had an upstairs apartment that was independently rented.

About 5 or 6 years after I had moved out and was back in town visiting I ran into the girl that had rented that upstairs apartment. She asked if I had experienced anything strange while living in the house and told me that she had similar experiences while there but had been reluctant to say anthing about it at the time.
– end of haunted place extract –


Since I am sensitive to ghosts, I was asked to visit an allegedly haunted bookshop, part of which had once been a jeweler’s shop. I knew only that a jeweler had died there in mysterious circumstances. As I was walking around, taking pictures, the ghost of a meek little man appeared. He was crying very hard and sobbing, “Tell my wife. I’m sorry. Tell my wife.” He was so miserable, I started to tear up, myself. I told him it would be all right and I’d tell his wife, but I also told him it was OK to go on and tell her himself. (Given when he died, she was probably dead too). Later I researched the story: the jeweler had lost a young son to illness 2 years before; he had a heart condition; his wife didn’t love or respect him and she had a boyfriend whom she married shortly after his death. He drank liquid cyanide–which looks like water. His death certificate has a question mark over “accident” and “suicide.” It was presented as a tragic accident at the time, but I think, given his remorse, that he killed himself. I described him correctly to a surviving great-niece, who also said that his wife ruled the roost, distaining the meek little man.
– end of haunted place extract –


Since I am sensitive to ghosts, I was asked to walk around a school supposed to be haunted. The students did not tell me what they had experienced, only directed me roughly to certain areas of the school: the stage and backstage and the costume room. In the costume room I got more and more uneasy, the further into the room I went. At the end of the room I looked up at the costume racks (there were racks of metal pipe up near the ceiling for maximum storage room) and saw a ghostly young man hanging there. I pooh-poohed this vision, thinking that the rack was not solid enough to hang from.

I walked back to the door, then switched off the light and waited. The young man approached me from behind and began babbling, like he was frantic to communicate. I couldn’t understand anything he said, just the tone of desperation. He was also pawing at me, but couldn’t touch me. It was like there was a sheet of glass between us. I was quite shaken and went out to the auditorium where the students and their advisor were waiting. I didn’t want to blurt out “there’s a dead student hanging in there!” so I talked around it for some 10 minutes. Finally I said, “Did someone hang themselves in this building?” One of the boys doubled over and covered his face. It turned out that one of the stars of the theatre dept. had hung himself–not there, but at his family home. “But he lived in the theatre dept,” they said. And he spent a lot of time in the costume room. I guess he came back to a place he loved. I told them to talk to him and try to get him to move on because he was trapped and quite miserable.
– end of haunted place extract –


I live with my sister at an apartment. Usually we weren’t home at the same time. One day I was sitting in the chair watching TV. Out of the corner of my eye I could’ve sworn I saw an older man standing in the hallway with what looked like a blue suit. I ignored it thinking it was my “eyes playing tricks on me”. After we moved out of the apartment. The subject of our apartment being haunted came up. My sister said that she could’ve sworn that she saw a man standing in the hallway one day. I said, “wearing a blue suit?” She said, “yes!” We both just looked at each other with a blank stare. I found it strange we both experienced it but had never told each other until we moved out. I believe we saw the same spirit.
– end of haunted place extract –

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