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The best surveys are anonymous. There I’ve said it! There is an enormous body of research that points to the freedom that being anonymous gives the respondents. Among the arguments for this type of research are the removal of any pressure for the respondents to conform to the expectations (no matter how subtle) of the designer of the survey.

In the past, academic institutions relied on students to be their guinea pigs and often the cohorts chosen were the first years – barely adults themselves, and with limited life experiences. This practice continues. Members of the academic fraternity are still being recruited, often by their own lecturers and tutors. They are surveyed and the findings of the studies are written up in academic journals, books, and reports and the participants are presented as being representative of the general population!

Many will argue against this. Some will protest that this practice doesn’t go on; others will be appalled and call its abolition or at least a true disclosure of what the results reflect.

However, as with many things in life, change takes time and some changes take longer than others. Furthermore, research in general is not immune to pulling power of the prevailing unit of currency, and academic research in particular is even more beholding to those who control the limited pools of research funding. Students are readily available; they are keen to contribute to the body of academic knowledge (and even keener to get good grades?); and they are a cheap source of labour (for this read free). This is the reality of university research. But it doesn’t have to be – particularly where non laboratory based research is concerned.

Through the openness of the Internet it is possible to invite the world to become part of the whole academic research process. And that’s what I did. I wanted my survey to be different. I knew it was a topic that touched the hearts, minds and lives of many people and it was them that I wanted to invite into my study. Sure, the Monash University cohort, of which I am still a member, were invited to contribute but I wanted to reach out beyond the four walls of the academic institution; beyond even the University’s website and its reach, into the real world – the world that most paranormal experients inhabit.

It worked. Over 4,000 people heeded the call to document their paranormal experiences.

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  1. the high priestess

    Hi There Rosemary – as a professional "psychic" consultant I was interested to receive you email.
    I would like to draw your attention to the fact that interpreting both tarot cards and numerology is, if you like, a science, a language. If one doesn’t understand the science or language behind the discipline then a true interpretation cannot be given – These days there are so many "Pseudo Psychics" reading tarot cards – I am often contacted by some either for advice or for "readings" They are often quite happy to tell me that they are "readers" yet when I ask them simple questions, they give answers that plainly show that they do not know what they are talking about and have not studied (particularly) Tarot.
    Yes there is a psychic influence but then I believe that we are all psychic to some degree – the more you listen to your instincts the more profound and accurate your psychic abilities come to the fore.
    Regarding numerology – there is nothing psychic about this discipline – however as in any other discipline, the psychic or intuitive instinct can influence the interpretation.
    Regarding remote healing – as a Reiki Teaching Master with courses credit rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority I teach remote(distant) healing which is effectively like prayer empowered by the knowledge taught during the courses. Yes Reiki, taught properly, does enrich or enhance psychic ability however this gift should never be used when treating a client and anyone who volounteers psychic information during or following a Reiki treatment is to be avoided – its like psychic prying.
    I hope my comments give you additional insight into your research. Regards Soraya
    Author of the Soraya series of books:- Book of Tarot; Spells; Runes & Psychic Powers

  2. Rosemary Breen

    I couldnt agree with you more and I believe there is an element of the tools being a means to an end. With regards psychic prying – again I agree and I hope that others heed your advice. This relates to many other types of treatment, not just reiki – and here Im thinking of osteopathic treatments by highly tuned practitioners.

  3. Dave "Felbain" K.

    Greetings to you Rosemary,

    As with so many things, it seems I dive into things with a full gainer and half twist only to find out…on the way down…that where I’m headed wasn’t the swimming hole I thought it was. I am so glad that was NOT the case with Psychic Revolution!

    What I am finding out though, is how much more there is to this site than what I originally sign-in for. This is why I haven’t been actively posting as much as I previously was as I’m finally getting around to checking everything out and reading the enormous amount of material at my disposal here..WOW!..excellent job of compiling people’s stories and descriptives of their personal events and occurrences!

    I applaud your efforts at sampling the public outside of the ready resources of the academic classroom. You are so correct that while universities and colleges may be a grand sampling of cultures and family backgrounds, it is not a wellspring of experience. Bright eyed, intelligent and rambunctious yes, experiences…well unfortunately no.

    This is not to say that many of our younger Travelers on this ride called Life haven’t had paranormal experiences; as that would be very callous and untrue to say; but having experience also helps separate wheat from chaff and the very unusual from the actual paranormal.

    Thank you so much for the approach you’ve taken on this survey and I am thrilled to have been apart of it. While I may have been absent for a bit, due to personal business to handle, I have however recommended several good folks over here and hope to see more participation from them…everything I told it was hey folks?!

    Just thought I’d stop and say thanks once again and let you know how much I’ve enjoyed reading the voluminous material that keeps streaming in. Excellent work!

    Blessings of Peace,

    • Rosemary Breen

      Oh David, you make me blush with pride. Thank you.

      You know, you’ve inadvertently raised another point, which I need to address at some stage, and that is the matter of accessing the research. Some of it is on the site already and it has become buried deep within the boughs – not intentionally – just the way the site is. Unfortunately, to complicate matters there is a bug within the system (a contaminated plugin, if you know anything about website building) and to correct that the site will need to be built from the ground up again. That is my understanding of it anyway and I will need help doing that.

      Then, of course, the survey is still live and collecting data daily – all of which I want to get into the public domain – when the site is secure.

      Anyway, you are right Felbain, there are a lot of self reports on the site and from my reading of each and everyone of them they are written by genuine people with no other motive than to have their experiences put on the record.

      Thank you for referring others to the site. My weekly newsletter is set up so that each new subscriber starts at the beginning. Hence, there are comments on the site with time gaps, as people are introduced to the various posts and pages on the site via the weekly email newsletter and the extract it contains. At this stage the newsletter stream is about 100 emails long – or nearly two years in length!

      Lovely to hear from you Dave. I thought we’s lost you, but as with most things in life, there is usually a rational explanation. We just have to wait a while 🙂




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